Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40385 Khaki

It is used to this kind of life.
After the edge was finally happy.
In this world, no one knows you better than me.
Because you know of me, so only you can hurt me so deeply.
When you’re gone, the sun slanting through the window light, warm and bright, no track separation feet.  Louis Vuitton 2010
All the tears, all the pain and to cruel summer.
Growing season of joy and dreams, it is painful growth.
“Organization of the ashes you shake down, the smell hit your lips, your favorite definition of hypocrisy, trying to close you some. In this little room, full of thoughts … …”
Night, the moon is pale, softly silent world, tubing Vega Sadly, the first page】 【verse sounded at midnight, once again, the deformation of the heart beat faster.
There are always moments in life, no one can comfort, no one can help you through. Only time, like a river, past erosion, is quietly becoming a memory. Therefore, all Chuanghen heart, and slowly relax.
At this point, a sudden strong, but missed the taste of tobacco.
Weiz I took from the awkward cigarette, lit.
The dark, cigarette butts off in the clear light of the fingers. Ambient air is filled with the familiar smell of work, a small head to see the smoke.
I like you to smoke. You like to sit across from the smoke, weak among us each to see the smoke curl up, surrounded by smoke, a strange heat.
Or smoke hanging over my eyes to see what? Or illusory warmth, and ultimately could not resist the harsh reality?
When the summer monsoon, silky soft wind blowing from the parting of the night, the mood is surprisingly peaceful. Who is right or wrong, no fights, no one is concerned about lost love and hate.
I smoke wild look. .
Years later, still do not understand why mouth breathing tobacco smoke and the smell, even so different?
Slowly through the depth of smoke from the many years of it? Southern rain softened the paper umbrella thinking and relatives who used to be blue?

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40385 Khaki

Currently short, many, many things, such as wind, on my part or occasionally passing through Providence, to explain the process, then some of the deposition process.
Perfume, flowers, moon and stars in this beautiful, beautiful songs in later years, with a little sigh, light from the soul the softest part of the general discharge.
With the hustle and bustle behind the house and the people own barren soul. Their design costs, but fragile, troubled heart.
How many times to find the cloud, with a sincere heart and ask star, gradually pale and numb the soul, prayer, save the last innocent.
Although the voice of the secular world can not get out, you still have some we are not prepared to uphold the dream, even though half of my heart, day and night differences between ideal and reality and transform the campaign.
On the one hand, a romantic longing, on the one hand, the envy of the perfect simple happiness.
Love words, so simple and ordinary life count, out of thin air is no reason to have birthday?
However, if a person is ruthless, cold, and this is a valuable contribution?
Vibration and short, often frozen sleep, dreams, they have to follow the life cycle of a nice ring to wake up the waiting. Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator
However, if sentenced to no end, you can wake up more pain. So, sometimes I would rather sleep in the confusion, rather than the text-wing, so that through the heart of the fog, free, and we are pleased to coast, without any conditions, without any obstacles.
If you do not start much later would not be without pain and sorrow.
However, if life did not encounter Ming heart will regret deeply rooted love of ordinary life?
What is eternal? How to continue? Forever after that?
When you love, and finally in the dust in song, in the fall, when the price of love for eternal life, who will remember your eyes, lips, a masterpiece of love, and finally evolved whisper … …

What is love in the past life?
What is life, safe and sound?
What is the next cycle, most people do not want to forget?
If possible, I think, the formation of the wind, gently scattered on the sea, on the other side past life.
On the other hand, this may be waiting for me? They wind? Those clouds it? It was a long night, that there are parts of the soul through the tear, it never left?
From the pond, only pull the arm, led me back to spend years in the process of new experiences, and clearly see the result.
Past life, such as the blooming flowers in the fog, recall, in the fine fragrance sets, sometimes sharp, sometimes the appearance of trance.
At that time we have to bear the destiny? Twilight of life, we want to talk about you?
Confused soul, and then cycle through the tunnel, due to the wind as a whole, it will listen, to find the last of the eternal wave.
However, even if they can go back to the past, only a shadow, but unfortunately, in our past life is cold, sadness and joy of fighting appear to be convicted, he could not leave, rather than cutting, is not new.
You said, we must not forget that love is only the way the transition between the separate hands. Louis Vuitton 2010
I have a cycle again and again to find a fight, once again attracted the first ever meeting.
SAN three enough?
Bowl cure my previous life, it really can not hide in the open? I think we should in the past, do not rush to swallow the latch and forget is to find traces of life there now a way of life and thought in the expression in a trance.
Reincarnation, worried that some people remember, it was a mess. In the wrong direction, chaotic space, life will “feel” anxious bloody word!
Fortunately, we finally thought of each other.
Remember is to extend life, pain is more complex.
God gives us life, just at the right time, like each other.
If the night blooming flowers, Bacillus cereus, the most beautiful, I’m not there. So I am thousands of miles, the flowering, even at midnight at the end of the last traces of perfume, will be deleted.
With tears, despairing eyes, unfortunately, written in the face of suffering to raise awareness, it is difficult to breathe.

It is not without end, we are ready to hunt?
No longer cross, only for love, achievements are forever?
Then you take my future life, dear.
Last cycle, remember each other. . . !

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