louis vuitton speedy 25 is great!

Friends of the small businesses should in Hanover, Germany in March each year, partly so we bought bags in March, has been an important day, but unfortunately little

to have other priorities in the body can not go personally to Germany, so we order this group of his colleagues to buy bags louis vuitton speedy 25

LV my shopping list, number one is 9cm of Mini Speedy, medallion (or any 9cm Mini Size), and help recently from Watercolor Speedy 35, but is sold in Germany, something

more than the German counterpart staff should ask him to study, have both sold in Holland (and I do not have it wrong in German), he went to Holland to buy when I

heard the phone, really super impressed ~

But alas! Looking forward to his return to Taiwan every day, I was up and actually saw again the Super-national package LV Monogram canvas brought speedy 25, really

want to shed blood plus tears, she ran!

However, blame the little male counterparts also be hard work and thrift, the Netherlands late last year when the buyout last month LV is not a new tax, he does not

speedy 25 louis vuitton

believe that tax refund claims in Europe simply does not pay to buy branded so for me (to write comfortably until the last line) for a single tax deduction for me to

buy! Oh! Thought to really want to tear again, Ben

The addition to the traditional pattern of Speedy 25, I also have a long clip, I used to always be too small, and so is a short clip, but some time in FG’s Fashion

Forum in the folder you say elegant use of long leave me a good heart, so this time decided to buy one, to look elegant, which soon became the best that can be said to

monogram speedy 25

share, LV long clip with Oh!

In fact, when I had a Speedy25, but unfortunately has far too much time shopping for things for them, they have to know where to put, so when I rarely use bag,

backpack special love inclined, because they neglect is!

Although these do not buy the bag you, but for me, because the package is Speedy 25 is really a super super nice, plus I always walk a lot, so it was just straight, no

matter how much I bags, no matter how many people to mention in my head, Speedy25 LV bag is beautiful! lv speedy 25

Just got a new LV bag, we often have a question, it’s like to do eventually, the natural color or artificial coloring treatment is that? Next time I will share my

experiences and compare the processing of color and natural color of paint so all to come make his own decisions, my personal preference, I prefer the natural color of


my love


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