So many, so many requirements, dissatisfaction

Is suddenly all the memories from the past, I think everyone would take the matter now what to do comparison with the past, people now talk in the past to get people to do comparison, resulting in regret, rejoice and know what to do other various emotions. I have vowed to tell you that you fear most will never happen, but, but personally ruined their own vows. Personally destroyed one dared to believe the heart. During this time, I was confused, because I have been criticizing yourself is right or wrong?

For the future, I sure did not hint, but their cognitive blindly to determine or influence their own people. I’ll never know, before I turn to the moment, I can not see what the place is the scenery, or the wind or the storm or the calm Xuxu flowers. Often only to guess what kind of a scenario, we do not known, but often misses the point, it appears, it is also in relation to himself?

I thought that blocked my mouth, blocking his eyes, block their ears to block his heart, so that you can refuse to harm, to avoid errors. End of the day only to find, but you think you still live in their own world, in fact, has entered the realm of others.

Tonight from the mouth of a stranger hear: Why would this world, why do always have the purpose of short remote communication, why some want to talk but can not find the time to listen to people, why. . . In fact, those questions, I would like to know the answer.

I’m just a passerby, I can not consider the problem so deep, can not do what the great man, I’m just an ordinary stone could not be any ordinary, may have been trampled upon, may leave to others, may also be submerged in the No one in the world, nobody cares. I just wish they were in pursuit of the process does not lose yourself, just want to wish to achieve a ten, but simply want peace, just want to protect their own people who want to protect.

If you have been deceived once, the same situation, you will commit a similar fault? I’m a good person pain is forgotten. Wrong again and again, the results still did not go astray.

This world is not there a man, his secret to his suffering, can not afford their own after the talk to the object is a complete stranger, his friends his family can not be the object of his trust, his was filled with despair, all kinds of radical ideas in his mind scurrying, he chaos helpless, the powerless chaos, chaotic no chapter can not, without trace.

No one would identify with the suffering of others, after a few startling compassion, and the rest of the offensive is making a fuss, would rather stuffy in the heart, not willing that others know well, tired of the different people the same thing to numb from too harsh.

I tried to worry destroyed in batches, slowly hurting and being hurt. Micro bear fruit one day, they find ‘is so late in the day’ that confusion already thing of the past, had already lost the frightening ability.

Who recently gave me stress? Let me sleepless nights, let me wistfully, and no one says that people have life, life is good will be smooth sailing, life is not good then evil-ridden. So how do we change it then? I thought the submissive is the best sure way to find that it is the most stupid way.

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