Flowers fall for. A dream of the Seamless

Very dark night, hanging around in the air do not know, the moon and the stars are hidden behind clouds overnight.

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Controversial goal for our work in the dark I get angry I’m angry. The persistence of the annoying little you do not accept the storage bag, and then tell me. I sat at home (when the 0:00, and now I do not know what state of mind. Woman alone at night) I did not hesitate in the blink of an eye, when I have not had time to save.

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Send a clear and transparent, is not consciously in his face, shine your car you can clearly see their pain. Frustration, more hate the word began to regret his initial pain is not too heavy cutting. It is still fresh, I left, his eyes an unknown error, through the cold floor, drop by drop slowly in the face.

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So stubborn for me than I have to put some order in advance … the need for a long period of silence. (But you do not know simple words on the edge of despair),”we will not stop the break up, cry a lot more difficult to control to solve this night of fun Mill depression. Cord release feel abandoned doll, in a dark corner missing, silently crying, no one cares. I tried everything you have done nothing to restore the heart and pride, begging, I think of at night or at the last word. Tired, very tired. Let me leave you

Despite the painful reluctance. But let us at the end, hoping to get their self-esteem a little ‘small, when I turned away from the bag. When I send you back on the bus, I politely declined because I wanted a quiet person, well, you let us take care themselves, they are in the direct free kick. Very warm embrace, his mouth is I’m sorry, I do not want. I’m sorry, please forgive my selfishness is fast Huiguo Shen, do not want to stay in the embrace of nostalgia freedom. Louis Vuitton Monogram Bulles PM bag But see you wiping tears of pain spread to all parts of the body piercing as soon as possible. The tears once again broke through the last line of defense scroll up and down the fire break my face. I think women who do not cry, good! They are fortunate to know whether or not a sad?
Feet or something that will prevent some of those voices seem to non-voluntary transfer. Willing to abuse, lonely walk at night only photos, cold petite look back. But they are in the car slowly, you know, of course. But I am not close to the cloud, but also the courage to face the possibility that the best solution is one way. Only blind. My heart has been torn, I just want a stranger, not the city. Wait for the morning to the first floor telephone. I said goodbye, I get to town, you are bound as two parallel lines through the day can not be passed to a stranger. Louis Vuitton

Away from the first day, I said to myself, I forgot to leave the next day you told me to learn. Are met, these three cards will not be able to help. But you want to know more about your messages, let me know if you think the next day the same, we have gradually switch. Or maybe it’s time to show your heart, you can still have in common. They said that in the future will fall again until the physical pain and deeper despair, it is still unwise to choose to believe that commitment will not hesitate for a moment. You will not hurt me, and I love all the time. That you are to me, the most is. You said in your heart, I do not know who we are by your side There is no way you’re doing.

Will you come with me, I’m gone for a long time I say let him out of the city people. We all remember that if you have time to take me to Qingdao, see the blue sky, the sea across the sea bed, perhaps a lifetime commitment to commitment, so it is best to get some sleep on the couch watching TV ‘. I have time I always want to hug and cry, leaving only water and soil. Interesting is not selected. What is your rate of return do not include in my Ruanmoyingpao. When I ask you, if your last chance, if you how to do it. Remember, any time you can answer these questions, deep, deep in my heart, did not help. I looked at my eyes the pain in my heart and very positive to tell you, I will not leave. Louis Vuitton 2010 Because my heart is happy for you, our expectations are superstitious, and I lost my golden girl, you do not receive the amount is not enough, I have, you will be successful,  If I gave you, you are my guardian angel will never betray. We plan to work with the desire to only a few months old, I think this is the happiest woman in the world at large is difficult to understand, I want to hurt me. I understand that my pet, I believe. Thank you thank you many times in the heart meditation, angels, thank God, I thank you I said, he bullied you. When I get high, and happiness. But when it arrived the next sad.
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Too early to calm the storm without notice, are talking about mobile phones and the wind resistance can not bear to tell my father. And I fight because I do not agree with us, the institution of death was established, unexplained cardiac spasm, and he said he would be afraid, I did not think, I’m sorry, Ernreeiu! Hua Weng does not seem wrong that this is a joke for me, Truth is truth, to the phone screaming desperately,  This is not to say that I cried, as a two-way communication the least bad, I’m sorry. Then the remaining of the novel, “I hope that we will continue to your friends, please understand. I wish you to forget my promises, bad people do not know, I will be very worried about you, if you need help, I will not cry for me my best. not worth it, you should find more love you more for you “(the words. This long despised secular, but it is a World Heritage Site.).”

Similarly, a sense of foreboding betrayed the ants eat the hearts of thousands of pain. As a leaf floating on the sea road, you can not find the port to which I still respect your decision, all the pain. I told myself can not stand the storm, clean all the time time to listen to time, to keep the wound in my heart I thought the sun after the storm, learn how to fall, then stood up, patted the flour, do not use gestures. Any pain in life is already a success or failure, if not a brilliant achievement mistake, because you can, it reflects the country’s tragic failure? If not, may reflect the failure of poor or unhappy. Mast forward to find his confidence and happiness may be the next step is your destination station.
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Sting was originally distributed in the long board only touched everything, restored. Freshwater only three thousand. The abolition of the unhappy middle of the night, change vote, unable to sleep at this point, repeatedly tap the button again in my life. As the next chapter of my wealth is to become one. (She did not know my life without you would like to) answer the phone several times, and cold feet, because they are afraid. Have you ever thought that love can endure all the difficulties together. But in the end is often a family blog. Of course, you are their only child, as long as they respect the choice, because they want to give up I do not want your students to love each other. But not together. That night, I’ll take you to cry hysterically, and only lost love, begging, please do not leave. After all, the combination of living in your footsteps. Someone found my love, because you do not change, you still love me. Pets I even conflict, but conflict is always to bury the hatchet.
Dream of autumn and winter. In winter, it completely collapsed in my heart, now love the buildings and life happens for two reasons, because they are fruit, fruit of the reason is because the fruit, the first worm in the palm of the students left after the disappearance of the effective temperature to thwart the dark vicissitudes of life, looking back, still confused. Suffer from lack of water sports, your heart and strength of growth.

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