I can not touch the LV Monogram Cheche Gypsy GM bag

If the temperature is zero competition, I smile, thank God, because it allows us to meet, or even zero. Because at least we can meet again.

His memory, the shadow on the heart enough to appear. This idea of fear, but it is the same night as the rivers.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Gypsy GM bag

Public water is too deep, wide river, and then long, it will not dry. Do not miss this feeling is not to forget, but always in my mind stayed.
2010 Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Gypsy GM M40362 blue
Do not always think about it, but always accidentally flashed in my mind. May know two different objects, not because of the beautiful fireworks, but still hope that the bright burst of sparks.

As always imagined, but was always seen through. Because we know that even if we meet, there is no change in the past, is not now say.
Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Gypsy GM M40362
Do not like the results, do not want to cover. Just hope you know, I want to hear your voice, want to talk to you, tell you love, who do not know.

We now know that not only far, there are so many days and nights are unknown. Perhaps this will probably not miss the dumb end, but I can not afford, even if they know they are not observed in this day and not feel the temperature of your finger. But still go, that is, no one can give soft. When sleep is new, if not complete, in their own point of view, is ideal.
Louis Vuitton 2010
I think, but I know that once you know, I can really release. I can take away your way to my dream. Because of this idea to them is so sad and moving, such as emotion, people want to find in his heart go crazy. Because there is such a sad sight, people a chance until now. So there will be so sad, because you do not know, I want you to remember this time so that young people are helpless.

Encounter can be expected, and often thought to strike again, or you laugh, is ah, so at least comfort me. In fact, I?

I do not like you and me is simple and common greeting is not common, because it is the only one we can not go beyond. Maybe for me, bad smile. I know it’s something I always wanted to, but I will not let you know, because the distance between us.

What is very popular, I do not what to do and do not want, do not want, but you do not have a solution.

Living in this area? No, so many stories, but no one really has me.

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