Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Tuareg Green handbag

Left, full of understanding, that, alcohol is still numb the pain inside. When the memory is not long, but very difficult to get back, I do not know, will not be hurt a little more time.
2010 Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Tuareg M40360 Green
Left, thank you for your concern completely original, my body begged everything corner. Remember when you vowed to forget, but difficult to achieve, it is possible, so it gradually change, as the years turned into a curse.
Left, deeply understand that, I lost the qualification to apologize and elegance.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Tuareg bag

I always remember, you encounter this situation. In the eyes of love as if you sand works speeding light years in space and time after each other … … intersection collision. Acacia, a pair of doves, silt, you travel miles, and finally saw the green of the LWC, Phoenix cannabis Inhabitat wood, comfortable stretch their wings in the sun.

You are the white clouds, I was blue sky, and then walk away, you in my heart you.
You’re smart water, I was wide sea, the bigger the storm, you are hidden in my arm.

You ask me what love is for you, I love you will never regret blooming lilacs.
Life is you, my heart wither and die dismissal.
2010 Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Tuareg M40360 Green

The eyes are the sea, the eye is just a lover of the sea.
Only your eyes, in my mind, is the real sea.
Mou sea explorers who can drown, wavefront marijuana. I look at you I thank my fate paradise. Love you, my heart open, like flowers blooming in the sky following the soft petals, and the core of the dream.
I really like: to listen to again see a large lack of Gu Yuan ah reflection – your eyes.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Tuareg M40360 Green handbag

If you dream of my morning swim back to see my thoughts.
You know, without you all these years, my world is boring.
I will be your wife captive, you already have in my heart of Prague Matic.

I am very pleased and happy, I am very happy I am for you.
I am convinced that no matter how many storms, no matter how many things we love the road will be bumpy, and ultimately static, you take my hand, I hold your hand, the amount of washed items after several years of the West, years old, the majority of the deep snow … …

Note: You forgot me, because I promise you mountains and rivers.
Forget that I still remember you, because you are beginning to open my eternal heaven and earth.
We are all Sami, is the eternal life to each other enthusiasts.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Tuareg Green handbag
As you know, I know insomnia.
You a charming smile and everything is in full bloom at the great empty middle of the night, when the Phoenix Nirvana channel goodbye.

Every day, every hour, every moment, you think.
Chen love climbing space, Shen Jin evening, I miss you.
Thin, and I bent down the curtains on the dumping of a floating wash your face and a heavy dark glory.
Disease, the end of star days, you are the subtle flicker noise, emotional honesty.
Exhausted, I lay a street tough orbital plane extension, to support your body.
Hard, I go back Jushui, the accumulation of winding pure soul dry your sorrow and pain.
I know many faithful through the operation of the boat, and finally arrived at the port, through your heart.

You asked me why I love you, how do I respond?
Have you seen the mountain cloud Biao Wan obsessive love?
Have you ever seen running persistent yearning for the sea to take this?
You see, the black birds sing happy blue sky it?
Have you seen the flowers bloom in the hot sun to call it?
You see, in the deep silence against the formation of the seed?
Venus during the day and night you’ve seen it a harmonious convergence?
If you understand why you’ll love!

Love withwings, thousands of miles of sand carrying us away from you and kept wandering.
I like it, you ride on the wings of love, love to fly home. Is the true feeling you by my side, I can only hope to survive.
Your gentle breeze whispers echoed in the air, we drink the nectar of the night without a long day.
Louis Vuitton 2010
Why do you love me?
For my hand with a red bean, is love for you began writing poetry at the clinic, which grow large amounts of cannabis and the spirit of the traditional second cluster.
I have only one, just kind of in your heart.

You tell me
“When your heart is light, and the world is so big, too far for me .- When your heart is the sun, the world is too small, I’m by your side, you’ll never believe that one day, my heart a few days, any sunny smile, smile, there is love, love to have you and me.

I write songs to sing launch, but you love, I will live with you full day and night
Your name is forever etched in my heart, my life, my soul.
I went to you, let you go on the way home, in a stand of Acacia.

Not your day, get used to lying, listen waxing night. We love the way I walk, packaging dry love.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Tuareg bag

We clearly see that contempt for the secular terrorist staring at then?

Let our eyes smaller, little could only see each other’s sincerity and Juelian.
A life like a candle.
I hope we beat the red group, holding a burning heart, the flame of love and freedom singing … …

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