Louis Vuitton Speedy The blessing of the corner

Widowed evening, standing still in the thick Shen Xiang headphones. Name: your cell phone constantly flashing, do not take, do not want to … …

Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Speedy M40358

Understand, but it was too late. Today, I cry, I give up. I love you, no dignity, no luck, not freedom. You say I’m like a button, leaving the value of the clothes that no longer exist. But in fact, you and I can not, so I’m just a substitute, has been immersed in the happy choice. Maybe you have closed the door, or with my love for you to combine your breathing, it seems that only our silence, silence, or quarrel. You are weathering the green tree, not a resurrection is not rotated.
Now we are just friends.
2010 Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Speedy M40358

A year ago.
Put down the phone, when I call you on the phone good to know, from the unreasonable, palm trees, is a strong cold sweat. I am afraid you are indispensable, but if a man miss you release the rampant position, but you do not always give me a chance, so I had trouble … … because you never contact me I do not worry, you are so fast. On the screen to see your name, I secretly laughed, I love you, you do not know.

Monogram Eden Speedy M40358

That night, I lie to you, you do not know what to say, they do not care about me, or conceal? But she is my true feelings 27, had wanted to send a message to you that night, if I was afraid because I know you want to test. 1. Seven night, see you the phone, I can not hang up, curse themselves, or even thousands of times the heart … … do not want you angry, I rush to send a message, who knows his voice, I do not care open, fear, anxiety, joy, hear your voice shaking my heart … … 4 not seen for several years, you’ve changed a lot. Your words just seem better to hide the disappointment, I hear you say you are tired, in fact, I think more than I’m sorry. But you do not have personal knowledge of cheating chewing, I have, you can take the time to say … …

Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Speedy bag

Perhaps this is what we became lovers.
But I really do not understand. You ask me why I like the night? Thank you. Since you and I cry, because you learned to hide their shadow mask. I like this feeling wrapped up overnight, even if I cry, you can not see my hypocrisy and cowardice. Maybe you really should not allow me the opportunity to get their world, I like moths to flame, go back to visit.

Love the depths of human loneliness. I want the clothes in a large bag of fertilizer, with the camera to travel with you, but through the lens, I saw some tired, you laugh. I hope you are happy, so I thought I should give you enough time to think about space. I left the people to travel. Imagine where we roam, Hong Kong, Tokyo, France … … But you want me?
Louis Vuitton 2010

I know you not, because you have him around. As for me, but you can not just one corner of the blessings … ……

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