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Tis the season leaves many sad stories, but from the beginning the end of the season, like leaves, dark green life die slowly. Maybe he was born the pain of colors in the fall, so that the mind and depression of the season through the minds of students.
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Into the home, looking at the familiar scenery, the atmosphere is very strange. This is his fault? This is his hatred? Autumn wind whistled explosion, yellow leaves is not a final farewell, we solve the case.

Lin, season with his mind? This is a different life, or desperate to erase memories in mind? The same distance to a nearby city, but I find I do not want to contact you. I do not want you, just because you want to, do not want to remember the past. Currently, I’m sorry, I would rather have a broken heart, recalling the past.

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You know, because his confession was a cold reception. Strange, my friend, I know you do not always optimistic, “bull” and sad to leave, others to the advantage of like you, that you purchase, the quiet of the woods, accompanied by and chat, listen to your Heart of happiness and sadness over the event. Gradually, I found myself thinking, sinking, originally prepared to laugh when the heart can not “leave.” You can not see you, you will see no end in mind “pop.” Maybe it is often said that they love.

In fact, like a canary, and she’s guardian, do not let them get worse. However, I play table Bai Shengsheng the wall. You said in your heart of love as usual people. I do not laugh, he said. He looked up and run your eyes I saw the flash of the British financial surprises.

When it was announced, another girl like me, but when I first took my hand and said I love you. Attaches great importance to the color of the face, as long as the West Wing beautiful. St Eden fruit fall from the sky, and fortunately, in their hands. To clear a happy bunny, dance, jump right and left, forget, forget happy. We adhere to the world.

In my eyes, you’re like an angel, make me happy, I’m happy. I do not want to laugh, you can not say “in the thick clouds.” I change, changes in happiness in silence.
Louis Vuitton Monogram Bulles GM M40233 Navy
However, the sacred Garden of Eden as easy as fruits and human loss, it is not human. But I prefer to believe the power of love, heavily guarded, even if it is a beautiful moment.

Finally, in your heart, it is still subject to the forefront. I’m just trying to think, half of the tolerance, to erase the pain in silence. However, I always ask, because I love, and why frequently mentioned? Basically, where am I? But this fool with his virtual peace, and move on. I do not want to miss, I will not hurt you, just because I love you.

Monogram Bulles GM

He became a fall, the story should not have, and then in a sad end. Then look at your face, I can not say a word cold, his words are always, because the water tank down a very long time. You say you still love him, remember, they said sorry, I OlvidĂ©, you say I’m not the kind you like, sweet breath of the people … … I shook my head, smiling a whole, as a cold margarita Rita down to the end of sweet thanks.
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May need a space away from the lonely stars, the sky soft landscaping lights – I just decorations.

He told himself, whether he can overcome forgetfulness. What is the idea, I do not care, it can take a chance, let me pain. Sometimes I really hate the cold autumn, why not as cold as you face it.

Oh! Who broke the silence of the country of origin, to Heart Lake Dangqi wave? Who changed the color of life, leaving the wings? Who made me sad, I stopped at the back and sighs? Maybe I thank God, we held a meeting to say goodbye. Otherwise, I do not know who is not so much the harvest season, there are happy stories, sad.

To see them fall slowly turned away reluctantly, I soon realized the importance of autumn: The leaves are dark green to yellow in the autumn evening in the late summer season regret explanation.

Well, maybe I am also a modified stage of life tables.

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