Ultimate happiness Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Gypsy

New ideas every day, every moment has a different mood.

Love the article, touching story to share and love the slogan.

Write your story, sharing memories of sediment migration

Grief and sorrow … … does not mean that there will be tears,

Easy purification of tears and grief, not tears of sadness in bone pain, the wounds of the soul, that tears can not wash.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Gypsy PM bag

Huddled in the corner crying, I suddenly felt that it is always in your heart, I’m just a humble clown.

The world is bleak, yes … … there are many quiet, floating in a very dark sky lies, crazy wanton smile … …
Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Gypsy PM M40361 Green

There are too many lies in this world who is going to cycle, can not fulfill its commitments, I would not deceived … … Therefore, I do not like to pay so serious … … before the unnecessary, and did not think they urgently to expect a long wait, but you apologize … … I say forget it, okay! But I am helpless, speechless, weak, helpless … … How do you get? ?

Some pain, unable to speak. It is only through. Until it can gradually be forgotten, everything is already the past tense not in my back,! A person. . Secret of the pain of crying in the corner!
Monogram Cheche Gypsy PM M40361 Green

A person, I was a man feeling the pain of a man who … …

Overall, it is no longer important, and false reality … … ah … … I feel ridiculous! ! There are some things some things very quickly, and soon lost the wait, so that love will not let love do not look lost confidence … wait … this will be scattered!

Probably should not … … I think so … …

May face a lot of need for support as a friend, all the pain? Courage … … said, I like to give the opportunity … … meaning, but also give yourself a chance … …

Embrace the blue sky, I have more desire to better face the future … … I think I can … … Really! ! Perhaps the person is actually a relief, so I am not involved in the story … … did not think, I will do the feelings of some people is like a play … … this situation is complex, when you put a standard the choice of me … … maybe you have thought about all the love you gave me, but … … you can not, right? ? Ha ha … … This man is really interesting … … acridine

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Gypsy PM bag

Once the injury suffered again and again … … the most original, I failed, it was my fault. For these words, obviously not a word honey sweet words, but those who can for my happiness … …
Louis Vuitton 2010

One day you say that again 旳 touch, they feel that they have very pleased to have you … … but to the last drop of blood, more pain … … I hope this is just a nightmare, a nightmare because People like to cry at this time … I’m not sure … the luxury of a fluttering noise is so love … … I intend to seek stability in time … …

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