2010 Louis Vuitton Mini Noe Rococo M40322

Wei – I was in high school like a month break (due to a long story), but I will never forget him.
Went to college, I hope that the love story that happens a lot, I would like to take this opportunity to forget him, but not really, ah, our department to find a few good man ah ~! ? Louis Vuitton Mini Noe Rococo Gold M40322 I am far from the school, Wei, but as long as a school, we never saw, but modern technology – text messages to each other. We all like to joke, one day, when he asked me to send text messages to mobile phone number **(** it was time to his high school girlfriend, and I class, we are just a very long time I have to deal with a powerful mobile phone operator chat (because the phone has no money), some simple fun of the poor, feel as if he suddenly serious. Louis Vuitton Mini Noe Rococo Gold M40322

【Friendship but in school? 】
〖No, oh, how? 〗
【I care about you, look! 】
At that time, I do not know what mood they laughed. Because, really, really want to be with him.
〖Hey, stupid, really fake ah? 〗
【I’m serious, not kidding】
〖But I listen to friends ah, the first entry, the inter-school ah〗
I heard one of my own ah】 Louis Vuitton Mini Noe Rococo bag Released, I might be good, if all things were overlooked.
【I will be very glad you let me take care of you】
〖May not like how I feel〗
【You have to believe me, because we are separated, you must believe me】
How to make a girl 〖〗
I do not know how 【】
All my friends do not want another girl〗
〖Waiting for the EU for this miracle is a miracle, but a similar thing, so me and another girl on. I do not know how. 〗
【I have a headache. Or, when you’re big, small】
〖I still feel really, you do not lie, I〗
【You have to believe me, really. You】Louis Vuitton Mini Noe Rococo bag
〖, Because I want to be with you, I will trust you〗
So, I’ve never seen a girl who has the same boyfriend.

The next day, a roommate and deception, and asked him, he smiled and told me: “Tell me the good news, I broke the girl.” I am very happy because I do not want him after all his own, so I hope he was. The next day, I am very happy every day of my dorm friends, but the two of us come out and always said that these feelings may also. But it is possible that they do not know what I feel inside. Every day I enjoy the love, the two independent, although the daily did not see faces, we can send text messages, phone calls, telling what happened every day. Therefore, we are not optimistic about this love became the first festival, Mid-Autumn Festival.2010 Louis Vuitton Mini Noe Rococo M40322
The middle of the party are usually two people happy, oh, we do not see any faces, but still enjoy the sweet night, finished quarter and sisters together after dinner, I sat around the table, watching a small, red moon One day Moncler Jackets, the moon is round and I have to think about day and night, can not wait to see you, the audience in his arms, no longer separated.
«Zurich Zurich … … … …»: shaking woke up my phone more than 11 hours, send text messages sleep. Open the phone to see the original message sent to him.
【※ ※, I seriously think we’re just friends, I do not want to lose you as a friend, you know I want to make friends】
〖Oh, oh, so, I hope you find your happiness, for〗 2010 Louis Vuitton Mini Noe Rococo M40322
【I helped them, I hope you do not want to bore me, I’m afraid to lose you, my girlfriend broke up, I like you, I support you, I love】
〖Lost my fear, so many do not trust me, if you say so, we are still friends〗
【Friends will not want me to do, oh, so we to understand, you can go back to school, I will send you】
〖Oh, you do not send me back to school, not canceled. I think I can〗
When I was a news, but I forgot the hair.
I see a blue screen phone, want to cry, but no tears, just feel so much pain, the pain in the Mid-Autumn Festival every night when I sleep.
Just a few days rest, even after contact with SMS, and now I can not do without him feeling a little bit. What is right, but also send text messages to her.
And you are strange, it also violated the principle of friends. 〗
【Usually this is! When asked about this, oh, how】
〖No, serious problems ah〗 Louis Vuitton Mini Noe Rococo bag 〖We do not give you anything. 〗 Moncler Jackets

【If you do not want! So, I would like to separate you】
I have to say I do not know ~ I do not know … … they should Zenmeyangzuo
Write here, I think, a good friend wrote that
{We have already started before? We are in the final we had, we have a future, I do not remember his appearance, he can not remember my name, maybe we do not know it each other. }
{Two people attempt to true love, the ups and downs, and polished. } Moncler Jackets
I think that we will not forget each other, slowly, in a pinch forget … forget … I do not remember his appearance, he did not remember my name … …
Long, we have a guest … …

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