2010 Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Sunburst PM M93184

You and I, men and women, no one can escape love. Living in urban, men and women, inadvertently ambiguous.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Sunburst PM bag

We all lay men and women, we suspect that love, love, fear, refused to love, but we can not stop us, without exception, love, desire and expectations. In this restless age, bottom-up quiet life disrupted. We dress up, but in all the problems hidden in the heart of evil package. Ritual, obedience and good heart of the dolphins at any time under the guise of hidden turbulence, announcement is expected to be something unusual in this ready to break the status quo, has been waiting for the rebels and the derailment. In addition, we also must recognize that ambitious, but shy as a mouse, although we have eleven million a wonderful work, but honestly, I was squatting place to relax.
2010 Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Sunburst PM M93184
We can not cope with is safe, happy that we are more afraid of responsibility, emotional tangle of chains. On one occasion, it may appear in some of the problems in my life, stop or leave, flirting, our work, we love each other, but we never did.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Sunburst PM bag

We can be the day the streets of a strange face, you do not know me, I do not know about you, but we attract, we are deep in the eyes, or leave, we have eye contact, but eventually disappeared into the sea. This is the only one able to meet the trip, we occasionally meet a specific part, but a brief encounter, we talked about, and are pleased to permit us to each other almost perfectly with each other, we also found a young rehabilitation, but our only partner. Louis Vuitton Foxy Fur Tail Bag Charm This is the only one, we can meet in an unknown bar, music bar move, sure, we never saw, we looked at each other, and then you come to me, that you talk? So, say something ambiguous, paradoxical, and we tease each other, and then each go. This is the only married for many years for friends know, but there are subtle lingering in your mind, call us brothers, and their roots, blue-Yan is known, we can talk about anything, we care for each other , we feel, but still open relationship, in his life, so intensive courses. This is the only top-subordinate relationship can not, we have Ruoyouruowu, fuzzy knowledge, clear our minds, but quietly. This is the only one, we can meet on the screen of a virtual network, we are each other’s language, or some kind of attractive features, we did not do, do not speak, do not know the face, interactive, smooth, quiet feel , we believe we are the same type of harmony, we also found another rhyme our best candidate, rather than through the network, in real life, you’re not Prince, I am not a princess. Nothing more.
Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Sunburst PM M93184
We want to love and be loved is like a love and love, in addition to a third party can understand the pain and sorrow, happiness and joy is a hidden touch mixed feelings. We are full of love to drink at all deprived of the love, love, happiness, love, desire, or even cry, in the process of love, but love is not as clean up chicken feathers left over from a place. This is just enough.
Monogram Denim Sunburst PM M93184
Love is so complex and trivial things, you understand all the love, how sweet, fresh start, last year’s injury, will be heavy. We are the men and women experience of life, then they have learned to love, learn to avoid from life to avoid may be damaged, we have lost the love and courage and selflessness. Because we all know and love can break the unemployment rate is the only weapon we have.
Louis Vuitton 2010
In daily life is confusing transfers, in which the body, to seize the heat, a large fitness room passion. But not always sauce, love is like cigarettes and alcohol, you’ll have less Yat situation, how to be more health damage. Therefore, the flirting, we will never be confused, but in love.

Love is not love, never bad …….

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