Louis Vuitton Mahina leather Stellar Handbag

Discover the South, I was a major training exercise in the South Course’s mother, and the pre-Jinger. I remember the first time I saw one afternoon, dressed in a white sport in the late spring 2010 Louis Vuitton Mahina leather Stellar PM M93177 Anthracite, he, he sat on the stone steps at school in the classroom, the students face. Sunlight, the face of his sunshine, and Hee, and their eyes fell. Playground, walking back and forth, playing child, I liked it, very fresh, the sun and the big kid on the whole, this is my first impression. The next day, I Jinger day in class, take her class. Then, in order to meet the South, I always wanted to Shenchaiguishi did not see her face, every time, saw him approaching, I try to avoid, deliberately spread to other places to see, but intuition, he saw his time of death were , will find points of light thrown.
Until one day, Jinger and their children in the playground, I was born after the tilt, the South came from far away Moncler Jackets, I will bow intuition, but the self-esteem and work to myself, “but it’s great, why are so afraid of him . “I am very shy people like, I hate myself for this ‘heart anomalies’, after all, I have more than three decades, on the other hand, his heart is still in this decade, the growth rate has not. Mongolia is a husband and wife point increase in South Africa, which is staring at her eyes, do not want to lose him, so I do not want to peach, a glimpse of his eyes 2010 Louis Vuitton Mahina leather Stellar PM M93177 Anthracite, staring at the touch Mouguang investigation, not to help, the hint of tension in the heart of anger, [it will not love you] conscience Tude them, but think I was afraid, anxious to attract the eye, suddenly, his mind set, I Shuaishuaitou, crazy ideas shaken, quietly laughing to myself, maybe I saw a lot of love stories Recently, it connecting, rather than to what? Moncler Jackets
Time is running out for a year, first-class Jinger, in one meeting in the South almost every day, but we still did not say a word, not a chance, at that moment I could feel that he hopes to break the silence, each individuals to face she looked at me, but I did not see him, why, as I know. Jinger’s first summer at last 2010 Louis Vuitton Mahina leather Stellar PM M93177 Anthracite Handbag, Goodbye heart palpitations, headaches, it is a feeling of electric shock, do not forget in my life, I have no experience. I love the South, strange, I am no child, as soon as possible, right? Stone steps from the first glance at the figure, maybe he stole the soul, is to admit, it gave me back my heart is love, only love.

Love is not painful days terbalas, fatigue, heart disease, sudden vacancies, he always wanted to, I do not have disabilities, but have lost my life, it is said, not an option, not the same as my starting point for the south, never meet. Sleep almost every night, as he did, want to explain himself, how he’s feeling 2010 Louis Vuitton Mahina leather Stellar PM M93177 Anthracite Handbag, love is never the reason for it! Why should he, without any preparation, it is unique, it is easy to touch my heart so. Why? How I can easily lose yourself. But one thing I can confirm, there are endless, no, all of these techniques, ignoring God. Moncler Jackets
I suspect the South, if they can, we must have a good life, my Western soul, I believe he loves me, but from the heart. If I told him in general, but reason tells me very well, but unfortunately I can not love, my personal knowledge. I escaped again and again quiet, you can feel his Wu Nai-jen, crazy, but I do not know will not hurt him, really very sad, someone is me, my children at night, so longer.
South is the fourth year, we went to a secret meeting. I do not know what he was transferred to the school, only know his work. The last time I saw her the day before Christmas, I went to college classroom layouts to help Jinger, as he sat at the door, I saw him, he looked at me Louis Vuitton Mahina leather Stellar PM M93177, everyone is made of glass windows separated by a layer. He does not seem a good light in my Mouguang light. Moment, my heart good acid, as if gathered in his chest down, through it, around the corner, I could not help myself, tears, rushed to the ground very quickly. I really do not know how to do? Tears, who knows what a broken heart?
Know south from morning until he left, some with short, I know very little about him, sometimes on the sidelines of the words heard this song with his story, not a simple medium. His full name is Qi Jinan, only three years old this year, five years, I was a child. Boyfriend of three years, it is not, why? The man said: No, I will not question. Therefore, I am ashamed, because I do not want to hear from others in any way his mouth, he is the best I will always be. High handsome boys and beautiful large ultra-thin high, so that the surface is very cold and distant. But inside, the warm, sensitive, he was alone. This is the same, love and loneliness of the soul. Louis Vuitton Mahina leather Stellar PM M93177 The heart of the question, I can see I feel the south, and then, if the South in the beginning I know this? It should be understood. I always ‘better describes the more black’ people, how can he not see it? Moncler Jackets
Brought to an end in mind more than once in the South, but I can not. Come on, Love said, any legal leave, I hope, hope for a Menger possible. Li ether ah poetry reading [the far distance], I said, very similar to the love of the south, this is my heart, not the meaning of the voice of the people be heard.
Obsession, but do not know how to describe your husband, but not warm embrace
Linger, but let us not miss the jockey has been canceled
Dai Xiang, only want to live, and many more cool, I think I will be devastated
Memories, the heart is overloaded
If you have not started, I feel, can not stop!
I can not reveal the inner world, to love what wind is lost, the disease is also very good workers shaken, the sun has been to the south, gradually go. Moncler Jackets If one day experience in the South China Sea, I was overwhelmed Mouguang, but also the light? South, my collection …. I

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