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Some people may experience ups and downs the shadow of the actual real
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Love. Who, perhaps after a long wait for the sacred words of love

Do you have a deep and genuine understanding.

Yes, love has always liked. Is a lamp

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Love, love, deep love. If you do not love them, it is difficult

I really like the charm. And we, but the feeling is real love and be loved

Romance and reality.

Do not forget the reason the ex-girlfriend awkward smile, but remember self-doubt

This is the reality of her feelings of neglect. Now they have come, in fact, so

Absurd and naive. Maybe my technical background, as the birth of a rational

Maybe I just love to be seen as the eternal, divine promise and future

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The wedding hall. Yes, I doubt everything, even in real life

. However, the suspect was finally no longer exists, because I met my best

Perfect answer.

We are in two different universities, the same city. And I like her

School is the focus of the house. Perhaps this is it doomed to me now

Really have a thorough knowledge and understanding. Because it is a very strong atmosphere of Humanities. Independent

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So ~ ~ ~ We are two schools in the dissemination of knowledge. Tam

It is a light blue skirt, a pair of cute white boots (now

I asked her several times is difficult for me), I wear big bright eyes
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Attracted. Slim and beautiful moment of my summary. After

In the free discussion of a remarkable coincidence, we sat together, so the formal


QQ, change will be limited after the conversation, although not very frequent, but

Period of time. Because it is our commitment. However, let me pass Sting

The girl in front of the warning must be maintained, because I know why

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Or, like my ex-girlfriend’s University, who is willing to completely fall in love

A? Fear. As the debate is not only theoretical, but I do not want

Let us improve relations. Only because of fear.

But knowledge is always left in the depth of the two sides have a clear topic chat

Come. Soon you will understand other people’s thoughts and opinions of others. No doubt

Has a unique and fresh ideas the concept of all the problems. He understood

I am going to school for one year abroad, he did not understand why I

The younger generation, or even know when I first broke up with his girlfriend all the decisions. No 2010 Louis Vuitton Mini Noe Rococo M40323 handbag

We should know that warm feeling of love, only one to feel

Difficult to understand, the longer, difficult to leave the description. Until one day,

Meet again, and then talk about deep, I said to myself, I like the direct

This girl.

Therefore, we must together. This is the most needed me
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Best wishes, which in my side, I will go shopping together and with their own

Play online games, one night’s brother. With her, I am glad

And practical.

Some people say the same romance. I do not disagree. Not romantic love
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Love is not perfect. But love is not logical thinking can only

Fleeting meteor, which allows people with painful memories. We are looking for a big crowd

The other half of your life, not because of loss of vision and imagination and love

Itself, baby, think about life.

Hear winter
I woke up some time
I think I wait, I look forward to
Set in the future can not be
I heard the wind and the sea G
I met you was the best accident
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Can married lovers! …

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