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Art, my favorite place to repair the Rose Garden, I think the most beautiful corner of the campus. Louis Vuitton Mini Noe Rococo Gold M40322 I like to go there to look at the most quiet, like roses, they are really great! Not only because they love flowers, because they not only between lovers, gifts, flowers between lovers.

On this day, the sky rain, rain is very small, oh, like the fog, the wind in the willows. Floating, dense rain hit the small class of small roses in full bloom, rose dew, such as the lover’s tears … …
“Often you see here, the roses, right?” Louis Vuitton Mini Noe Rococo Gold M40322
Ah … …? ”
“I do not fear?”
“No, no, … … maybe I was too concentrated.”

I saw him, tall and beautiful.

In this way, he looked at me, sorry, I blushed, and looked down. “This is one of the most beautiful rose … …” Moncler Jackets

Every time I see the flowers, always able to touch him. During the day, lift our hands, because he can give me the whole bundle of roses … …

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This year, I was a grade, he went, but the big Er Shige.

This is a great football school – everyone knows the “players” play every time he would play, I will go, whether compulsory or elective subject, no matter how important lesson, I will attend the meeting.

Third, and him, and he worried that in the past three years, the blink of an eye, he will graduate. He chose Shanghai – this is the city’s desire. Before leaving that night, he took my hand in a circle around the campus, he told me, told me that my eyes are red – in the past few days, so it is red.

Louis Vuitton Mini Noe Rococo bag “In order to take care of themselves in the coming year, I get it.”

“I know where the trains soon, which will begin in a few minutes.”
“This is me Oh, now do not permit a change of heart ah!” He waved my side of the window, so that last sentence. Moncler Jackets

He called every day, he received an e-mail every day, but fortunately there is now a network, or died of his letters and other people will.
2010 Louis Vuitton Mini Noe Rococo M40322

I do not know what day it is, his phone stopped every day, and his email is no longer by the day. I was nervous, to three months is not long, alas, it really gave me?

Soon, my birthday is coming, I do not know if you remember what he said, he said, to wait until my birthday, he will come back. Moncler Jackets

Birthday the night before, and finally himself, call his cell phone, his phone has been no answer. It turned out the next day the snow, my heart is cold, but now my heart is ice … …

Early the next morning, I woke up babbling sounds. I retired and went to the window to see what happens.

God! In the bedroom floor covered with snow, dense grass, no snow in the vast region, there is a red rose heart spell in the outer ring of the heart, but also part of the shield, she lit the next heart candles clustered here, the family is an open white rose .

Sisters bedroom curious white roses, take a look at a few clusters, because it was too red roses, not to count. Also, they speculate, and who have such luck.

“I do not expect to be at least in my 21 years on behalf of the cluster of white roses, it must represent the 999 red roses, resistance. 2010 Louis Vuitton Mini Noe Rococo M40322
Ah …? … “My roommate saw me confused.
Election star. I said. Then, the tears would not come to help.
Moncler Jackets

I saw him, he dug the growth of trees

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