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They do not know what happened, all calm. A week later, a little trip to the hospital, he had no right, just more blood loss, I will continue to observe in the hospital.
This week, many people see him, but he certainly has a lot of friends, travel is always in my small room, he turned to his people to visit me.

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I particularly remember the two boys and a girl, tall and thin boy, another boy, as a honest girl looks very nice. However, a small lobby area is a phenomenon that is honest, who knows what they are saying makes me laugh smile.
“Brother, you need not be so like us, we blush.”
“I do not know …… vomiting ugly, Neb you like, you can find a girlfriend Qiu This amendment to the welfare of the world’s top ten.”
“Ah! Brother’s complaint is justified, according to her sister Autumn, who looks good, good character, is actually a flower stuck in cow dung.” Echoed in another foreign aid, he said.
“The girl next to you ……” They said Qiu Shangri-La in it! Unfortunately, although she can not say, but I can see the lovely she thought. After a child with me to know what they are both sworn brothers little travel, travel is a big brother, sincere, slender youngest brother. They may be too many small tour, and now I know what the consequences of infection, good or bad, they say, who is a nurse. 2010 Louis Vuitton Monogram Bulles MM M40236 Sandy I remember seven years, of course, stellate ganglion block. Alas! Are they to be more miserable, and left the queen, the princess right, I look forward to dig a hole. In this particular unit to a lens, really bad music, 7 bumbling said. “Save the Queen and I are a year old, a old first year.” This is a joke, I do not know people still thought we were counter-revolutionaries to overthrow the state government to do it!
They have talked about the happy, even listen, I heard very happy.
Stellate ganglion block if the noisy SGG like them, keep them here, go on, laugh a little bit in my stomach pain.

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Stellate ganglion block is gone, and then someone came, and how so many see him few friends. However, if a lot of people will see cherry blossoms in Shanghai Ga! At least, this man will be lining in the other (ah! Arrogance I learned a little tour )…… wow, this is terrible, or stay well. Walk the line, I am very worried, oh, of course, my father worry!
“Lu Xiong, Long it!” Strange accent, is the last one to know I like the nose, in June this year, the Qing, which is to maintain the same hair, the small tour, I do not know who copied who. Of course, small business people than his beautiful eyes, but in my eyes ……
Oh? He has also lagged behind other, I touched the girl smiled, of course, I smiled.
“Liu Xiong, Tuolai, no big deal!”
“Just go to your room, but you come here, I think so much charm, please Luxiong our past, the original …… really good, no! Be magnetic (female) forces. Ha ha ha .. …. ”
“Ha ha ha …….”
“Little brother to swim, not who introduced him to the old children?”
“Oh, yes, this is my friend Shu Iridium ah.”

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“In the following year, in June, the Qing, the last time constraints, no self-introduction, willow, willow, meaning green in June. This is the next cousin Shangguan children.”
I am a little Dali, Liu Jun, the original blue, he told the boy to a girl she named Shangguan, I feel as if they were friends than as cousins. They are here a day or two the most gentle, very polite, speak, listen, I think he seems to be bureaucratic jargon, small swimming. Age-year-old girl told me the child, her body exudes a clear beauty, grace, the girl was in her words carefully observed, and she knows that I deliberately conceal the same, because it is a journey. In their chat rooms, do not know when, more than one door, and bowed his head is still standing there, it is very cold, even icy eyes. Moncler Jackets
All three of them open, but does not speak, because they all know.
“Yang Xiong back.” Tourism is very quiet and rarely speak.
“Ah!” Shameful! ”
I do not understand what they say, but certainly not easy.
And you! ”
“Blade! Of the Earth”Louis Vuitton Monogram Bulles MM
“There is no reason why you can take it, I do not have the opportunity to use their”
“What?” Yes ……” three surprise, surprise or even serious people! But, after all, is not simple, but they soon calmed down, and there are some tourist did not say what he seemed very calm.
“Luxiong ……”
“There is nothing, so everything is clear, the next you?” They think this answer
“That’s good, at least in most people happy.” Slowly, said: “Liu Jun, green, and then left quietly and did not speak, quietly left. So they silence the child was missing.
“Luxiong away!” Liu Jun, young and old Baoquan and bow in the child left. Departments, so that only two of us.
“Little Tour, do you regret?”
“Sakura lost all the saved.” Fufu my hair and said: “Under the silly, why do not repent, you are my everything.”
I am very sad, tears came out anxious eyes ……
Ten, ten, sunny  Louis Vuitton Monogram Bulles MM
Today, the hospital, everything is as usual, a small group, but it made me pick up and discharge. Time is very good, but my father had a fight, forced the gray mood.
“Sakura, we’ll be back.”
“What?” I can not live my ear stage, it will not be true, “Of course, we go home ah!”
“I was home, but …… back to Shanghai.” Moncler Jackets
Yu Cheng Zhu, how could this be? I travel so small ……
“Silly low, but not dead, but returned to Shanghai for three months full of graduation, we can not meet you in college?” I was silent, it is very clear, but his eyes betrayed him ……
Rain days in the X Tour X Wind
Many days, I saw a little trip, here is my purpose, I do not see it, I go, I will meet more than one attachment, it seems unwilling to meet. During this time I tried to settle himself, I think the line, but I really do not, I completely lost, why do women always have the last one to lose?
…… Louis Vuitton Monogram Bulles MM M40236 Sandy

Tonight, I wrote the final electronic diary, save it to your email, we agreed to let me have your support in this case, I changed the password, if we really ready, he will know .. …
Tomorrow morning I will go, I will wait for him seven street, praying for a miracle, if we are really determined, I will come. I pray to God to save you, let me see him again, even the memories!
Shu Yi ah
“Brother, go to morning tea was.”
“What time is it?”
“Who cares how much to drink ……”
“What time is it?” I growled crazy.
“June 55: E, do not worry, we are not the first time the night ……”
“Go!” I opened the third brother, I put all the power to at this point I think that time flies, the original source to the dam in the boulevard ,…. …… .. Sakura, she has not disappeared.
A long, long way …… I like to run a century, but not small ……
Morning, quiet, tree-lined green reveals fresh ……
Century, when I went through the process, I finally went, I gasped, here …… why do not people here, why?
Is the end point is always the case, I do not, I do not!
I regret why I can not even see the cherry blossoms is the last reason. I cried, and kept the name of the tree with both hands, hold …… Moncler Jackets
I am very pleased at that moment I heard I heard the break.
“Hey, why do you Luke? Not cry girls accounted for.” This is simply more elegant lighting and sound …… the chaos without losing your voice singing nightingale World Park also the lightest of light more than the world’s most ancient bell and the chaos continued, her voice simply light the contradictions and confusion is the team the benefits of combination treatment paradox of contradiction is no contradiction.
This is …… This is Sakura’s voice. I looked up, the girl walked behind a tree, his face is clean smile, her cherry …… Louis Vuitton Monogram Bulles MM M40236 Sandy
“Crying”? She told me superficial smile, this smile, however, it contains the number of months in the joy and the pain of separation, it is still so beautiful, lovely, long hair and scarves are still scattered, eyebrows, is still the sound of rain Ye Qian months, the eyes of Juan is still soft, clean, fresh smile, but elegant, the owl is still a beautiful dress, everything is quiet, without change, in particular, her lips Yinghongyinghong or less attractive.
I looked at her, watching quite clear Juan soft eyes, deep love from the eyes ……
The wind gently through the trip, setting off the leaves, Bauhinia wind purple petals, flower leaf inclination dancing in the shade of fluttering butterflies flew gently, the wind gently blowing in the tour. Bird quit and has a long early morning melody. Tour dispersed by the wind in her hair, in the wind, if each wire birds. Speech. Louis Vuitton Monogram Bulles MM M40236 Sandy
“Little Tour, why do not you speak? Go!”
I can not say, I do not know what to say, me and her heart may have been achieved through eye contact, and her every blink is a punctuation mark, it will be our long-term love with a label, but never ended .
“We will meet again.” I finally said that the last think I would say so.
“Ah, must be!” To return to a place she belongs to her.
She was gone, leaving only the long shadow of ……
“Sakura !!!!!” I shouted her name out loud, I want to, I really want to, because it will leave, why not be her last embrace. I no longer ran over, grabbed her depth, she hugged me deeply. Moncler Jackets
Everything just let it go, I was hot cherry fan fan …… there should not be taken heat stroke, including wind love the wind ……
When the story ended, but love is not the ultimate goal, perhaps even love, just because it seems very short, perhaps it will allocate more touching reunion ……
If the paint is still such a beautiful soul life is parked, if the result is still very sad story, and then use it to imagine the perfect romantic ……
Let love good boarded the dream, so this program is the beginning and end of the air flow …… kiss
I whispered in her ear to make final arguments
Miss you
Send a word Moncler Jackets
Star deserted his tears, sad and lonely on the moon.
Invitation to the soul, night operations, the original Acacia.
Loose lips gently shy songbird waterfall, the most unparalleled.
Long chair, watching videos, why the Iraqis to go.
Publication of the lips, the water that cool on a wire.
People wind, like a meteor flying suicidal.
Wataru no tearjerker, it is true, in the long run, in this song.
Never been pregnant, the host memory in the round.
“He has never been pregnant, he recalled in a circle ……” boarding her twitter twitter repeat …… …… Moncler Jackets
She cried and cried, tears fell on this line will be dissolved in a small memorial for the wind to every corner of the world witnessed the love of each pair of lovers, a perfect love and blessings .. each …. ..

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