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Love is a good memory

Love, always walk in front, to the despair of the people are the same, one day, you should use.

Cham (a )—, I am your destiny
The moon, silver plates, window frames, edge, white cells in the ear, the music, the river is still flowing.
Improve the cloud, the cloud is gone, the past life, I want to drink soup, Meng Po, sports, long leave.
A variety of colors, just, or light. Willows of the sea, I can not meet your fate in the endless night to find it, because it is not absolute.
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Cham (b) — like an ordinary girl
An ordinary girl, really simple, modest, blue-green pants, blue and white sports shoes, some mixed, blue, green, of course, I do not agree too pure. Short hair is slightly longer, very fluffy. Moncler Jackets
Very simple, easy, does not seem to add other accessories. Their attention, but I noticed each.
This is a feeling, I do not know what is not fixed, and then want to learn.
2010 Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Sunshine Pink M93183
Cham (c) — Shangri-La
I do not want this life I know, this girl can go to Shangri-La.
Shangri-La, holy, pure space, detached, separated from the loud. In my eyes, so that girls can not go, but one, a noble girl is not qualified to be holy all the time.
Find out to look for, wait, wait, I wait, wait for his appearance.

Cham (d) the time — I
I was afraid to tell the truth, do not say anything.
At that time I just looked at him quietly stopped, looked at her smile, watching her every move. I like to laugh a story, I am very sad end. He did not see me.
At that time, I’m shy and keep cool in the pulse tracing mark, remains unknown.

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Cham (e) is not a traditional girl —
One day, he changed his hairstyle. Prior to this a little, fluffy coat, very natural, very comfortable, and now my hair is a very beautiful, elegant, very charming contact.
I tell you, this is the highest law students, learning is good, everything is terrible.
Satisfaction, low self-esteem, or what should I? The girl, not formal.

Cham (f) — faint mist
Signs of depression, there are still hazy. At the time, every day after the PE, I do not know why, lie.
Hazy, hazy feeling, he did not know what love is, I do not know his wishes, but do not know to what extent they like.
Messy, empty feeling, I’m still drunk.

Cham (g) — beginning to bloom
Gradually, the courage, the courage to face.
His first, excitement, called flawless. His own, but first is peace.
Asked the first meeting of its fingers, but did not dare to discover it.
Do not be afraid.

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Cham (h) — Time is not sacred
Subconsciously, deep down I love him, love is no hope.
Close your eyes, her smile is beautiful. Like her, love is not retained for at least a little bit, but to fill my heart, it appears as deep.
My head, and his saints is always so fast, beautiful, beautiful beyond compare, because not enough time to describe the instructions.
So, I always use “You mean to him. An angel more beautiful than the angels.

Cham (IX), a drunken confession —
That night, drink, bed, lying on a good clue in pain a great aura.
Observation, do not know how many leave, some caution, also sent a text message, his first real recognition.
In fact, the appreciation of my feelings, he said, a long time, I have always wanted, do not say. I have a fear of heaven I’m gone.
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Cham (x) — the last elective courses
Thursday, one of my eleven elective last week. Outdoor and elective courses, will help me, I do not know how to do, he decided, followed by joy and enthusiasm.
In this lesson, the teacher did not say it, our own review, I am very concerned about a person, a girl excited, I am very happy because I was.

Cham (s) — SMS wide
Send a short message to her would also like to get the message. We send text messages almost every day, what day this is my zoriontsuena. With great enthusiasm and shaking mobile phones, see your happy note, I think life is so beautiful.
In my memory, the information will never, I have been high-end mobile phones, due to the deletion the same, but I hope to meet a little faster.
One day, not the message I do not know whether he saw, and I will continue to put their message.

Cham (l) — the sky rain
University of the dreamer’s paradise, the heaven I need to do the myth is not true, that girl, love is a reality.
In her grandmother and her phone, busy, forgot. Phone, a light rain, rain, home, in the southern sky rain.
Rain in the first part of the heart, even I do not know the rain has stopped.
Sky umbrella.
Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Sunshine Pink M93183
Cham (m) — Dream phoenix
More likely to fall into winter sleep, maybe I’m tired. Yi Yi Dream angle, but also the beautiful bird Phoenix, appeared in my dreams a thousand times.
Thoughts, dreams, a swing adjustment birds.
One day, the Phoenix bird, my love, then this will be a carefree life of the couple.
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Cham (N), — a rainy night
It was a rainy night, the rain, apparently. I will not do an umbrella.
Rainy night in our room, the night is just a class with his umbrella.
A small umbrella, have softened our destiny in heaven. A little rain falls in the body, for me, but it is particularly close. Moncler Jackets
Normally, I think it is a very long way, why so many very short and can not return the same night, I hope to continue without interruption, without end.

Cham (xv) — have to wait, because the gold
He has not come back. I was there, travel in his back, looking for the number gradually disappear. Moncler Jackets
Silly, we have a fulcrum, and I expect to wait? Wait a minute? I have to wait, I really do not know, huh, huh!
The previous day of life, the days of ordinary life, but I do not … …
Do not expect gold.

Cham (XVI) — only the phoenix bird
This is a dream, a dream of Phoenix is a bird, but only one, like to go?
Phoenix legend to life, but why did not die?
In the past, several times, leaving the loss, depressed birds Phoenix bird, almost died in the fall. Whole day, flying, screaming, shouting the names of their peers, eat or drink.
Now, the Phoenix Bird Phoenix Bird bird every day, standing in the other direction, the direction of the face around the place.

Cham (Q) — Dream River
Quiet, light, sweet, Sese, bitter, spicy. Bottom edge of the beautiful, colorful. I live in the water, waiting. Moncler Jackets
Love, intoxicated people were missing, especially in a free, eternal hope and pray. Love, life has not changed.
Enjoy your day, blue sky above. As I expected, and this young man to use.
Memory overseas.

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