Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Speedy Peach

All the senses numb. My heart does not get rid of those who are not accustomed to living life, but in the end it is just a lonely and vulnerable Maginot Line menakutyan, tired of my life is so real.

2010 Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Speedy Peach M40357

Often told she often imagined the future, while outlining the beautiful pictures and memories with the settings of his stories, many times the heart seems to be correct, after the collapse of a century text-books, I like the people of the last century with the best wishes to think a lot of times, but now, I have to get it, if the story is always a romantic, I always lonely figure who took part in the picture.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Speedy bag

Everyone has their own living space, but also their lives, if not, can not be removed to change society, I can not change society, can not see all the eyes are dead, the final excited state, people living in this world who are innocent The really do not have anything. This is not right or wrong, only the successes, failures, there is no right or wrong, only the van and.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Speedy bag

Some left, some people return each person has his reasons, but those who never came back, they now? Who never like this, in turn, place to stay is the heart or the emotional turbulence. Tired, tired, I could not find a reason to rest. Sitting on the network the sky, never see the rise and fall months, but everything changed in the last holder of the wise heart, let those who are familiar with the characters gradually blurred.

How can I maintain my time because in yesterday’s story, you and me, how and death must make a lovely smile, explosive efforts.

Drink plenty of water, maybe tomorrow the glass, it’s tears, when he moved, you can also be frozen, this season, everything is cold, everything, all the light, the wind about the times, we can do is love, memories can not replace Previously, only a moderate stop the reality.
2010 Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Speedy Peach M40357  handbag
Love again, perhaps such as cigarettes, burning heat and warm his fog, flew into the end of a beautiful, can not see, leaving the body feeling soft in the past, has become the star of the black spot for heart damage, air.

Part of love, perhaps wine glass, drink fermented happy joy, when the most honest and powerful, drunken soul nyarderid anesthesia, this time, we dream about a beautiful, until he woke up to disappear without a trace, the deep sediment, and to continue the influence of alcohol after injury, illness do not want to wake up to think, in fact, gone.

2010 Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Speedy Peach M40357

Today, a year away, perhaps love, it is a soft-season base, moved to extend the flowering season is a happy, the result is premature to start repaying all of the winter, watching the snow fall, one, two, three . . . . . . Xuan Sword Dance, you may also need to provide a funeral paper, hair loss, the body falls, drowning heart, cold, buried love.
2010 Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Speedy Peach M40357  handbag
By the last second of this year, no desire, no dream for me, maybe the next second, it does not matter, do not use menakutyan, is used to menakutyan not without hand use, but all the pain every day I can become a What is to rely on it, I had to walk the streets of an unfamiliar face to face on a way forward, is used to hold a lie, listening to yet another sad song of the first, and gradually stop the well-known in their girke Fantasy practically alone, I just think I want to find the next second, you can forget your name her.
Louis Vuitton 2010
Today, Bill Gates last year,
Peach red face.
The faces of people do not know where to go
Love and be loved.

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