Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Zoe bag

No matter how much time and space, distance, have been naive
Why love is not the case, endless love …
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Love will choose to do so, you can not drag their feet.
Each other in the world comfortably.
All of these are too much damage is extreme.
In fact, I know
Personality is so strong that eventually will live in the shadow
2010 Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Zoe M40380
Yesterday’s happiness, is a trace.
They can do a full course of life, good
You can thank some of the shore.

Love is love, people do not necessarily
As long as my beloved long, life is good as always.
To meet the margin, but both sides know each other and other deposit.
The origin, to create advantage, spread love to!

Love is also known as the left
That their love had long
Was considered to have the ability to pay in exchange of real happiness.
In fact, wrong. …
2010 Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Zoe M40380
My only love is betrayal, betrayal is merciless!
They like to use it immediately to strangers should be.
Memory is incomplete and the heartache remains.

The result is to be used with each other, do not think
The longer the moment will never fly.
The scene reminds me of a dream, please pay attention to his mouth forever
But wake up, he had to leave when it was found.
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Mind is thousands of times, back to me, ask her to come back
Top, to repair my heart has been a long imperfect
But I do not know.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Zoe bag

In many cases, in the dark each night, wake up, my heart hurts
Look at the sky in pain and yearning for the stars
The night belongs to you that from a distance
What is it? Are you happy?
No, I’m not around
Let others take care of you, do you like?

Now the only hope, hope to see you again
But I, you, afraid to see you are afraid to see
My heart is shattered.
I do not think he said to himself.
His shadow did not leave.
Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Zoe M40380
Life still in front.
In fact, a love called out.
Goodbye, my love …
You, me, and then, if you like a friend
I hope you can understand
All of the festival, rain, not bad, but not always sunny …

I love you, if you happen to like me …….

This is when you are sick ….. .. .. I will take care of you, you look ….

When I ride … … you have to be careful when you say you need to call …

Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Zoe bag

I forgot to eat dinner, you pretend to work, angry … .. “Do you worry about me so worried about you please!” He said.

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Women call your hair .. .. .. and I smile and hand wave of nostalgia in a few seconds, your hair is extra

You want to cry … .. I really do not excited, I accompanied the tears while ago ..

You laugh … I have been laughed out loud … you push me, I sent a second ..

I’m obsessed with your name, class time think about your voice … ..

When I shop … “Oh, you just lack of will !…”

I soon found a good … “You have to see” a thought

After that, I sleep the sleep … .. and you quietly in your heart to hear the giggle …
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When I took the night .. and you say, “go to bed early, is not too tired,” telephone.

Sweet smile really want to sleep … … .. Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Zoe M40380

When I think of you … you know what I think ….

But …. I love you … if you do not love me …… unfortunately

This is when you are sick … … …

My phone call to you is displayed. Luxury is not with you …

The safety of the ride … I hope your heart secretly …

You forgot to eat dinner .. I laughed, “Why ?”… a lot of problems

Gentle woman, you only for your hair .. I: “Oh, your hair can tell hate “….

Next, you’ll cry … you can do is sigh in secret …

You want to smile … smile … I think you can
Moncler Jackets
When the class … I think your name your voice .. deep ..

When shopping, I think … “So, who buys this thing …”

I found something better … “This is good news, reported that” the idea is to do nothing …

After fleeing to sleep … I will not let you see my black eye …

When all night … I hope you can dial the phone rings … .. Moncler Jackets

I want you to think that when you .. .. .. Who are you thinking? …

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