Louis Vuitton Monogram Underground Duffle M40364

Last June, we fall in love! This is a chance encounter. Although I do not think
Love at first sight, I think, I have to believe.
I never thought I would be together, because he told me Moncler Jackets, these words I love you, love me
Reading Su Qingbo, a little surprised, because people from quiet a long time range. I do not know that he is not called puppy love, because last August, I went to another city school, he will go to another city. Show that we can together. So, I decided to forget about it, maybe I did. Since then, he has appeared in my mind, if so 2010 Louis Vuitton Monogram Underground Duffle M40364, only sometimes! It always give me a call, write. But he did not have to pay back my enthusiasm. I admit that I forgot, there is now doubt, his feelings is not the case, because people can be so easily forgotten, I really feel a sense of their pigs!
Time flies so quickly to spend a semester later, but it is a strange time, intuition told me that he went home, and then a friend told me that he really came back 2010 Louis Vuitton Monogram Underground Duffle M40364. I’m really happy. I begin to lose a very rural, and his head to the figure, but also feel remorse for his actions fully ____ Why I do this to him? I deliberately put his phone number, by voice calls. I will tell him my feelings, I said I miss him! He answered very happy. Therefore, we have the responsibility before the holidays, I went back to the day!
Upon my return I heard the news, he fell in love with another girl. I think my all to no avail, like a dying fish out of oxygen Louis Vuitton Monogram Underground Duffle bag, I can, I totally despair, despair, and wants to be the ruin of all losses, I know in my heart that he, not the Wine Shop is your dog . I went to the barber shop hair cut and music room in the house alone. I’ve never seen him, because I hardly go out. I think the days of Lake Wu and Jin continue, but in fact, on the contrary, in the corner of the cross, I saw him, he and his friends mixed together, I turn to run, but it shows they do not because I want to have the courage to face of reality. I boldly went up to him, there is no trace of melancholy eyes, and I do not think, without him, will one day be empty. But really, my life has changed big gap ^^^^^^^^ Louis Vuitton Monogram Underground Duffle bag
One day, he suddenly called, I think the reason to say, because I do not want to hear any explanation! However, after hanging down, sorry, the last, I do not mean that. I really want to hear your explanation! I have always told me he loved me, and not just a little bit, to give him a chance, as a girl, choose one. I do not know what commitment, maybe I really do not want?
He chose me, so we can do together. The next day he was happy with, so I think my all. We have New Year’s Eve together 2010 Louis Vuitton Monogram Underground Duffle M40364, held in the hands of the pier fireworks, very romantic, really! Although this makes it one day, inevitably political, but in retrospect is so sweet. He really gave me a lot, changed my bad mood, Moncler Jackets the most serious problem may be the beginning of a great night, I jumped into the sea. I know I’m wrong, but reserved for girls, or the spoken word does not apologize. Before him, I am very stubborn! Continue to work with me, and her cold hands and construction, I’m sorry, really, I know I was wrong.
The day together not long after he went to the Chinese New Year, I do not see, I promised to wait for his return. Like him, I really miss him. For him, a diary every day during this period to skip this step in his diary, in fact, this is my best friend, in fact, as only he can understand me! Only he can decide how much I love him!
Without his life, all for me is not interested in my mind only two words that you’re back !!!!!! is back, after three months after it was coincidence or fate? There is no answer, I just want to be happy, he returned, very happy! But eventually came to the separation, separation is only on the originating site, I will not forget, I think our story is not simple, stars, moon, never to be colored glass legs!  Moncler Jackets
I gave a promise, and if so, will never change! We have made this commitment forward, do not stop! His friends said I was very high, high access 2010 Louis Vuitton Monogram Underground Duffle M40364, but this time, I was his conquest of all, I am glad, however, this is what I want! Date of birth, I had to accompany him that night, a silent wish, hope, no matter how long days together, I think the happiest of my life. But the original dream, I will not fall.
It is, he is a month, I went to Fuzhou to him, apparently used to each other than a month, not to miss the sleep breathing. However, even in the same city, but can not see each other, and to meet the test? Facts are facts!  Moncler Jackets
Last night, the night is flat, promised he would with me, because if he really wanted to stay in the evening, then spring would come!…

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