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Found that only 19 years old, the young couple, you are special. I am surrounded by people, Moncler Jackets
You are in the spotlight of residents. Boy and a similar guide, the growth in the future here? No one
Attention, but I believe you will live their lives. Louis Vuitton Embossed Leather Speedy Mini Black M95814
I am your fellow female students, curious people like what you see Zensheng You see, our friends all know.

The first is how you feel it? Projection of the sun off the window, touch the soul like a blue
Go to the elbow, blue shirt, slender arms disclosure, looked around and saw eyebrows a touch of melancholy, not clean

Hey, take your time through my life, I began to like it, I heard your voice, see your hands
A bag, walk to school, but I feel with all my heart and embrace the use of the closure of some Moncler Jackets
Location memory.

Unfortunately, if the love is still too far away from you and me. I have the same irony, can not be set
One of my garbage, we are good friends, but nothing else.
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Soon, the young, and his tone, if the romantic beauty school, I was freezing. I sat in the dormitory at night
Concrete floor balcony and opened the eyes of the night sky, the wind was cold, looking for a cold heart, when I found what I loved
You, my heart is broken slowly Diqi silent for a long period of time, discovery, and her cheeks wet with tears. The next day,
I have a serious disease transmission in the bed, woke up, recalled the scene, I know. Fruits and flowers to friends  Louis Vuitton Embossed Leather Speedy Mini Black
All the cabinet, which makes a number lily vase, heart to know that you sent, you Lily in the purity of more than
Beautiful. See the flowers, smiling bitterly.

Flowers wilt, I will be buried under the banyan tree, flowers, is how to bury his love.

Back to school, I work in schools, leisure activities, and sometimes part-time jobs to earn pocket money has less contact you
Met in the corridor, just nodded his head. Then when they turn to their parents, we will as soon as possible  Louis Vuitton Embossed Leather Speedy Mini Black
Has been completed.

We older people are more eager to find a job, thesis, on the future direction of life, I must face
Too many questions, trying to ignore I’ve given you capture.

And you have found work, the smooth development of beauty school, I heard you promise to do after graduation.
I tried to bypass the heart and the pain that would like to train the ear, you hear the crying and screaming, too late …

I stared at that day, I was sitting on the grass, the campus paper has been solved, and tomorrow you
Prepared to review the bride red envelopes was still quiet. How the future, I do not think clearly

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Chu, you lead your life without any parameters, you know what he wants.


Tsinghua University, can not hear me, but a little stiff back, turned and saw a lily family, it made me slow down,
Because my image of you, the melancholic soul of a blue touch.

I smiled back to you low, you should be in my lap, next to me Lily. I looked at the silent weapon
Lily remember me a year ago, the Earth will drop you get involved in terrorist Lily buried buried my feelings
Now, if Lily is still gentle and beautiful smile in my heart, I say hit hard … too heavy …

“Congratulations.” For a long time I did not know his voice.

Eye in the sky, you see my face back, I see your eyes, black eyes and forehead, a touch of sadness
Depression, in a trance, I think, why a girl can not cure depression?
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They laugh, it makes sense.

“I can not in life’s own mistakes, too many temptations are many variables, I do not know. But
Too late … … the wind. ”

He stroked my hair, leaned over and kissed my cheek, ear and said softly: “You’re lucky, more than any
Are you happy … … ”

Tears filled my eyes do not.
Moncler Jackets
The next day, you put your wedding, I did not go, I hope you have more than one in the bar some of you
I know I have enough time to let you know I love you noticed, but what you say.

I am a lily vase, the petals fall on water, like most of the wear and tear.

Yesterday, I heard my friend said: lily language – pure love … … Moncler Jackets

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