Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2009 Monogram Eclipse Alma

This year, the flowers open just right.
Life in the shadow of the sun did not miss each bundle branch.
She was lying on the balcony was empty early morning streets, scarce, but there are few cars to go. Sometimes a few birds to bite the top of the tree leaves Indus downstairs, opened a clear voice calls. Listen, my heart clear.  Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2009 Monogram Eclipse Alma M40246
A sudden storm in the kitchen to help wash vegetables, hear the thunder when the outside world has begun a fierce rain down from the clouds had dropped sharply to her mother.
She ran to the balcony. Flowers, prancing in the rain, panic. She moved into the house, they are rushing. The second line, accidentally knocked down in a flower pot. “Bang”, flower pots falling straight down. “Crash” sound as a splinter. But apparently the rain with the two reports, said: “ammonia.
She leaned over and looked.
Yang Touxiang looking for a person. A man is his twenties, wearing a blue checkered shirt, gray trousers smoke, wet in the rain facial features, but it is a clean face.
She said I’m sorry. He Lenglen Ling, a faint smile in the rain, he said, this is not important.  Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2009 Monogram Eclipse Alma M40246
Rose petals re-re other perennial Huakaibubai. Orchid stems soft, smooth insulation secret fragrance.
What happened that day, she was some panic, I remember his voice is real.
The leaves slowly sinking.
Bright, white gardenia incense. Autumn the lush green fine shower of water drops, pink and green and beautiful. She smiled, and in the ground, he looked up. She nodded, smiling bloom time. Road, the solid sound of his “early ammonia, quickly followed by the street near the bus station.
The radio is playing music, in the distant future.
… … Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2009 Monogram Eclipse Alma bag
Some people who do not
Hello, you bother me
… …
But for the early morning
Hello, you bother me
But for my flowers
Just getting
… …  Moncler Jackets
She always looked forward to him, but do not know what to say, but the heat distribution quietly, unknowingly.
One morning, the time is still intact, gardenia fragrance born. Crisscross silence.
That afternoon, she met him. Can go shopping, came back strongly to rain. Perfect, he suddenly found him in the side, he said, I take you home. Silence all the way, she wanted to start, but seeing the way he paused, then swallowed. At home, she said, grateful to him. He smiled at her, smiles beautiful.  Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2009 Monogram Eclipse Alma bag
Looked at his back gradually disappear. She passed the door, heard the case of parents raised for discussion.
They suggested that open all the confusion, but did not remember those away.
In new and unfamiliar place, sometimes a person will miss some smiling greetings. This heavy rain, “Crash” Bang ring.
Abandoned their free time listening to street music in the corner. Do not miss the sun, the party lost no time to tell the aromatic side of youthful enthusiasm.
Before she left, his phone and mailing address. He sometimes called me and said hello at the festival. Or a familiar voice. Coffee cup, said a few words.
After graduation, she began to work. Walking in busy streets to see the time and tides.
Xiang Xi friends contacts so weak, he sometimes sent the card. Just above the usual greeting a handsome upright font, and more.
What will happen, he still has the rhythm of silence.
Two years later, she quit high-profile companies.
In a commercial society, how quickly she started in the crowd accustomed to using different colors, fast, accurate judgments wind. In the past, little by little. Only occasionally remembered. She felt her time, has gradually become not brave enough to wait for the results.  Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Alma Handbag M40246 Maybe for him, boring repetition, but security endless days.

But she has gradually lost all hope and imagination.
Therefore, they drink coffee cafe past him.
Rain day, she sat there watching the glass rain scene, she seems in her home, when he saw the scene, it was raining. Whether it is raining, going to leave.
When he arrived late, the water from the bottom to the top of the rain drop. He said, I’m sorry to give you a long wait.
I’m in love, I hope you will soon find your other half. He sat down, she says the words, she thought, maybe something can be said clearly, if he is not willing to seriously think that has something to say.
But very quiet, his silence after 30 seconds, he said: I wish you good luck.
She gradually became not want this relationship, she looked at him and smiled a smile, but no longer hot.  Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Alma Handbag M40246
After returning home, she received a phone call, she thought he would say, you can take every opportunity to restore, because it is not too late. However, only one: on the road wet, right?
She hung up the phone disappointed.
There is always the end of the beginning.
What in the world can not let you go. She thought.
She began a good impression on others, she said, began dating accepted. Start … …
Finally one day her white wedding, blessing the crowd in the hall.
So, after her marriage, divorce issues and a long time, began to focus on business, and develop well.
Finishing things one day at home, suddenly fell off a letter, she began a book, which reads as follows:  Moncler Jackets
This letter, I decided to write a lot, thinking that you do not tell, but some things even to the end, we must also, please forgive me has always been a person who does not know how to express, so the heart can only write to tell you.
You are in me, has always been very dear wife, I am a man of few words around, you’re far away, I do not know how close you are, do not know whether my expression of love. So, at your door one day, I see the water way, see you happy every day, I can not help but knew. Over the years, our love can flourish when you tell me your love, I felt the sting of 30 seconds, I do not think you have I have no feelings, but you better meet the needs. I think from your heart. I hope you have happy, happy.
This book? In the letter, she could not help but said she did not remember when received, or even never been Kaifeng folder to the books to read. Really lucky, by chance, they are destined not.
One thing is her career reached a large number of social activities, often with a cocktail reception.
Reception that day, she was a little red dress wine, to the edge of the rose pattern scarf. Algae as its pouring down the bare back. Moncler Jackets
This hotel is a light, sound light. They went with the customer’s smile. Elegant, intelligent conversation.
Gongchoujiaocuo, she saw him and his wife stood. Looks like old, but almost middle-aged. He recognized her, and the distant laughter, full of smiles. Far cry from the polite attitude.
Long absence.
She smiled and walked away.
After the reception, she was very tired and went home and took a bath in bed. Sleep trance in the past, the dreams of ancient village surprisingly, faded flowers in the open, cool air to the fore, it was like someone told her so early ah, ah say, ancient Egypt
She suddenly woke up and waited, perfectly still, just a huge wall.
Around the body of the quilt pulled right again in the past and slow sleep.
The next morning, the sun was bright.
Car halfway remember such a day is a rest day.
On the way back, busy, busy. Unconsciously, a dream at night, I had always thought of God to enter.
Curious coincidence of the provisions of the Old Road and this road-style open, away from the ancient village very close. Looked at the balcony in vague terms, in front of watching old, she thought, lit on fire.
Navigation, this road is not long, but half the time she felt the country.
Suddenly remembered the words of his childhood to see Rui charge ah:
Must ultimately be
Also how to live life
If the head poke Shanhua,  Moncler Jackets
Mowen from the hostel.
Ancient village has changed hands several times, there is a balcony filled with flowers, it’s dry all the clothes and some colorful napkins, approached the child can hear the faint cry.
New life, the better.
She took out a cigarette, ignited the training, to his lips, threw a smoke ring ability. Smoke-filled, she seems to see the handsome plane trees, looks very clean, bright smile. He heard the soft voice said to her, and said, ah, ah, early obstruction …
Fifteen years immediately flies, time reversal, people have changed.  Moncler Jackets
Some wealth, has repeatedly missed. Some marriages, doomed to loss….

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