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Front of the computer alone, my story is slowly leaking. This is the last year!
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Then pop-up online here! Because I do is computer line, so I’m always online.
I am not a pure line, in other words, I am bored to the Internet, I choose to listen to music, watching
In fact, the story, but not with OICQ chat. I do not remember who added that, somehow, my world suddenly Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Mini Pochette M60125
People. Met a girl, of course not! How Ah! Online and the legend is true!
But children do not believe it. In fact, he did not believe it! But she thinks she can do for him
Good, good!

They slowly began to fall in love with it! Like all my friends! Internet phone every day, every day to see
Fight! They like it! Oh, yes! Maybe too easy! He did not know in the end the girl, but also
The same thing! But then he thought it was as simple as him!
Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Mini Pochette M60125
One day the child is waiting to see him in a few days! He really wants! He wanted to call home! However,
Oops! Because he never had a girlfriend! Fear of being laughed! Oh, yes! If he knows
Enough! Do you know how he arrived a few days? This makes sense to do anything! In fact, with
Cat in the hot brick!

Lee Block interrupt! Then it finally came! Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Mini Pochette Bag M60125 Appeared! The child is crying in front of him! I’m sorry, so to speak girl! Sorry, the original
Girl was hit by a car! Almost broken leg! After listening to the sensible boy! He believes that the world
All may be lost, but lost, oh! He fell in love with his love!

They better! In the rest of your life! This requires a new wife, she is just a few days!
Not a good smart clever! 365 boys with the Stars! Once they agree, when the children, some stars
Time to meet!
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Then, the children a lot of things bother with it! Career frustration! Not find a job
A small business is not easy, but not to him! The girl wanted to see him, he let go with one hand
Stop! Home, where he wound!
Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Mini Pochette Bag M60125
After some doubt, he met! Perfect because he can not imagine! However,
It took 2 days, the girl, he will be very good! 2 days is too short! What can not give
(He) is so harmonious. He left quietly. Because his heart is not suitable for his career.
The house does not want to start a more lamentable is the child!

The child is not exempt from the sadness, I do not think this is a tremendous blow to his next
Him! Start the girl also received a text message! Then slowly put down! He does not care! As
He could not get rid of grief! This is her birthday! He does not remember, or
From his old friend, the letter only to think about it from a distance! Children are very happy, he thought he would accept
Children as a gift! Because the child’s birthday a girl trying to go! Sichuan, far better
Easy to install any fresh longan, this girl! He is so happy! Even if she is a silver bracelet! This
They Dingqingzhiwu ah!
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However, the children received a phone call! A girl with that name!

Girl, we can not, because the family does not agree, I heard she found the strength so far
His friends found a place to him! Fading pick! Children really did not expect this! He
Hard she cries! But she said she did not! He said he was leaning food. He said that if if
Choose a family or choose her, she would choose family.
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Child still knows that his heart is so! Finally, he did not know, he can not

His life just for him! What is the reason! What! What is the ideal does not matter to him!

Today, he tried to save him! But the result is awful!

Now, only the children work hard all day! Cried every night! Every day
While waiting for her!
Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Handbag M60125
After rain

If the sadness or sorrow

Let me calm face of such a separation separation
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You can not find

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