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Recent college graduates, and a new course came on a strange town.

He found that she is to get a more satisfying work is very difficult. I am a little disappointed, a little. . . They begin to deteriorate. Dipping into a network game, it makes me happy at the moment to forget all goes wrong. Therefore, in the second half, I do a lot, but it really is. . . Reality. . . When I met with the students, QQ number, they do not mind saying? “Hey, buddy, like you, and efforts are, I now XXXX company is now in the first line of chef, free me …” reminds me of a very long period of time. . .

? In your day, there are times I went to the sauna, I went into the hall after the good night’s sleep. . . (Center for the theme of a free state), I saw her, I asked her: “Can you at night?” She said: “That night did not happen.” “If I asked you? She looked at me:” All right. “I was surprised after the first joy,” Are not you afraid? “” There is nothing to be afraid, afraid you do not kill me, right? “” Do not you fear Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2009 Monogram Eclipse Alma M40246, I lie to you? “” I love you mislead people. “” Ah, that night I’ll pick you up. ”

? . . .
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? Night waiting for my appointment at the scene, she came, I said:. “Here, I will buy something to eat” “I’m with you.” 10 minutes later, I came to the same place, people are not found, I called her and asked her how she left, she said: “You are me, so I will.”: “I think you go, you” re just playing I did not. . . “” Oh silly, because it may lie to you, go out, I gave you. ” Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2009 Monogram Eclipse Alma M40246

? . . .

? She began to speak my mind, I asked her why, she participated in this step, a long time down, I saw her eyes a bit red, the first thought I hugged her and let her lean on me, she crying, crying very sad. . . “My friends and I talked about the feeling of a 4-year-old broke a few years ago, when he chased me, I do not despise him, friends said, it was not for me, until the villain, family atmosphere and bad, But the people are real people, who care about small things, and I, as time goes on Moncler Jackets, I began to communicate with him. First of all, my family very much opposed to, after patiently to persuade my mother took me the first time, she said that as long I like the line, so my mother began secretly to help me, always buy myself something with my father, that he bought, and his father face to face always. A year later, the family decided to give us Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Alma Handbag M40246… This is a chunk of time, think about the first four years with him and we started planning a wedding, a little at home, renovated, ready to get married this year, one day, he told me: “.. Mandy, I want to open in the city “,” one shop, you have to open your house, oh, the house three outputs, and foreign work, you go where the order. “I think in this city.” So I go home, how to say my parents, my father and I like the view, the family’s three stores, not at home, but somewhere else. Night, my mother gave me the game I am ready to give up Minmin is part of the dowry, give it to him. I looked at my mother, I am two days moved Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Alma Handbag M40246, I gave him the card, took the money, he started his own business a few months later, I began to feel that to call it. . He always says a lot about something hanging, or perhaps pressure. I decided to go to his shop to see how in the end, I am afraid to see what, if I ever really can not, so I will first describe it: “?. I can, you go to”Mandy, I am busy, to the sister, “I would not go, but go to a friend’s house, drinking wine, I asked my friends,” because he is my suddenly cold? “Mandy, ah, I was an outsider, I can not say that, I can only tell you that nothing can be too serious, he is too much, he did not, or do you wait, he will return to. ‘. . . Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Alma Handbag M40246 Than in winter, the rain also, tears or cracks, I walked the streets a man, I do not know how long I lost consciousness, woke up, I entered a driver in the hospital, one doctor told me that my life Lai Jianhui . I do not know how to handle, completely lost hope, the family did not know I broke up with him, I was not at home, they said, worried that her mother will not be able to resist him Moncler Jackets. I came out of frustration, now I have nothing but hatred, I can not believe it is in this world, no one true love, do not hurt themselves and others … ”
? Listen to them, I am not saying do not continue to use it.

? . . .
Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Alma Handbag M40246
? A few days later, I asked her, and she agreed. Then I began to persuade her, “he broke up with you here, you will not have to consider how to address, but decided to leave, he decided to fall, I promise, will do, therefore, of life, I believe, need more than these . “step in the wrong, wrong move, I can not head. “She cried, and I love her…” Thank you, I know you are good to me, you know? “So many ideas, so I’ve never been with someone, you first of all, I do not know why you say that. In general, thank you.” 2 days to go, she told me:. “I do not see the future?” “Why,” “I’m afraid you desire emotional, I do not want …” Moncler Jackets

? Night, I think for a long time, I believe this world to say, love at first sight, perhaps, me, its fate may be true, God sent me to her, maybe saved. . .

? I was cigarettes, ears, open one, I think her helpless eyes, I think they are for me and tears, thinking of their experience. . . I foolishly looked at the computer, even if there are tears, really do not know why. I want to help her Moncler Jackets, but I do not know how to do. Today is Tanabata, I wish her and wish her a happy beginning. . . .

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