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This time, I began to miss the love, but there are annoying breakthrough. Although not without sentimental Bloom is fantastic flowers.
High School
He and I have the same table. He has several bright eyes, special applications, a quiet, like her character, introverted, shy, innocent. She and her male acquaintance, and the kids think about him, he did not know. There is a boy, in order to test the concept and his film about love in his arms and said: “I’m not sixteen years old Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Pochette Accessoires M40247, I was a child, I can not say anything.” This phrase became popular classic sentences class.
He and I close, because we are in the same table, so the “zero distance”, we often say, but most of the problems one day, if not more than ten years. Because the relationship between these students is not an ordinary atmosphere, we like the quiet between, sometimes completely, like water and water during the day light Tut taste.
The climax is usually the eyes in this life, in the last minute exam. I promise to cut the board every day, we do not have the happiness of the shortage of strong, busy, a rare charm. July is almost black, but because of isolation and turmoil. Hot summer, we plan to learn to do the same Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Pochette Accessoires M40247, my hand touched her bare arms are not careful, she immediately hid under the covers is always careful. Her smooth skin, give me a warm feeling strange chest sweating, but I do not rinse. He saw my red and flushed them. After that still exist, but he can not, I still cringe.
Graduation pictures taken, but there are some time away from the door, but the students have felt the chill. The camera these days, a sudden heat, you can in a satisfactory image gallery, signed on to write blessing Moncler Jackets, and then sent to the students. He also took a lot of students the same table every day I see him, but I can see, he gave me, which made me feel very lost. But I still smile every day, and his research team, and help his organization received a gift. One day after school, I did not note in her book when she was a piece of my photo folder, which reads: I wish you success in the university entrance exam! I hope to always remember me, I have not forgotten you. So, I forged a night class seemed really hard, but its heart was pounding. I know he saw my relatives, may be why he did not go back to it? Although the picture is such a good discount, to know how much I miss her, pictures ah! Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Pochette Accessoires bag
Students, boys and girls, suddenly entered in three years to all of this, it should be said, tomorrow is also very thin, but we do not want the street. Perhaps this is the last happy, but it is rare, happy ah! I invited him to come with him full of fear. In the school across the street, I suddenly postponed his hand, he suddenly began to break, another thing, do not break out, not break free. I took her hand, walking down the street, go to the supermarket, with a heavy heart the joy of the rise, those of us who do not speak, but we can understand. He saw a T-shirt, “What a beautiful bird.” Blue and white stripes, like the blue sky and white clouds, it is young girls, handsome in appearance and design, I think he uses it is beautiful. The next day, I put all their savings and quietly gave him T-shirt. She said to her, really beautiful place, I am very happy. Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Pochette Accessoires bag
Entrance to the last, I was caught, he went to the tutorial. I went to see him, he got dressed, I gave him a T-shirt, beautiful, slightly melancholy. Many students are here, I know, I have told them for the lesson before you go. We organize this trip, I understand their intent, we will at the same table. I would like to talk with him, but he is always sad eyes do not look at me, because it is a class, I really find the right words, I took her hand touched him, he can not or do not look at me, so we are quite calm .
This is the last time in the same table. Before leaving, he sent me to go, we’re talking about, but the tears, tears in his eyes dim, I saw the sun high in the wind, his blue and white striped T-shirt. I phone to contact her, let her be sure to contact me, but I have not received news about her, subsequently heard he got the job, no nothing. It broke down … …
Experienced the brutal entrance to university, and the black in July after yesterday’s memories, not the parents care, not the teacher’s supervision, this is a very depressed mood caused by the seeds begin. Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires Handbag M40247

Top University for friendship, sleeping in reality, we all know, boys and girls have a fantastic start to find reasons. Friendship between China and the first sleep and social activities, lively, beautiful sunshine girl can attract people’s attention, I asked a mature, calm in his favor, so we have known each other. Moncler Jackets
We can talk about the general chat is just the beginning, and later talk about things out.
Therefore, common on college campuses is that we couple the picture, he took my hand, I’ll switch to his waist, envy, and we love our love is really more common interpretation.
Canteen, where we shared lunch, you give me one, I feed you and eat, but also to laugh, sometimes make a good cafeteria food is bad, but we always eat very comfortable. Sometimes the canteen to eat more, this is inevitable, malnutrition, we go out to eat, what to eat, you have to suck a drink, a brighter future. In this case, sometimes more than, but also because their parents are always forgive, we had to stop using the manual. Busy city streets, to keep operating the brand our hands, watching the river flow, no matter what kind of parents are waiting for interest Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires Handbag M40247, often surging forward like a lonely soul of a street begging, or hero. Today, all black, thin, runny nose, but also jokes about each other. Client, but I humbly, I finally got my black princess could not bear to tell the United States, and even persuade him to do to attract, I’m still standing there, and so on. But he did not understand, these days, he ate and drank him, and said that he was becoming obsessed with “bitch” argument. I finally found two more than she is in charge of revenue, it should be a reconciliation.
Of course, our life will be romantic. His wife (I do not know when we call her husband from his wife) birthday will never forget, there are flowers, wine and cake burning kiss. Valentine’s Day rose exceptionally fragrant, especially in the beautiful snow on Christmas Eve and you see the bright stars in front of the meteor shower, we are committed Xingyuxinyuan, we promise not to tell anyone, but we understand, because when you use our eyes, flowing love. We do not want the car, to go with Li Shijie Road, has been regarded as “Endless Love”, and then the organization go hand in hand, she wiped away tears, no one is pretending the two Ganhao unity. I stood outside in the evening to let him in line to sign one of his favorite star, though he does not understand football, I think the World Cup, he follows me scream. Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Pochette Accessoires M40247
Shortly before graduation, we know that participation in employment because of ice in the same city, the results of our two cities 200 miles away from the cold. However, we believe this is the best solution. So we started talking on the phone every night, and ring card to bail out a vacation roller coaster in the past, always happy and sad together. We are just busy work, income is not high, and soon realized that the laws on the road, like playing the telephone, often due to us. Check out the signs, we know that our work overwhelmed, too many letters the relationship between colleagues, we are very busy, we are tired, when every voice is pretty tired, apparently, a letter for each day. Later, all of our work is gradually improving, we gradually lost touch. It broke down … …
Work, work hard, otherwise, I can not stand. Therefore, a lot of hard work, I might as well say I want to survive. He would like to share, he carefully gave him the news, also found in my news. We do not want to work, serious steps, only 200 miles away to become an impassable divide the female voice is so difficult to learn to forget.
Almost too good to be so evil, but he noted that an old, no longer Spry juvenile this year, the wrinkles carved increasing some of the problems in life. This is not much, is great, parents are worried about whether we want to accomplish? To see their grandchildren to tell us? So-so. Young people get older, what kind of colleagues began an object, grizzled parents thought I: “You are old!” They say I am old, old man Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Pochette Accessoires bag, a good girl will marry soon, other women, told the same Age-year-old girl who will choose me, I introduce you to our younger generation gap, we have said, this tragedy of life does not mix it?
Phase do not know how many objects, which is a bit Tiaohua Yan, and finally to this point, do not know Moncler Jackets. The pressure of reality, I have a bow, and then mention to him. He has high myopia, I was numb, select a lot of time. We have to conduct two-month Tastelessness love, not a passion together, so he was forced to marry. Married with one child, parents really happy. During the day, he and I go to work, not back in bed at night to sleep on different, sometimes just a routine. We share the same lack of communication before marriage, there is no passion, especially the lack of courage to make the passion.
A teenager, I fell in love with love, love, love is beautiful, early love of sour taste, when I was young and a woman, that woman is beautiful, beautiful flower love flowers, love not effective, I fell in love adult marriage, marriage is a necessary process, I lost a secular capacity to love. Moncler Jackets
I said to find him, because we know that this is about the most. Then, the children’s parents. This time, break the … …

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