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Cold weather, watching the still blue sky, overlooking the warm sun, calm heart.
Recently, it is the way of their own quiet way, there is no pain, no scar.
His face was still smiling, as far as possible this winter, so more heat about a little person.
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Arrive each day, time to sleep, clean water, I will live a more and more quiet, more
Her life did not ask, the only way is very safe, very calm, through all of life.

Listen to this song, my own people, their own business ideas.
Or smile, or heart pain
All of these, only the expression of their time in

I said, no one has given me warm, I can
I said, holding his left hand, may be the same warm

[, On [[________ memories, his wife, a lot, I got so far away from the Beijing Film Studio, and finally disappeared from my point of view]], object-oriented

One year from the beginning, I travel every year to remember look back end of last year, both crude
Perhaps, it is still so thin, recalls.

These people in my life, and finally disappeared, a man gave me a warm, give me happiness, and finally
Pain to the left, all alone, I wait to see more, everyone you know.

I paid a multi-year life of women, women, give me a trace of the woman disappears, and finally Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Pochette Accessoires M40248
I started to forget, forget to leave with them the traces.

Demand last winter, winter, spring end, will not be far off.
Warm, I always said to me, warm, warm smile miss the warmth.

Shoulder is not the person who hurt me or give me warm, I always believe that he is an angel sent by God  Moncler Jackets
You let me know, good luck, injuries that, I finally learned to growing pains.

I said:
The girls taught me to grow
These guys who taught me to love
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Due to them. Because she entered my world, my life is so many colors.
Ultimately, whether hot or painful experience I have received such a life.

, On the [[_________ I said these women do not leave me, never, never leave me. ]], Object-oriented

I say that these women do not leave I always do.
They said, no, you do not leave.
Moncler Jackets
I laughed, I said, smiling.

If you do not hurt, how can the current heat.
If you have not lost to know the current value.

Because in the past their ability, so now I can give them
I like a woman who loves me.
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She asked: Who is who is who
I said, no one who is who, we have only their own
She said that, we went to warm
I said, we do not leave, we must go

She said the old woman
I said a little woman
I said, you’re not a woman, wife
She said that when the conflict

Then I laughed, smiled and said, there are

In my dream there was a woman of her cold and arrogant face, she seemed proud of the appearance of Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires Handbag M40248 In fact, she is a woman is warm
For this reason, I got a miss
Even if we were relatively quiet, although we do not talk a long time
But I still, always, always concerned about

His wife has encouraged me to grow. I know how to live, how to make a mature self.

, On the [[_________ said the man, if you do not leave, I will always be with you to stay]], object-oriented

I stand here watching you
I stand here, have missed you Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires Handbag M40248 While in the north, and I in the South
And I, I think it is from the South and the North is no longer a problem

You know? I have been a warm smile, though not to her, but I have my own heat,
The warmth of his left hand.
Moncler Jackets
I miss you, really. You hear me tell you how I want to do?
Come in every night, I always eighth floor window, facing the direction of
I really miss you
Hear that?

On the other hand, temperature and your heart is weak, weak body and your taste,
A person, in the city was forgotten and never miss the use of the company
Think of your smile, your body thinking, even without a walk in the cold streets
I also have a warm
Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires M40248 bag
You ask, I will leave you
I said if you do not leave, I will always be with you until you are old

, Object-oriented warm [[______ left hand, right hand holding the memory Huakaibubai]], object-oriented

The city’s winter, no cold
The city’s winter, you can still see the blue sky, still can feel the warmth of the sun.

A person who, in the noisy street, in the past looked at the amount of the warm smile
I said, I side of the road, and memory
I said I give myself a warm
Even if only the left hand right hand warm
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Never seen a large migration of blue sky clouds
I said, she went home, they began to warm up
Still flutter
Someone asked, leaves are chasing the wind, or trees not retained
I said, do not chase the wind, but the tree is not retained
But the land leave their arms, the earth
Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Pochette Accessoires M40248
Winter sun. Blue sky, white clouds, leaves smiling
I am a woman, walking in the city
I said, and left warm memories of his right hand
Huakaibubai Moncler Jackets

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