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Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Boetie GM Handbag M45713

Suzaku motionless staring eyes, while the inner scroll Thuringia, a joy, is now a more in touch with the momentum, the momentum of a wave of longing.

Suzaku is the forest root through his red face and gaze, his head down Chen Dao.

“See what see ah! Not seen beauties?”

A bit stunned for a moment, touched the head of Thuringia an awkward smile back.

See if they look bad, Jun Zhu will laugh, in order to promote an atmosphere of ambiguous climax. Then, I saw two eyes looking at the Lu Bai Thuringia during the laugh, but slow, while Suzaku added.

“Chelsea is home to the East in 1990, we are happy now!”

Ah! Thuringia surprise here soon, and quickly asked.

“Why, why people went to the East family?”

Listen to calm down waving Thuringia, Zhu added in June.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Boetie GM M45713

“This was mainly due to Yadi City Suzaku grandfather, that is, the main Chu family, to go home, even if we give you three years, but we also account for the main house. This you should understand, but do not worry, I first blind date in the past only for the delay everybody. ” Moncler Jackets

Hearing this, Thuringia, and Suzaku was slow down, so the two stood face to face, red cheeks all the charges concern.

May not understand the two eyes, Jun Zhu quickly took to pull two, and then said.

“Chelsea do not currently back east to go home.”

Suzaku do not want to see Thuringia, mouth slightly open.

“Thuringia, three years later, I am waiting for you!”

See the following figure disappeared, Thuringia heart full of fire, three years later, the emperor must be a strong fight.

With the goal must be from the planning, decision-making must go back to the Xiaolin Gen headquarters and discussed the better.

Xiao outside the new organization’s headquarters, a group of people lying on the ground break sweat.

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“When the boss came back ah? Do not give me a gift back?” Breathing on high Xing Yu Chen Tian cubic asked. Moncler Jackets

Chen Tianba was about to reply, they saw a figure rapidly rushed to their own, quickly got up and shouted shocked.

“We are ready, it is hit!”

After the rhythm heard someone shout from the flexibility of the floor immediately Chen staring them in tight.

Ha ha! After listening to the hearty laughter spread of people, body, and then suddenly stopped.

“It seems everyone’s awareness has increased a lot Oh!”

The band has to check the status of a Li-foot burst rhythm ah, that Thuringia river.

“Boss, you are again!”

What is finally back! Thuringia, he thought it was a miracle, he is a long time, how to make it sound as he did for years.

Cough, Chen will be in high Sungwoo Tempo said.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Boetie GM Handbag M45713

“Xingyu Tianba further into my room, others continue to train!” So they went into the house to take the lead.

Rhythm and Chen are Lenglen high xingyu Ridge, the former emerged out of the expression of joy, that little change in expression. Moncler Jackets

“The boss is really to buy us any good?” High Xingyu Chen TENBET eyes look said.

Chen Tenba Xingyu ignore the problem of high direct and stammered, said to himself.

“I hope not experience any problems with it!”

“Sit down!” Lingen said, pointing to two chairs.

“The boss, in fact, not very good, a trip to buy gifts for them!” High xingyu sat down, and then to Thuringia said.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Boetie GM M45713

“Marriage?” What a gift ah? “Thuringia confusion, scattered in the high Xingyu look,” I told you this in talking to it! ”

That there is no gift for the forest root, making the original, but he happily depressed all of a sudden the high Xingyu, just gently asked.

“What?” Moncler Jackets

Thuringia staring at one or two moments, before slowly.

“I must leave for some time, the organization of the organization all the details, give you two out!”

After listening to the words of Chen Tianba Thuringia are surprised and shocked at the root of the forest looked, but did not speak.

“I may have to leave three years, three years, I have to improve the troops fighting the Empire class.”

It as a bolt from the blue of the existence of two clearly understand that the bombing came, Chen Tian is a cult, look at the root of the forest, but his eyes, but with a trace of doubt. Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Boetie GM M45713

In fact, with the emperor from the promotion, more money to the sky fighting spirit of class struggle difficult time in three years, so they may feel Thuringia just kidding, but seriously look at the forest root words, but can not find hint of a joke in sight.

“Well … first, you first have to go ah?” High Xingyu endure emotional, nervously said.

Thuringia foot went to the window, in a distant place, slowly finding out the word spit.

“World of Warcraft forest, deep in the heart !”…… Moncler Jackets

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