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Thuringia follow far behind the women, until they arrive in a small pub. The woman, see the “skating” down, just follow the sidewalk outside the two men were held, and then immediately rushed to the bar.

Is it here? Thuringia looked up to see the name of the bar.

I *! Thuringia to see its name, the inside end of the first sentence.

White Swan Bar! Thuringia see signs of the bar, reluctantly shook his head, heart Antan, piracy is really everywhere ah!

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Boetie MM M45714

But do not leave the door directly into the forest root, enter.

Do not say anything, this bar is not really covered decoration! Mahogany pillars in the bar, added a lot of anger, the bar has also designed a similar long table, a pair of sitting there drinking wine chat group of people dressed in luxury. Moncler Jackets

A deplored the bar in Thuringia, and decoration, but in plain clothes walking in the forest root, a look at smiling politely asked the first two.

“Ke jail assessment is to eat or stay?

“I will ask this, she lived a woman in this room.” Thuringia The answer is to smile, but do not know the answer, he gave the other a different feeling.

In fact, the two small building in Thuringia heard that Thuringia contemptuous look, has said.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Boetie MM Handbag M45714

His third floor room! “Then they turn to other direct calls. However, in turn, Thuringia is still clearly hear his words.

“Reckless behavior of another guy!”

Ah! What did you say ah? Lingen Si to confusion, but it is still climbing at the foot of the stairs.

Well, do not want, or find a house before that!

Thuringia has come to the third floor of the aisle, walk quietly out of the room, three figures.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Boetie MM Handbag M45714

What did I do? Thuringia realize now that I own, what is to end.

Note that in Thuringia uncertainty during playback, the room, a voice conversation.

“Chelsea, you have to go to ridiculous.” Been a strong voice.

“Daddy!” A voice sounds too sharp, Thuringia a woman, beautiful voice, and quickly closed the door to listen. Moncler Jackets

“I just went out, but, ah, what nonsense.” His wife said: spoiled.

In the room, a middle-aged man on his chest like a little girl lying in the air looked frustrated frustration.

“Chelsea, your grandpa tells you home son and east of the blind date, how can you wear these shoes every day and her jump!”

Hearing this news, Thuringia Catalpa place inexplicable heart, a woman turned to the blind, and in the home with the Orient!

House, the woman does not seem to Orient House, the mouth rise of said.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Boetie MM M45714

“I would not blind date with such people, I saw his eyes, my Mimi sick.”

“But the meaning of your grandfather, you know the latest status of our family now!” Helpless middle-aged man said, smiling.

“Ah, the days people dare to attack our attention to various home, Grandpa asked me this, dear family in the East, but only the eastern side of the house is only a barrel, why should cooperate with his grandfather.” Poor woman said.

Ah the days! Thuringia heart shocked, and the mysterious power of space combat skills, Thuringia finally heard.

“Chelsea’s case, every day, but the power of terror, but we can not win Chu Jiating, should be given more power.” Days is the man heard the name, his face was changed, then the woman said softly.

Women and men who are the family store, the woman named Suzaku, Suzaku is the father of men and Jun Zhu. Some of the Chu family, the first day of the attack time, and if the main house Zhu Fukuda were in the home and in the large collection of want. Moncler Jackets

It seems at least a dozen high-level of respect for sovereignty! Thuringia wipe the sweat from his forehead, leaving a quiet heart.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Boetie MM M45714

Thuringia wiping sweat such a small share will be found in the Zhu and broken.

“Which brother, why hide in the doorway to listen.”

Oh, to be found! Thuringia surprised, abandoned the power of this man, he is too strong, action will be Mohan him.

Thuringia game is definitely not running, then the stability of ideological stability, pretending to be calm opened the door and enter.

A door, Thuringia Suzaku will once again see the beautiful air, but this time he did not reveal any gaffe, because he felt the left side of the atmosphere of terror. Moncler Jackets

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