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Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas PETIT NOE Handbag M42226

Attack as a result, decay, but also pre-Thuringia back strong to stop the attack, so I decided to take action to move, but not familiar with this area of Thuringia, I seem to be a good place to spend the night.

Thuringia night, all members to discuss the morning.

Thuringia is a simple explanation of the purpose of stay, and then see the crowd asked.

“I know you have a good organizational structure set up to give us the first time, it should be no hiding place, and need each other, enough to accommodate more people to join the local approach.”

If this is a place where many people see it, but to meet the requirements of Thuringia made it really difficult to get all of the people’s lives.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas PETIT NOE M42226

Tenba says, chain saws, and everyone thought it was frowning, but raised his hand to give advice Thuringia.

“Leaders, in fact, our organization has not adopted, because we find a comfortable place to live, and then apply for a social terrorist mercenary group, to take some work and see the surrounding area in order to meet demand.” Moncler Jackets

Ah? Interesting! Lingen Chen Tianba heard, but also agree with your idea, but …

“Tianba, even if we have to apply for a mercenary group, should be in our temporary headquarters, and the right region, but do you think of this place?” Thuringia asked surprised.

In response speed of the chain is said to cut high Sungwoo.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas PETIT NOE Handbag M42226

“Leaders, Harting only been a place near the town house, but the way that very few people passed through the big open field!”

Thuringia, said chain saw and nodded after Tianba saw, and then in high Sungwoo.

“Then you have to ask us, see if there is a more reasonable guess is that if the owner bought it so.” Thuringia do not believe the house where the said.

“Yesterday, ah, well, we all go with me!” High Xingyu proudly watching.

Sky, Thuringia, then that is most people. “It is late, we take a break tomorrow morning to see go home.” Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas PETIT NOE Handbag M42226

Carefully this morning, the sun in the sky, emotions burst see Lingen Lin root wake up.

Friends do not know the earth is not it? They left so long, do not know if they still remember me. Moncler Jackets

“Captain! Mind first?”

Xingyu high to pick up a person Thuringia sitting there, watching the sun trance found them to play a hello.

Thuringia, said the sound back to the memory of the sudden, under the care of a high Xingyu, the forest root is high Sungwoo smile.

“Oh, you laugh, I think family!” For the orphanage in Thuringia in the past, so it really is like a family Thuringia.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas PETIT NOE M42226

“Oh!” Slow Xingyu high wind, was so sad to say.

He said that families who want to have a happy! ”

Oops! Thuringia know I have to say, high Xingyu, actually forgot to forget an orphan group. Moncler Jackets

“Organization in your home, we are a people, so do not be sad!” Lingen said, patting his shoulder.

Step, if this is a lie, watching high Xingyu Thuringia, and sent a package of tears.

“All right! Sworn sisters wake up now, the starting time.” Thuringia said, looking at the sun.

“Ah, I used to wake him up!” Sung woo high-trot past, pull up the speed of the chain, and then wake up to another person.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas PETIT NOE M42226

Until all neatly in front of the station in Thuringia, Thuringia fish high xingyu said.

“High Big Brother, please lead the way!”

No-nonsense high-sung woo, go straight ahead, Thuringia back to the people.

Tiger Woods from around the World of Warcraft, and then seven Shui eight, Thuringia they finally see the face of high home xingyu.

A leisurely walk in the empty house next to the home crowd, which is covered with dust and cobwebs, no one here is a long time.

Around the small house large Thuringia, on the grass outside the house is really open, the air is relatively fresh. Moncler Jackets

Sometimes, Thuringia, said the crowd satisfied.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas PETIT NOE M42226

“This is great, everyone is packing, because this is our temporary headquarters, Xiao organization formally established today!”…

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