Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas BATIGNOLLES HORIZONTAL M51154

Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas BATIGNOLLES HORIZONTAL M51154

After a rest and respect for their God to encourage the development period, it is the spiritual power of the momentum of the world although not so high, for the first time, but finally came the explosion of the shadow.

“Finally calmed down, so we can discuss the next war.” Mars does not conform to the facts sooner or later Lang was too tired.

“Yes ah! Now we are discussing, and then immediately get rid of the nasty things!” Cried like a wolf on the fire and urgency of Mars.

“Fire silent excitement, and now we have begun to prepare the world to fight the devil!” To prevent some wolves under fire for war, God of War God of excitement from the dark green really goes on,

Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas BATIGNOLLES HORIZONTAL M51154

“On a correct view of the current situation, not the world’s four major demon prince, this is a good deal, see see the back of the probe. The most important is that we must choose a favorable place to do my military defense Zongtan the spirit world the underground world to avoid being ambushed, and then we began a formal underground world of war! ”

“Where the election? This is a very complicated decision!” Le God may be asked to review the Qin Yi.

“We have just arrived, and the world is a demon rebellion, and hope to use the underground world of the monsters have learned the error as an altar set up a good place.” Punishment, very few think of God’s punishment to make it slow.

Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas BATIGNOLLES HORIZONTAL M51154

“Ah, the logical issue, ah! Then we’d better go and see his face mountain spy Huiyi, there may be real appropriate.” Glorious to hear God’s war Yunfeng nodded, then told his own ideas. Moncler Jackets

“Only this account is possible, and then patiently Qin Yi, Yunfeng tour of fire and desire to find him, you Kuaiqukuaihui better do something soon calm down, chaos demon world peace!” A last resort, seen in God of war dark green to make the final decision.

Four Royal vacancies and the line, soon led to the probe to Huiyi Magic Mountain really high. View the mountain, and three surprising, do not say anything else, just let us change this fantastic three peak, open your eyes. It is strange that the top of the upper part is flat, such as strictly divided neatly into the mountains out in more than two-thirds of the sword, a knife was another level, so there are very strange mountain, it is suitable for The Zongtan structure. Here you can easily feel a strong sense of responsibility, is very suitable for farming. Appeared in three short, this is not the perfect ideal.

Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas BATIGNOLLES HORIZONTAL M51154

“Haha, I really like the spirit of the world is chaos demon army put down the day the world ah! This is a treasure, is not Zongtan built here, you may not really be able to find any better!” For more information about wolf The first fire was pleased the war cry, God, but it does not take into account the treasure so well, why do not interfere with any power? Is, in the underground world of Feng Shui it? Is not this level? Obvious or simple.

“Yes ah, yes ah! Really help me God, the armed forces in the world, ah!” Qin Yi Lok God can not help him echoed that of joy.

“Local is really good, very good news.” He said, the glory of God, war, Yunfeng faced with some dignity, “because this place is so magical mountain, Reiki is so rich, I feel very weird. Think of the Prince no more than four demon world we are more familiar with the environment that demon world, and why they do not live here? here, but increase the strength of a very big help ah! “Yunfeng a fine or a little more consideration, but will not be performing style ah Yunfeng the past, has been suddenly and boldly, he generally will not consider these details.

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Finished, the body slowly moving Yunfeng level during peak hours, what is curious, know the place. Followed by the other three have to check out some found no improper.

“Le God, you find what’s wrong? I see where the security ah! Vision and open, flat, and easily defended. We would prefer to back the police are transferred!” He said, the war on wolves, urgent Shenhuo .

“Yunfeng say?” Le God Qin Yi nodded slightly, and then turn our gaze to Yunfeng said. Moncler Jackets

“Ah, you can not find anything interesting for years, but my heart is always an ominous feeling, I think the illusion of it.” Breathing Yunfeng Wei ah taken her own advice.

“If so, then we go back to this situation, obviously, and then move to the establishment of Zongtan it!” Then wait no longer, music, Qin Yi left side of the mountain of God head magic.

See the three of them left, and shook his head slightly Yunfeng glorious God of War, rising slowly to fly back to the present time the flight, one can see who Yunfeng at the foot of lush forests, disturbed heart faint, do not have any additional action, Yunfeng the surplus is gone, but not the heart to understand today I tan, I hope everything is illusion.

Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas BATIGNOLLES HORIZONTAL Handbag M51154

Soon, the four return to their barracks.

“Haha, not too Mars Bang! God’s help, I really ah! In the HKSAR, curiosity peaks, you do not want leavin view ah! You listen to me … ah …” exciting war The wolf rushed to see the situation in the wind too holy fire, to the true God of the war also faced excited to hear Lang, howling mouth of the Han lived.

“Therefore, it will immediately begin the Summit!” God of War Lang cried too happy with the facts.

They do not have the heart to fight against all the enthusiasm, Yunfeng Yao grant is no longer silent, that is just more careful, when they want.

The news quickly spread of power, in the spiritual world, after boiling, the whole army and straight up and ready soon, after all, a good site overall, not only can improve the training but also rapid recovery of the damage, but to the underground world Living a great defense.

“God raised an army to respect the military is ready, please respect the commands of God to leave.” God is powerful to your order.

“Well done! Military look, go!” God of war dark green to stop the joy of my heart, looking forward to a serious shouting words. Moncler Jackets

God saw all the thousands of magic in the air, in a neat row of the Air Force, the direction of movement is slow at the Summit. The team is strong, very spectacular, just as an armed unit, open.

Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas BATIGNOLLES HORIZONTAL Handbag M51154

Green or dark as war god of war from the truth of God as a wolf in front of the fire, sitting between the criminal law, music, God’s punishment, and the glory of God, God of War Yunfeng Qin Yi live in the back This is a battle to improve safety factor, after all, the loss has been reduced by greater victory.

Half an hour later, and finally to the summit, the two have not seen the statue of God, naturally a bit surprised, immediately ordered the camp, take a look at his face lit up, more and more powerful army of God peak in the world.

Can at the moment, in this strange feeling to keep Yunfeng yelled sharply in the eyes of a jungle: “Oh, quick out of the way!” Moncler Jackets

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