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Xiaoyu Long before the reception of patients, the NSA agents is more, they came back to complete the task we must find a psychiatrist, in his here, the same person should say the same thing many times, lasted a month or to return to normal.

From the medical point of view, he certainly understood.

Spy in a hostile environment, in order not to be identified, in addition to conceal their true thoughts to be seamless, but also to making a false character like features, this duration is too long, secret agent mission will suffer from compulsive autism, severe also produce hallucinations, schizophrenia, can not tell which one is the real you.

Medical reasons and personal experience, after all, two different things, now Xiao Yulong, and finally realized that time can not tell the truth of the pain, the pain can be expected will last a long time.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Manhattan Bag GM Bag M40025

Fortunately, he is a psychiatrist, and replaced with others, long ago collapsed, probably dead set on going when the hibiscus aristocracy, forget their national identity, to forget that field can not forget the Nanjing Massacre.

People can forget that he Xiao Yulong not forget!

Fuso this country, not only has the country of his enemies had a family hated to ruin the good life Moncler Jackets, a dog day in the hands of hibiscus, just to cover up his shameful crime, if not certain in this world before the massacre stop it, he will no longer face Xiaoyu Long standing between heaven and earth.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Manhattan Bag GM M40025

So when Wilson repeatedly asked him what the sword master, when he was speechless after, lie deceive the enemy is prepared, Wilson sword master in his mind is the most close to him, Xiao Yulong do not want to lie to him: “my brother You have to believe me, I can not guarantee the military will not attack the Blue Flag Gyeonggi open city, but you must believe, I was able to help with my brother! ”

Sword Master Yi generation Zongjiang, what does not understand, but this system too dry, Korea fortunes lies in the hands of a hostile foreign state, even if this person is his blood brother, but also how to assure him the next.

New Rowling gave a long sigh: “Nothing is edge method, brother, I believe you!”

Night without words. Moncler Jackets

Wilson got the sword master’s permission, the early hours, a hibiscus elite diplomatic corps in 3000 tool Ming Ji security light, pull out the opening swagger city, Gyeonggi-do across the blue flag to the military a little nervous.

Xiao Yulong were feeling the long-lost baby bear fine wine to develop the Chinese fur bright, comfortable in the carriage on Banwo, led the army take care of this hibiscus southern slope on the battlefield, and army troops, a short while, off smoke, went up in the camp early in the cooking.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Manhattan GM M40025

Sit still Gyeonggi Blue Flag Army, a soldier came to the southern slope of the horse, request an audience with mountains of the doggy.

Xiao Yulong lazy pass him in, not until he began: “We have a large hibiscus internal affairs of the Empire will not interfere in Korea, you can rest assured that we will not help you either. I guarantee that the army will not attack Gyeonggi Fuso Blue Flag Army, you go to Shilla Eng Hui Bing, he would believe me. ”

Soldiers would also like to ask, was impatient of H Xiao Yulong out, really in trouble, you think you are a new magazine reporter ah, really.

Big bright sky, Gyeonggi military flags fluttering blue flag, queue strict, siege equipment readily available, ready, Xiao Yulong a soldier went to the city appear far downstairs yelling, mostly ask for the results, then the horse back to camp, Gyeonggi Blue Flag Army immediately after the military came rumbling drums, three drums later, they had to begin the siege. Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Manhattan GM

Xiaoyu Long standing height, rejoicing like: “There is pleasant! Messenger down! Play music!”

Blue Flag Army Gyeonggi not complete the second through the drum, on the southern slopes of the actually came bursts of music wire.

Fuso has a few traditional musical instruments or sound very good, called shakuhachi. Is made of vertical bamboo wind instrument classes, five by hole shakuhachi by a group of monks in the Tokugawa era of extensive play, playing the shakuhachi with the spirit of the Zen Buddhism in order to achieve the effect of insight, this is called blowing Zen. Therefore, in the process of playing, whether it is breathing or blowing sound through the instrument leaving the release to be interpreted with the greatest spirit.

There is also a Koto is a large thirteen string zither, played with the right way to sit in their first three that play.

Biwa is a Fuso lute, he has five strings plucked with wood-chip system plucked sound, very musical styles and characteristics Moncler Jackets, the origin of music with a story about the legendary fan dance are closely related.

Past mission of these three instruments Xiaoyu Long time the island has seen the show, they are together, the sound is very sweet, very human mind some decadent taste of extinction. In Xiao Yulong’s behest, thousands of troops lay down their arms Fuso, singing and dancing to the music, but also with singing “Sakura, Sakura … …” It is widespread hibiscus cherry minor.

As a music appreciation but it is still usually pretty good, can be, it is to fight it.

Silla Eng furious!

Well you Yamamoto, doggy, you do not send soldiers to help me save it when, on the battlefield, but also playing music, and had ordered his troops to attack the morale of its capital to weak, you get this out, this battle is how play !

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Manhattan Bag GM M40025

“Messenger stop drum! I want to personally see Yamamoto, doggy!” Silla Eng menacing with ten men or two generals from the southern slope where the straight Xiao Yulong.

In Jun Zhang, the new one angry Luo Eng Bao Quan: “doggy adults! Sing you this is what out?”

“What the? This is the famous cherry blossom hibiscus minor ah, Silla Eng adults, you do not know even this? So no culture in it.” Xiaoyu Long replied cynical, given them all the generals laughed Fuso, which themselves 3,000 soldiers did not care across the fifty thousand elite looked down on, is still a large crowd to the other party leaders and meal under the cynical, hibiscus generals, of course hooked.

“Also, please stop adults Yamamoto doggy play music, contemplation is the war!” Silla Eng disputes spur of the moment can not know at this time, tolerate the anger Road.

Xiao Yulong a pound the table, stood up Teng: “I was out of soy sauce, and you fight with me Pishi! I like to play music like dancing Korea also wanted to do a few women, you have any comments?!”

“You!” Silla Eng hands on the scabbard, was shaking with anger, the baby bear to see him look bad, who immediately set into the sky, his mouth producing a low roar.

“We go!” Silla Eng who is after the troops in war, reason to suppress the anger and turned away.

“Silla Eng! Do not chirp like a bitch grinding mill, and quickly fight! I still waiting for watch it!” Xiao Yulong exclaimed at his back.

Silla Eng seeing a staggering, almost angry collapsed to the ground, the generals around him also turned glared at him.

“We go!” Silla Eng difficult launched back big business, that the songs come down to earth, and finally let his men generals could not resist, and a bad guy general stand and loudly: “These people put the damn Fuso Ming is standing on the sidelines to see us kill each other this! Silla Eng adult, offensive Kaesong, the pain will only make enemies loved ones soon! you are not then think about it? ”

Silla Eng has been very strict running the army, under the few negative voices that issue, see Xiao Yulong that the military really poked a sore spot in Gyeonggi blue flag, in the presence of enemy troops kill each other, this is a national pride of any people are not willing to do.

“Shut up!” Gloomy face Silla Eng shouted. This principle does he also need to be reminded, can be a headache right now is that inside, the order before us is not ming Silla justice, how could he Silla Eng of today, this kindness is required to report their risk your life. The mountains that made the doggy Ming Wang’s son, Ming the dark with how should help him, it seems, as a hibiscus, he is more willing to fan the flames … … enjoy the civil war in Korea

Wrong! Silla Eng suddenly thought, although Ming Wang Xiaoyu Long appointed to convey purpose, may Ming Wang in their minds, regardless of national interests is not a man who is the revitalization of the great ideal of Korea does not dominate the world? How can he issued such a senseless loss of national power of Korea’s command?

Could it be … …

Xiao Yulong sit and wait to sit on a high platform above the surface, or still enjoying his musical journey, felt thoughts tumbling, Gyeonggi Blue Flag Army still have not seen movement, it appears that this strong medicine indeed their own played a role, this dose can make things a peaceful settlement to which he could not to control.

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