Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Manhattan Bag PM M40026

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Manhattan Bag PM M40026

Xiao Yulong suddenly some sit still, do their own work so much, that damn Silla Eng Ming Wang effect actually still want to die-hard, not afraid of their own under the Fuso trouble stabbing people how ignorant and shame, which themselves play it not white play it?

Guns boom, but could not see the slightest transaction Gyeonggi Blue Flag Army, Xiao Yulong can not help but wonder: “guns are open, and how not seen charge?”

“You can not see ah? Shells that hit the northern slopes, never even put to the tower, estimated to Gyeonggi Province, where the blue flag of what the military misfortune.” The little kids look old Shen P, chewing sugar Bang Bang, eyes looking at days, a look you can not afford to look like.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Manhattan PM M40026

Xiao Yulong gaze closer look, but also the case, Gyeonggi Blue Flag Army artillery battalion all aligned north slopes, stop the bombing, as if the enemy is hidden in the general slope of North Mountain.

Soon, Gyeonggi blue flag out of the military accounts of several members of the military generals large, the array before the horse ran in their own, running and shouting something, non-commissioned officer who heard the cry of generals, suddenly with all the weapons in their hands on the floor!

“Well?” Xiao Yulong large odd sounding of disarmament, demobilization, which is to surrender? It’s still shooting Zuoshen?

Gyeonggi neat blue flag was back on the military, weapons all remain in place, a general officer rode straight to Kaesong city walls, and shouted a few words directed at what is on the tower. Xiao Yulong too far away, so for this series of tragedies unsure of the heart with cat scratch like: “come what! Stop the music and to see what happened!”

P child to the little leftover candy bar for a lost: “Come, I see no fun read today, what are inquisitive, sounding of disarmament Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Manhattan Bag PM M40026, demobilization, Gyeonggi Blue Flag army surrendered.” He finished, got up on and went out.

Really surrendered? Xiaoyu Long is concerned about the chaos, so to understand the situation, not the person the board of a self-evident, he still could not believe: “heroes making out!” More bizarre little P child, goes even more baffling Moncler Jackets, to say really down like a world outside expert, somehow figure out that he come from, what is the purpose of, or go back to sleepless nights ah.

“No left, coming from the Council meet, missed the opposite did not know. Have the opportunity to Goodbye.” This little child Touyemohui P, went to go, Xiao Yulong like froze in place like a fool.

What a mess!

On came a clarion city, left a large cavalry brigade led by General out of the city, will be surrounded by unarmed military Gyeonggi Blue Flag, Blue Flag Gyeonggi army really looks like surrender. Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Manhattan Bag PM M40026

“Messenger down! Parade into town, did not as a lively.” Xiao Yulong deliberately pretending to look like a very upset, flustered and gave the order.

Fortunately, the help of this mountain pass completed orders back to Xiaoyu Long side: “Your honor, I think we’re a bit too much to do today, ah, want to make sure it could have been, as if we in this trouble, they did surrender.” Moncler Jackets

Xiao Yulong eyes stare: “You know what? If this were determined to fight, there we did not we different? To my troops, and no one will interfere with me! You look like the bird Gyeonggi Blue Flag Army so how would I force a large empire, what threat is not a hibiscus? not a hit not a hit, what a big deal. ”

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Manhattan PM M40026

Fortunately, with the help submissive claimed that another slow Xiao Yulong tone: “Fortunately, the help ah, you do not know my meaning, and Korea and I marry, but also, and we have signed non-aggression agreement, we no longer an excuse to launch an attack on Korea, I deliberately trouble this out, Korea is to provoke the military, if they dare to attack us, not now got an excuse to send troops? you, need to study more to learn. ”

Fortunately, the help he realize, this heartfelt admiration: “The doggy heaven and adults only, taught by the aid of lucky!”

Xiao Yulong illegal channels, hibiscus people are stupid, this can fool, Korea outnumbered the rebels that killed a very bad situation, nor will Fuso army launched an attack, unless they are crazy.

Xiao Yulong face back to keep the expression of regret that the Embassy will be described to Yuko and after three-field, we have expressed regret.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Manhattan PM M40026

Suddenly burst into new Luomeng Meng: “Blue Flag Gyeonggi attack on the military did not surrender? How is it? How ah?” She pulled hard so he Xiaoyu Long sleeves, pulled down almost to Xiao Yulong .

Yuko eyes stare, ‘snapped’ in a slap fight in the new Luomeng Meng’s face: “No to the doggy Jun rude! What qualities are you Koreans! This is your husband, talk to him to be polite! ”

New Luo Mengmeng from small to large ever received such a grievance, the people are ignorant, and clutching his battered face, and know what to do.

Xiao Yulong called haha: “Meng Meng is desperate, do not worry.” This woman is incredibly Fuso, do not get married, have been when he was principal wife, but it was just the system has a wife, husband promote the future the family can enjoy some peace.

Luo Mengmeng pulled out a new door: “Meng Meng, I have the Father of the Bride’s command conveyed Silla Eng, a special monitoring his moves out of the city, how can not imagine that he would choose to surrender, this also greatly out almost to my surprise, and now things are now, should now be up to go to see Ming Wang is. ”

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Manhattan PM

Rather Than New Luo Mengmeng eager to attend to their own earlier beaten the little things: “doggy, you rush to find the Emperor of Korea, let us see you again my father ah.”

“I’ll go.” Moncler Jackets

Both ways, alas, sad to say!

The dust has settled, give all the military surrender of Gyeonggi Blue Flag, now down only to rectify the military and the maintenance of order in the city, a huge storm on the way to calm down, Xiao Yulong very easy at this time, Wilson saw the sword master.

Yi Jian Masters always old well is also not difficult to suppress his old head wave excited look: “doggy! Thank you!” Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Manhattan PM

“Do not mention it! I did not do.”

“My brother had an idea, if not your army out of town spectators with hibiscus, stimulate the heart of Korea armed forces against the common enemy, this bloody battle will not be avoided. Although my brother did not know, our son, as to why do these things Fuso, but no matter How, doggy saved Korea, the new Luo Linyong this in mind Well! ”


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