Louis Vuitton Monogram Fleur de Jais speedy M40436

Louis Vuitton Monogram Fleur de Jais speedy M40436

Zhao clutching his chest, taking a step by step to being in the snow! She looked puzzled in front of all, do not know where to go good? Maybe to her current physical condition, and perhaps can not go much longer.

“Poof!” Bang, Zhao and then spat out a mouthful of blood. Palm breeze that seems to take a heavy hit, not only spiritual power will be scattered body Zhao, and Zhao is hurting the internal organs.

“No, we must quickly find a place to avoid the snow Caixing!” Zhao ring look around, finally found a facade is not a lot of convenience stores, and good shop is open the. Zhao slowly walked past.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Fleur de Jais speedy M40436

“Well!” Zhao against the wall and sat down, deep breath. Slowly adjust the body’s spiritual power, but just one Yunjin, and then spat out a mouthful of blood, it seems like recovery is never easy, and apparently spent a breeze to his own way out, but only a few days more among themselves only.

I kept thinking, Zhao’s thoughts back to the long, long time ago, she was a wandering orphan, a year-round wearing a worn jacket a little girl, relying on begging.

In fact, she too had a home of her parents had loved, but a fire destroyed all of this merciless, Zhao play outside alone survived the sinking. Since then, Zhao to staying at her aunt, but did not last long, less than half a year, Zhao’s aunt, a family of three died in the fire being the same Louis Vuitton Monogram Fleur de Jais speedy M40436, only to be told out to buy food for her aunt survived the sinking, although survived, but no one dare to take her out, but also superstitious villagers as a genie out of the village. Since then Zhao to live a life of wandering beggars.

But is not that better than the days of begging, and all these years people are increasingly indifferent to the beggars, in fact, can not blame people, simply because more and more fake beggars, and beggars really like her have also been implicated.

“Go farther! Site here is I!”

Even among the beggars, Zhao is also the most vulnerable, because she was a little girl all alone. Anyone can bully her, knocked her to slap the hands of a begging bowl, and then picked up her and sped away after a day of begging the results.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Fleur de Jais speedy M40436

Zhao looked at the snow outside, once the number of day and night, she slept in the snow on top, has also been to the snow for food, just like the days she boiled over, until a year ago in the summer, a who changed her fate.

Zhao a year ago, though tattered, but the nineteenth-year-old Love, Alice and lots of flesh, although his face is full of grease, hair and go to one, and even a few leaves, but still Some people fancy her.
Moncler Jackets
For these people, what is not important, as long as a woman on the line! The man’s name is Choushun Hai, is a man wearing a black suit. It does not look like selling insurance.

Unfortunately, the food is being dug out from the trash Zhao did not know, in the summer wearing a black suit and tie is not selling insurance triad.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Fleur de Jais speedy M40436

Just grab a cat’s claws on the stench of fish has been one of the Zhao is ready for the next mouth, suddenly found someone staring at her.

Although Zhao was a beggar, but also care about around the eyes, she was not a fool, can read the eyes of those who insult, or else it will not always collect some old clothes to cover them, and put away the fish carefully Zhao The man looked quickly away.

“Brother, what a beautiful beggar!” Chou Shunhai side’s younger brother said.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Fleur de Jais speedy

“No, this beggar seems the age is not large, because she did not wrinkle, and her very large chest, buttocks, very Alice!” Choushun Hai said.

“Big Brother … …. You do not want to … … Come on, I saw her appetite gone!” Chou Shunhai side’s younger brother said.

“I put Marilyn Monroe on the garbage heap, preserving half of the month, you still do not appetite!” Chou Shunhai snappily said.

Zhao did not know she had been spotted, and she, as usual, to the district went to a garage, she came to this area three years ago, this area there is a boy to her every day to prepare Some food and clean water.

How the boy did not talk to her, so she does not know the name of the boy, she had wanted to exchange a few words with the boys, but suddenly to feel that their ideas are ridiculous, and who are willing to with her such a dirty talking to it.
Louis Vuitton Monogram Fleur de Jais speedy M40436
She told the boy the most is “Thank you!”

The boys always laugh and say: “You’re welcome!”

And she always left the meal, the boy each time to help her wash bowl, and once the boy was with her said that the only passage. Moncler Jackets

The boy said the girl if she is not the case, perhaps the garage of his crowds, but after all, men and women are different, and he also with relief to survive, otherwise, to control her three meals a day, and are now only in charge of this supper.

Zhao did not speak, just eat while listening, and for when she determined, said: “I am willing to live with you when!”

Boy has entered the room, and back then did not mention before, Zhao felt that perhaps it was just a joke the moment only the boy, who wants a girl with a dirty smelly to live with it. Moncler Jackets

“Leave!” Man with a smile, as usual the food and water and gave it to Zhao.

“Thank you!” Zhao said, then took the food not polite to eat it, the boy is turned back into the house! The beginning of the boys would wait for her to finish, over time, the boy let her finish the bowl by the door on the line.

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