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Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore Courtney MM M45641

The Lao Shenxian sculpture of a figure who trained before the elders gathered Yuqing sent five before in this sculpture, Yang Guan with the north face of the king of the gods created by the gods like.

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Cultivation Cheats for King of the gods by the North to teach them, so Cultivation Almost all people in the North are very god king respect. Comprehension for the central state sector has an unwritten rule, the king of the sculpture in the North before the gods, or the portrait of the former, do not easily force. As the king of the gods to respect the North.

In this way, Yuqing sent five large elders, although the door has been St. tightly surrounded by the crowd, but still laughing, not fear.

“You have five old fool, but still hiding in the image of God before the king!” Han Xu shouted Road.

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“So what?” Five elders said in unison.

“You … ….” Han Xugang want to continue to criticize, but was stopped by to spend the wind. Flowers breeze, laughing: “You five not nervous, not looking for you to spend some! You just tell the whereabouts of the sword week, you spend a not difficult!”

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“No!” Said the five people is tacit.

“If you insist not to say, do not blame an unflinchingly took it!” Flower breeze said that while the right hand side above the condensation of red flame from the red to take the wind’s strength on the five Fu Yuqing School chicks like that kill a few elders in general.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore Courtney MM M45641

“Flower breeze … …. You may want to know, this is like the former king of the gods in the North!” Five elders of the highest in more than days of cultivation, he told the trembling, with his empty soul of early repair, not to mention a flower breeze are no match for even the Han Xu, the five were together barely a fight with Han Xu.

“Well, now one can not so now spend more, you say or not say?” Flower breeze angrily, quickly went to the I-day side, one hand up to carry more than days, the other ready to hand the flame more than a day to fight to the top of the forehead.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore Courtney MM

“Flower breeze, although you have to repair to, but you really dare to wanton in God before the king?” More than days although some fear, but still feel the wind should not take hands.

“Guess I’m not hands-on!” Said the flower breeze, so much more than beat up shot in the face of day! Did not intend to take the wind god in the North before the statue of the king to kill, he just wanted to and wounded more than just days, and then to one side and slowly learned, but that took the wind did not think that I spend days, even in this breeze under the left palm of spare capacity to ashes.

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“Master!” Han Xu, who is taken aback, did not expect to take the wind will really kill shot more than days.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore Courtney MM M45641

“How could this be?” Flower breeze surprised at the ashes in front of the remainder of his days to more than the early days of the Spirit of repair imaginary, just his spirit that the palm is clearly only the power of virtual post-up play of his injuries, how could beat him to death? Unless? Unless there is only one possible!

Flowers breeze to complete, the eyes flash of naked, since it has been to kill one, do not care to kill a second, and then immediately headed towards another flower the wind is still in the camp horror Yuqing one of five elders, the elders did not even room for resistance to the wind in the flower of the flame under the ashes to.

“So!” Flower breeze came to understand said.

“How? Master?” Han Xu came up asked.

“Do not know why, the five old guy seems to have lost all the spiritual power! So just those two old guys will die in the flames under my!” Took the wind said.

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