Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern Aviator M40383 Navy

Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern Aviator M40383 Navy

Six months later, her wish to see the forest Xuan Xuan Lin, at the moment but has not past the garage boy, surrounded by beautiful women around, even Zhao like a girl with him than that he may hardly anything! This way is better or not identified, and the color reaction seems to be no return to the forest Xuan some means, how that can be considered to own half of the Color Reaction help individuals … …. However, Zhao did not think that one side is her first time This looks like to see Lin Xuan! Surprisingly seems to be the last time.

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“Poof!” Zhao then spat out a mouthful of blood, she could not, she regretted not to recognize and Lin Xuan, but too late … …. She would slowly die out here … …. Throughout, she Lin Xuan’s mind is always dirty beggar that just … ….

Venues center building at the moment, the week looking at the energy sword tags table, has reached seventy percent, which was originally not so fast, is one of five elders voluntarily give up its own spiritual power, making the fierce energy of a long table tag ten percent.

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“Unfortunately, that five stubborn old man is really ah!” Went behind the Shen Zhou Jian Aoshuang said. Most venues are in the repair under the supervision of the Ministry, Shen Aoshuang, who will know the five things that the elders have died, and also watched the entire process. You can even adjust the video out to see it again!

“Damn, flower breeze, I will not spare him!” Said Zhou Jian teeth.

“It is natural, but you have to be careful, you is not the first person in a knot baby!” Shen Aoshuang said.

“Well, if I end infant gossips definitely stronger than the smell!” Zhou Jian said.

“At that time, but do not forget to repair services we provide you with all the provinces!” Shen Aoshuang said.

Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern Aviator M40383 Navy

“Rest assured, I am not ungrateful Zhou Jian!” Zhou Jian said.

“That’s good!” Shen Aoshuang smiled.

“I am also a hatred must Zhou Jian newspaper people!” Zhou Jian said.

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Shen Aoshuang smiled, and went to the side! The contest was originally produced for human spiritual body for Results infants! Comprehension test of the process in the release of your body will be a lot of spiritual power, and repair services throughout the province through the absorption device buried in, the spiritual power that absorb all scattered together, resulting in a harmony of spiritual power reserves the spirit, so Zhou Jiancheng power junction baby! As for why the election Zhou Jian it? The reason is simple, to end baby, must be late by the harmony of the repair, light this country comply with the conditions of the Central Committee who are less than a slap in the face, and these people, the Ministry of repair relations with the best and most good control, so naturally it is weeks sword. But this actually a little bit out of the accident, there was another plan that is outside the Yuan Ying of self-cultivation.

Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern Aviator M40383 Navy

However, high power people will naturally not so easy to control! Shen Aoshuang intentionally or unintentionally, touched his right hand on the delicate gold bracelet.

Suddenly a sharp cry rang loudly throughout the round hall, Zhou Jian and Shen Aoshuang are surprised, in a flash of energy marked the table full of surprise!

Zhou Jian can not wait to pick up not far from a shining blue light of the bottle the size of the glass tube, and then hit it fiercely his own body, the moment broken glass test tube, blue light, continuous Zhou Jian poured into the body. Zhou Jian closed his eyes, behind the emergence of the human form light blue, light contours blurred.

Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern Aviator Handbag M40383 Navy

But is not the concern Aoshuang Shen Zhou Jian Results infants, the energy of a full week of the sword knot things baby was expected, Shen Aoshuang most want people to know what the battle, actually in a flash to fill nearly three percent the power of ten!

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Shen Aoshuang walked in front of large screens, desperately pressing buttons, and finally let him find the source of that energy, I saw on the screen.

Red light shining over the body Yen You are holding hands and waving out of the blue Luo Xin transparent crystal sword. Blue and red around the spiritual power of volatile.

Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern Aviator Handbag M40383 Navy

“I did not think you actually have to post harmony, but like, you answer me this trick, mostly because the weapons in your hands now, this is not where the goods it!” You asked with a smile Yan, looking very relaxed .

Hope the other side does not fall under the Los although not the wind, but his head was dropping the large drops of perspiration. Their weapons is the first time appearance in front of everyone.

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Zhebing Jian called “Snow sword” is not the case made by the refining device, but accidentally got Xin Luo, Zhebing Jian refining capacity has surpassed the production levels of these devices, and even much higher than the umbrella on the sheave sort of. Xin Luo is the virtue of the sword Yen You can barely take over the move.

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