Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator Handbag M40385 Khaki

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40385 Khaki

More and more snow, and short most of the day, the central state has snow white, dyed, although the relevant government departments have begun to pay close attention to this strange movements of the snow, and this is just an ordinary touted snow, but the snow still causes concern many people Moncler Jackets, even most people’s attention from the central country of the first self-cultivation sector competition moved to the snow on top.

States are in the central sector of the first contest venue comprehension for repair works naturally Aoshuang Governor Shen received a letter from the government, a letter asking him to investigate whether this self-cultivation on the snow!

Shen Aoshuang a bunched up into the letter thrown into the trash the regiment, said angrily: “What’s the use survey! Even if the relevant investigations can come up with such a large movement of self-cultivation, not my side kick Ministry of repair! ”

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator Handbag M40385 Khaki

“The above is no other way!” Shen Aoshuang to persuade people immediately around him.

“Implementation of the plan going?” Shen Aoshuang changed the tone asked.

“Energy display shows sixty percent of energy has been added it!” Said the staff side.

“This added to the energy storage device to go!” Shen said Aoshuang, finished handing me a black vial.

“I know!” Said the staff side. Moncler Jackets

“And so on … … remember do not let the week found the sword!” Shen Aoshuang said.

“Under understand!” Staff said.

And now the week of the sword is the center of the dome building top-level closed-door practice, although he apparently agreed to participate in the game, but he did not really go to, but sent to the fish in the five elders. He won the championship is more important than things. Formulated by the Ministry of repair of this “cruel” rule of the game, he may not interested to attend.

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40385 Khaki

The other side, with a rush and the line Saint disciples face Youse a flower breeze.

Zheng Yun took the wind is so worried will see the opening and asked: “Master, what things bother?”

“Alas!” Took the wind sighed again: “Nothing, you do not ask it!”

“Yes, Master!” Zheng Yun said.

“One, there may be a battle, you ready!” Flower said the wind changed the tone.

“Yes!” Everyone replied in unison. Moncler Jackets

Take the wind up at the sky, eyes filled with concern, that he was already in the harmony of the post, though would like to Advanced Yuan Ying, but then, after all, no one has reached the central state of Yuan Ying is not? As long as no one over him, he would not look so anxious. Comprehension for this thing, as long as the strength of a little bit weak, there may be other bodies of men, if he spent the wind strength did not reach harmony on, then that day would have died in the hands of the Xian Yuan Xin Luo.

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator Handbag M40385 Khaki

So You Advanced Yan Yuan Ying period, so very anxious to spend looking for the wind can be used in infants and refining of self-cultivation of harmony in the body, even to pay a terrible price, he can not wait.

But now he knows now harmony of self-cultivation, and only two of Xin Luo and Zhou Jian, the two men are not very good deal Moncler Jackets! Thought to think to go and spend the wind or from the Zhou Jian decided to start with! Not long ago said that because the color reaction, Lin Xuan Hop is also very likely that the repair period, then if this is true, go to Xin Luo is undoubtedly to die! Then the remaining weeks of the sword only, but such a great place to find Yuqing camp is still very troublesome, and good all the way, the experience of the martial art are far to see St. escape door, leaving flowers breeze Province go to a lot of trouble.

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator Handbag M40385 Khaki

“Go in such a hurry to spend the main door, looking for something like ah!” Suddenly coming towards the line, who is leading Liu liters.

“When I was who? Turned out to be sovereign Liu ah!” Liu kl flowers looked breeze behind the exaggerated appearance of several disciples could not help but laugh.

Moncler Jackets

“Flowers in the main door looking for? May be seen under! Can do to help!” Said Liu liters.

“We are looking for what none of your business? One side to your repair is not fit to intervene on my master to do!” Han Xu went to the willow liters in front of disdain, said, indeed to Liu kl Ling virtual medium-term for the repair, and perhaps even and his Han Xu is not qualified to speak.

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40385 Khaki

Han Xu took the wind did not stop because he wanted to see how would on Fuhan Xu Liu liters to repair as if he would certainly suffer with the Han Xu Ying Peng, but swallow it, the future of many disciples in the face of Liu liters will be carried not their heads.

“Holy Word has long been aware of his disciples in the name of the first Han Xu, cultivation of high extinction, but everyone says this person is inversely proportional to the character and cultivation, today saw, is really the case!” Liu kl bluntly, said: “As a school of the long talk with your teacher, when it’s your turn to interrupt it!”

Moncler Jackets

“Well, looking to play!” Han Xu disdain, said: “P Plus Punch!” Then count to lightning sprang from the ground quickly headed towards the willow liters.

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