Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40384 Bordeoux

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40384 Bordeoux

Having looked at his Shen Aoshuang that gold bracelet, remembering the day he agreed with Liu kl. Liu kiloliters this bracelet to Shen Aoshuang, and returned to the Shen Aoshuang bottle of mysterious liquid.

Liu kl laughing: “This is a bottle of Pharmacy into the week as long as the energy sword in refining Yuan Ying, as long as you wear this bracelet on, to the time of your week will be obedient to the sword!”

“Really?” Shen Aoshuang skeptical asked.

“If you do not believe me, forget it!” Liu kl take advantage of the opportunity to charge has been made on the bracelet before Aoshuang Shen and liquid bottles.

“Put down, I need it!” Liu Shen Aoshuang hold the hand of kl said: “But will not the white willow sovereign right to send things to me!”

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“Shen governor of really smart people, the natural!” Liu said, laughing kl: “Shen governor, to remember such a big favor owed me ah!”

Think of this, Shen Aoshuang burst out laughing, his hand now, but there is a period of strong Yuan Ying, and he is willing to spend weeks to find the sword the wind is likely to be revised to see the weapons of the Ministry of ace guy How terrible to what extent. Shen Aoshuang soon saw him look at the screen.

With lightning speed in the wind, who spent the week before the sword, beat up playing in the backs have gold sword of the strong chest.

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40384 Bordeoux

“Poof!” Has strong vomit blood, inverted out. Zhou Jian has been strong against flying out of a wave, a flashing green light arrow quick stab of the past. Was strong throughout with no chance to fight back.

“Flower breeze, which is when I’m with you afterwards, that woman?” Zhou Jian asked, he asked of course, is tortured Zhao dead three elders.

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“Which woman?” Fung said as he took out a fire red folding fan, fan the flames lit the golden. The remaining disciples have also pulled out the waist of the sword, Saint Jian Zhen ready.

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40384 Bordeoux

“Well, first you pick a look for her is the same!” Said Zhou Jian, finished flowers sit and watch the wind, we must remember, the goal is to spend weeks sword breeze.

However, the first to take the wind was shot, he waved from the hands of the folding fan, three salamanders circled out of the lead up to a week of the sword! Zhou Jian frowned, the power of the three flames of repair than the general harmony of the comprehension of those released from the power of Congress, a lot of tricks, it does not appear like any product. Today, although her have entered Yuan Ying, and conveniently without any weapons, only the sword, or were bought from the mixing device. Zhou Jian decided to kill the flower breeze grab his weapon!

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator Handbag M40384 Bordeoux

Despite the increased spending power of the wind moves a lot, but not have reached Yuan Ying Zhou sword of opponents, Zhou Jian’s hands flashed brilliance burst of green, abruptly pulled the flame will take the wind into the ground. The sound of the ground, sending bombers, blasted a round half a meter deep hole diameter, hole emitting a burst of green light.

“Death Forest!” Zhou Jian quietly drink, and many of the vines suddenly out from the hole. Boundless spiritual power spread.

“This is the Yuan Ying period?” Flower breeze murmured, weeks before his eyes was distributed by the power of the sword attract, ah, Yuan Ying actually stronger than the harmony of the several times.

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator Handbag M40384 Bordeoux

“Master, do not read! Run!” Suddenly pulled the flower breeze Han Xu shoulder shouted: “Color Reaction to and I hold the master! Other people are prepared to Saint Jian Zhen!”

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Han Xu woke up all the people that drink, the crowd immediately began to St. door lineup, the moment the sky Jian Qi, Tai Chi pattern of a huge place meters in the air to form, Tai Chi fast spinning, and numerous blue Jian Qi Tai Chi from the rotation in the wild spilling out.

“Damn!” Zhou Jian Jian Qi fragmented vine looked at was, could not help but cried! Cross his hands together at the chest, who flashed a burst of green light, green light in his whole body to form a green light edge. The withering of the vine that suddenly full of life, and volatile countless green spikes.

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“Actually the one man against Saint Jian Zhen, Yuan Ying really scary ah! But if these embattled disciples have reached the harmony of his sword a week early Yuan Ying knot of self-cultivation, even to Destroys the Formations, have to pay a terrible price! “took the wind said.

“Master, do not read! Go! How long they can not support!” Han Xu way or another immediately took the wind toward the side of the escape. Zheng Yun also followed.

Han Xu breeze and the color reaction with flowers got into a building.

“Oh, I did not expect the first week of my sword is a baby step in Results!” Flower breeze is still the face of the depression, he can not think of a third phase of self-cultivation to achieve harmony refining his baby out.

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40384 Bordeoux

“Wu-week month they are still against the sword, I’ll get them!” Zheng Yun said.

“Do not go!” Han Xu shouted.

“Why?” Zheng Yun asked.

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“Because you are the most popular master apprentice!” Han Xu said, “I meant by you and come!”

“Really? That would like to thank you, then you?” Said Zheng Yun, Han Xu She decided first to run away with the decision of the master is very unhappy.

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