Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40385 Handbag Khaki

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40385 Khaki

Zhou Jian suddenly stepped into the building step, the moment in stride, he suddenly felt something strange! Zhou Jian cautious look around all around.

“This week the sword doing? To take the wind knot baby If successful, it is not so good kill!” Shen Aoshuang anxiously watching the big screen, big screen suddenly issued a “hiss” is heard, turned into a black screen.

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“How is it?” Flower breeze loudly asked.

“It’s like all the monitors, is destroyed!” A subordinate answer.

“How could that be? How could someone so much at the moment to destroy all the cameras!” Shen Aoshuang shouted, just call exit, he suddenly realized, it is not impossible! The perpetrators do not even need to know the hidden location of each camera can do this.

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40385 Handbag Khaki

Because only one payment system of self-cultivation, and found a camera, and then the camera into a powerful current input, so quickly, you can destroy all of the camera.

“Go and repair my!” Said Shen Aoshuang angry … ….

At the moment, the building being, wearing a black windbreaker, a man with a steel mask sword in the week before, a black man in his hand the pistol muzzle facing weeks sword.

“Iron Man?” Said Zhou Jian shrugged his shoulders.

“Well like? But I did not intentionally mean to imitate! Really do not!” Windbreaker men sent to the voice through the mask, particularly the raucous, though can not see his face, but the sword was thinking this week must be joking man expression.

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40385 Khaki

“I do not care who you are imitating, in short, I’m in a hurry!” Zhou Jian said: “not want to die, let it open!”

“Should not be Oh!” Black windbreaker men said.

“What should not be!” Zhou Jian asked.

“Now is my point a gun at you Oh, so you are in the state to be hijacked me, that sort of attitude can not ah!” Black windbreaker men said.

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“Is this gun makes you so poised it?” I suddenly felt the sword in front of weeks seem silly, it is now no longer the era of the gun, and want to hurt the harmony of self-cultivation, you need to use a missile , while the Yuan Ying gun self-cultivation is not so much of the threat as it is funny!

“Now listen up! Freeze!” Seriousness of a black windbreaker men said.

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40385 Khaki

“I do not have time to play with you! In the last chance you would not want to die, let off!” Said Zhou Jian, finished in deep green blinking light. Can not wait to spend weeks sword knot breeze infants successfully, in that case against him, to spend a great price.

“Oh, I said Freeze!” Said a black man. “Bang”, a black trench coat man, shoot!

“Simply can not hurt the gun … ….” Zhou Jian not finished, suddenly felt the sting! He looked surprised bullet through his shoulder, a Xuezhu jet out. Zhou Jian covered his wounds, back to looking at a black trench coat man, surprised.

“I said Freeze it! You can not think that I missed, oh, I was deliberately Shepian it!” Black trench coat man said, his gun is facing weeks of the sword heart.

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40385 Handbag Khaki

“Impossible! Gun kind of thing, how can penetrate the body of my Yuan Ying!” Zhou Jian said to himself.

“If the gun alone, perhaps, impossible!” Black trench coat man said, “but this gun in my hand, it makes it all becomes possible!” Moncler Jackets

“Could it be … ….” Zhou Jian attentively watching a black trench coat man, the man who suddenly found a burst of light emitting blue light, as the fog is so elusive.

“It seems that I’m low to see you! Yuan Ying you should be a right of self-cultivation!” He told the breathless weeks of the sword, that was imprudent, actually relying on the other side holding a gun to be taken lightly Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40385 Handbag Khaki, and who comprehension for those who say it can not put a gun? After the sword to make a couple of weeks, complex gestures, the number of road green light around him to form a pattern of green Tai Chi.

“I told you not to move!” Said a black trench coat man, but also a “bang”, the bullet out of the one behind the long tail of lightning, that lightning is actually purple.

“Ah!” Zhou Jian screams, the bullet penetrating the shoulder over weeks after the sword, the sword actually brought back very painful week, more importantly, accurate bullet shot through the earlier that position, it seems men really want to shoot a black windbreaker where to shoot where we are.

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40385 Khaki

“Said the Do not move, you do tamper with, and I am distressed! If you kill, and then a lot less fun!” Black trench coat man said: “But I can remind you, I generally only two opportunities to give! ”

“You … …. Who are you?” Zhou Jian did not dare to act rashly, in front of the ruined man actually be able to comfortably display their best tricks, it seems to be far more than their own strength, had his first name the Central States very false!

“You did not see me wearing a mask thing? Since the natural mask is not want you to know who I am?” Black trench coat man said: “So you do not ask!” Moncler Jackets

“Well, what are you doing?” Zhou Jian asked.

“Nothing! Just want you stop for a while in this!” Black windbreaker men said.

“Stop how long?” Zhou Jian asked.

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40385 Khaki

“Before long, the wind on the other end infant spent to complete it!” Black windbreaker men said.

“You can never expect!” Zhou Jian roared suddenly, a green light to break through the floor.

“Silence!” Black windbreaker men suddenly moved to the week in front of the sword, pistol, sword of the top of the forehead in a week at: “This time I even think of shooting your shot less than the shoulders!” Moncler Jackets

“You … …. You are what people take the wind?” Zhou Jian desperation, only to recover the body of the spiritual power.

“I said, I just want this game more fun, and I am not meant to help take the wind!” Black windbreaker men said.

Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010 Aviator M40385 Khaki

“That … …. It is not out of the snow caused you?” Zhou Jian asked suddenly, people in front of unfathomable strength, maybe the snow is the result of him, hidden inside another larger conspiracy.

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