UGG Bailey Button Chestnut 5803 Boots

UGG Bailey Button Chestnut 5803 Boots

She won the world has lost

Paper airplane the truth I am a lucky person, less than 30 years, millions of property. My wife is college students, health and vigor, which is synonymous with a happy son. However, I will be happy to losses. There was a man around the more successful career women. My wife can not stand the bother to divorce.

3 months later, I saw the door to take him back in kindergarten, she and her son walking in the cold, on the sidewalk, while singing songs, and it has lost. I parked the car around them and ordered: “cold, come quic   Moncler Jackets .”

The woman asked his son? Son looked at me. “Mom, let’s go” My heart was pulled down slightly.

I am one year, will be removed from the work of teachers, specifically for the care of me and my son. Divorce, the woman did not ask my property, not even pay his son’s support. Her parents live in the house, I know her life will be difficult for him to make a difference, but the explosion can not change a ton of intensity.

UGG Bailey Button Chestnut 5803 Boots

My wife does not refuse to visit his son, but she refused to see me, do not take my calls. I called home, he called his son, he did not mean anything.

Sometimes, listening to his   Moncler Jackets wife and a friend said the first person to visit the building materials market. I feel very bad, do not sleep, good evening. Call her the next day, washed, it includes: “Where are you mad son, no matter, you want to do,” she said:. “I am your”

Listen son, said she opened a garden, the reason I know it is cheap. May be considered to be fair, it is weak to deal with complex issues, my heart is pain or pull. In my mind, she still considered a woman of my life. Because it can remain indifferent, I am concerned?

UGG Bailey Button Chestnut

I want to talk about her, she said no need, I heard the fire. She faint smile, said: “I can not accept your position, do not want time and money to charity to me.”

I was surprised. I am a decent manager, talking is always a compelling ah.

Not learn to love it

Her nursery is only open fo  Moncler Jackets r a year, listening to my son, my mother fainted in kindergarten, her grandmother would not let her continue working. Now I feel bad, do not know how to take care of themselves silly woman?

UGG Bailey Button Chestnut

I give money to the child’s grandmother, the old man to seize, said. “Money does not forgive,” I have a winner baby is only money, she and her son that finally did some practical things, I think a lot of fun.

After the divorce, more women around me, I take them to dinner and a movie, buy clothes feel, can not find the heart of the security.

Instant divorce 3 years, I miss her son and his wife, she can not forgive me, do not give me any chance.

The boy said, in a magazine article. I do not know what it is, had to buy back, the whole magazine kiosks and fo  Moncler Jackets und hidden in the car, in the heart a better understanding of more panic, do not know how in the article, she describes the tragic life of their single parents. See it written, I calm down, the article without pain, all the daily life, people, her son alive, kind of joy.

UGG Bailey Button Chestnut

On her birthday, I called the Friends of a party in the hotel’s large group, do not care she was really hap  Moncler Jackets py, I think women like luxury. This time, his wife of 31-year-old birthday, I deliberately chose a new LV bag asked him to bring her son.

Colored paper really focused on winning

She invited me to thank so many years, she and her son’s care, I thank the expensive birthday present. I said I need to do. The woman said: “She is now divorced, do not give gifts, even if not satisfied, I want a person, it is my responsibility.” I have nothing to say. In the moonlight, and his wife stood silently in front of me and said:. “You know, even if you are willing to fold a paper airplane Hong Kong, I, I would think you or your past”

UGG Bailey Button Chestnut

I hugged his wife, he kept saying I was wrong, really wrong, I’m sorry. “She tears off the last one hit me. Women’s skinny fingers shaking my hand small. At this point, I do not want a so-called success, I just want to cherish this woman’s attention. But she finally saw me , and to leave.  Moncler Jackets

The next day, his son asked: “Mother of the bag it?” My son said no. He pointed to the roadside shops, said: “The mother said, you always folding paper airplanes to.”

Suddenly hit me with his son rushed into the store, bought all the colored paper. Son and I carefully folded in the car, folded to wear silk. The woman came to his son, I had all kinds of paper airplanes, do not know what to say, or tongue loose his son: “This is a stack of his father, he wants you to be happy,” my wife said: “This is for your birthday, in the later days, I’m sorry. “Women’s tears fall, I clumsily brush her, but she wiped her tears.

UGG Bailey Button Chestnut

I believe I can really touch her heart to find my position who kept woman. Later, we remarry. In the happy days, I finally understand that whether a person is successful, there must be floating in the air and  Moncler Jackets practice, such as to maintain the normal state of mind, his happiness will not make detours.

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