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UGG Bailey Button Fancy Chocolate Boots 5809

Human life must believe that it will be your parents, your boss, your customers, your friends, your many items, the teacher … … Sometimes, your body, certain acts constitute a crime , you must be brave, to persuade smart use of, put down, “knife” to avoid serious consequences. In life, you may encounter at any time to convince people, and if you do not have ability to convince difficult to achieve the desired results, summed up the following six to persuade your reference.

First, adjust the climate retreat
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To persuade, we must first try to solve the climate conversation. If you are pleasant to use, rather than the order of questions, to give people the opportunity to maintain dignity and honor, and the atmosphere is friendly and harmonious, success will be easy to convince the other hand, in the absence of persuasion and education, respect for others, autocratic behavior of the , and then you can not convince the majority. Ultimately, people’s self-esteem, and even middle-aged and respect themselves, other people who do not want to be effortlessly convince their disposal.

UGG Bailey Button Fancy Chocolate Boots 5809

A high school teacher took over the work of a good teacher, but in the manner of labor organizations, schools at the age of fair competition for students. Students who refuse to hide in the work, the teacher how to say no to work shadow. Later, the teacher would like a retreat, he asked students: “I know you are not afraid of work, but they are afraid of the heat, right?” Students who do not want to say that they lazy, they animated conversation which was due to hot weather . The teacher said: “In this case, when the sun goes down, then our work, we can now very much love to play.” Listening to the needs of students. Enthusiastic teachers, so that more of the atmosphere, there are some, bought ice cream, hot weather, dozens of people. Laughter in the game, to persuade students to participate in the work of teachers, from the sun’s fun.

Second, sympathy and w   Moncler Jackets eak Keqiang

Human nature is the desire of sympathy, but if you want to convince the most powerful opponent, sympathy may wish to use this technology on poverty, Li Keqiang, to achieve their goals.

A 15-year-old mountain girl, unfortunately, was kidnapped in Shanghai. This evening, the rain in the world, little girl opened the door, a middle-aged Shanghai “Allah” came. Girl’s heart and his throat. However, she soon calmed down, known as the “! Uncle” middle age “Allah” wit surprised a moment, people seem to have the charm of long-term residents, as well.

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The little girl said carefully: “I saw the uncle is a good man, look at your same age, my father and my father with a man than you, more agricultural, plantation songs of last year, he was hit by heat.. . … “she said, tears streaming down try. “Allah” is a very red face, a short silence, h  Moncler Jackets e muttered words. “Thank you, little girl,” then opened the door and left.
Strong “Allah” in the face, why not let yourself become more likely to cause his mercy for him? This girl is wise to do so.
An “uncle” and suddenly they opened their age, so that “Allah” can not help but feel that their child is the same bloom. Compassion in his heart the seeds begin to sprout. Then the little girl did not, his breath induction standards of “good” time lost at the same level he wore a “good” hat. To “my dad” and “Allah” than to further strengthen the “Allah” psychology of sympathy.

Third, a good single threat

Many people know, but did not use a more compelling threat. This is a each, a fear of the skills to persuade the other threats to the feeling. The group, when we arrived at the hotel before booking busy schedule of activities, was told that the error in the performance of the night, has established a good suite (private bathroom), in fact, there is no water and heat. To this end, the team leader met with the manager.

Leader: I’m sorry, w  Moncler Jackets hen one night from home. However, they are difficult, because the line does not take a shower? In addition, a good book, and said hot water supply it! Only you solution.

Manager: This is nothing I can do. Kotelshchik home, he forgot to turn on the water, I asked them to open a collective bathroom, you can do to clothes.

Leader: Yes, we can collectively go to the bathroom shower, but Yaoming Jiang Hua, 50 apartments one night a person is a separate bathroom. Now, the group shower, equal to three-quarters reduction in the standard, we can pay 15 yuan for the quarter, up a notch.
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Manager: No, no!

Person in charge: the toilet only to supply hot water.

Manager: I can not.

Leader: Do you have any!

Manager: What can I say?

Leader: You have two options: first, abandoned kotelshchik recall, the second in each room can carry two buckets of   Moncler Jackets water. Of course, I advise you to meet your patience. Outcome of the negotiations back kotelshchik manager, 40 minutes later, each suite bathrooms have hot water.

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Third, the threat level is not much, or more precisely, it will be self-defeating.

Fourth, the prevention of elimination, emotional

Under normal circumstances, to convince the object of competition, each will have, especially at this critical moment to prevent psychological. At this time, in order to persuade successful, you need to protect themselves from other psychological eliminated. How to eliminate the psycholog  Moncler Jackets ical prevention? From the subconscious, and to prevent psychological self defense, that is, the production at a time when people have a psychological self-defense, then the most effective way to prevent duplication of other psychological consequences of eliminating the imaginary enemy, they are friends not enemies. This means that you can use different methods: Hello, attention, help and more.

There, “sister” in a particular place (taxi driver) a young man, the other pulled out a knife and forced her to pay, she pretended to be afraid like criminals 300 yuan, said: “Today, we make so little You little money. “20 million to complete funding for the change. You see, “sister”, making it easier, some people suspected criminals. “Sister, that :”:”?。。 opportunity to live at home, when you take you home so late, worried about his family” see “sister” is not a female prisoner with a knife will be adopted so that the “sister”, he went to station. See a relaxed atmosphere, “sister” to seize the opportunity to inspire criminals: “My family is too hard, we have no technology, only when people learn to drive, this was by the stakeholders, even though money is not .. how long they can! Not good enough to mention self- support, the poor w  Moncler Jackets ho can laugh at what I do “see criminals silent,” sister “went on. “Oh, man, sound, dry, so small differences can not ruin my life into the road” position, see criminals get off, “sister,” he said. “Even if my money to help you, use it to dry point down to business, would not do such a thing will not see the” criminals do not speak, he heard the voice of 300 dollars, “the girl” is a hand inserted, said: ” sister, I would starve to death the death of the sugar cane facilities “to complete. Head down to go. In this case, the “sister” to eliminate the psychological techniques to prevent a typical application, and ultimately achieve the purpose of persuasion.

Fifth, the match, their hearts

Problems of others, let others in his position the sake of analysis that the game they often have strong persuasive skills. To do this, “Know thyself” is very important, but almost equal to the first, the location ma  Moncler Jackets y consider other issues.

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Precision machine shop or production of new products, will be entrusted to a small fraction of parts manufacturing plant, the plant will be raised, semi-finished components, the factory not only meets the child’s whole. As soon as possible, as soon as the factory, his head, but in a small factory, which is fully responsible for the specifications from the plant people do not want to create the block, the two sides for a long long time. Officers met with this situation, and asked the whole story, when the small factory official said. “I think this is entirely due to poor design of the company’s problems, but also let you eat the loss, this is my most fortunate, today, for your help, only to find there is such a disadvantage. But until now, it been doing, you may   Moncler Jackets want to create a more perfect little, so this is you and I are good. “listening to people who are readily accepted the responsibility of small factories.

Sixth, to seek agreement to make a long short

Often used to convince the “no” stubborn refusal to the psychological state of an organization, it certainly looks stiff facial expressions and gestures, among others. With people, if you start asking questions, we can not break his “no” here. So, you should try and find agreement with each other, let the other party agree with you away from the topic, so if you are interested, then introduced the theme of their own ideas, and ultimately the final consent of the other. There is a stubborn young man and love the daughter of a businessman, but declined to see his daughter in another way, because it is an interesting strange shore.

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That day, the young man found the girl boldly asked, “Do you believe marriages are made in heaven which makes” a girl staring at the ceiling of the sentence:. “Believe”, and asked him: “Do you believe that?” He replied: “I heard that, in each son was born, God will tell him what kind of future marriage, I was born, the future bride, a girls have the Lord said to me:, my bride … hump, I pray   Moncler Jackets to God. “God, ah, a humpbacked woman would be a tragedy, please give the shore, and then leave it to my beautiful bride” ” At that time, the girl in the boy’s eyes, this is a disturbing memory. She held out her hand, she became his wife loved.

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