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God, the human mind is a big country
Therefore, we should pay attention to his heart began to read at any time.

Every day we have a lot of contact with
In frequent contact
Conflict will inevitably conflict with others
Or, because the external things affect his state of mind
This is a common modern problems.
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Embrace a cool head and your peace of mind in the world,
This is a very deep understanding, not easy to do.

When we stand on the mountain or sea travel,
Endless views, let us open the door,
In this world of chaos and instability,
Will disappear without a trace.

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Therefore, it was said
As the center of the world is enormous.

Our hearts,
If you like the desert, sea, sky, how to open
May be just some of the infinite
However, the freedom to enjoy life.
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“A cheerful heart is not bitter, mind open-minded will be able to please our pain.”
Zen emphasizes “neutral”, these three words.

The so-called normal and
We are just very clear environmental and wrong, good and bad, beauty and ugliness
Clear all phenomena, but does not affect
Even living in such an environment, outdoor activities will not dance,
Environmental conditions will not be floating.

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He who has faith in you, without outside interference courage.
In order to maintain physical and mental stability, you can clearly see their situation,
To be able to and can not do;
A very good and should be done
This is wisdom.  Moncler Jackets

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In order to maintain a stable heart clear and bright, do not turn the heart of the environment
“The heart has become a territory” refers to the loss of people,
Dynamic environment has been
That is, when the situation occurs,
Be careful not to move immediately into the environment.

The easiest way is to  Moncler Jackets
The absorption observed from the outside feeling Hu nose,
Or observed emotional
Focus only on the physical meaning
Humor will settle down.

In fact, heart disease, not necessarily a bad thing
In fact, this is a clear basis for leadership.
As good people who root, problems encountered
I think this is a difficult
Hope in a quiet, clear, bright heart,
At this time, heart problems, but rather an advantage to help.

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If you know the wisdom and compassion to deal with this problem,
My heart is not always tied in knots, and can be clear, bright and comfortable.
Although some of the situations in life,
Can you remain calm, stable, independent and free state of mind.
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Close your eyes and think this is correct,
He is not due to air-dry fresh ask, a lot of things messed up?
This is not generally affect the environment?
This is not a trivial matter to save their own often get angry?

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“My heart is not right, and no sympathy;
Meet their heart, rather than knowledge.

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