UGG Classic Mini Boots Black 5854

UGG Classic Mini Boots Black 5854

Have a friend like the pipe burst in the stomach, and often took the streets of Harbin, I try to eat Covent door to door looking for the Muslim restaurant. Later, he found a latitude and longitude on the stree  Moncler Jackets t, external swimming, health conditions on the python to make people really have to be very authentic belly ass scholarships. Period of time, we often go there some greedy.

This is one afternoon last fall, the two of us sitting in a small pavilion in the Tuibeihuanzhan, swimming my lunch, two of us just repeat old shop, restaurant, small employers are two of us holding a glass of beer, sitting next to gossip, this is a very lazy afternoon.

The second set, wide belly to burst water when an old beggar comes into the room.

The hotel is located in the downtown area, often abjection abjection in disguise who come to seek help, we are use  Moncler Jackets d to such small business Tingyou human touch, whenever there is such a thing small restaurant, give him two more or less, and today is no exception, no rent for the elderly said, he pulled out to a dollar. Elderly people can swim, do not sound very vague, that there is no swimming in money, there is a leftovers from.

We were very surprised that this is a real —- “begged” him for money swimming. I can not help butt looked carefully, he has 80 or more, physical very difficult, very, very straight back, although one of the most unusual of the old clothes, clean the buttocks basically count, which is absolutely beggars are rare to.

UGG Classic Mini Boots Black 5854

Begging to go to a restaurant that is to find the right place to swim in practice the situation completely. Small restaurants will be repeat customers, guests something leftover drained directly face to face, their staple food snacks at home, is the current package. Small business owners do n  Moncler Jackets ot just simply to old leftovers, it is clear that he does not to the elderly, is a package so small things are as bad as natural swimming solution.

We face a drawer in the dumplings table, we will in this time, I also swim, eat one, my friend is kick the tires, the reason is a pleasant surprise. This restaurant is a waiter in your finished dish, she casually asked: “A lot of drawer dumplings” sound is no doubt, you will subconsciously choose the number of break to visit family refused the ancestral craft.
UGG 5854
The old man’s friend, became interested in, call the waitress in the little drawer dumplings to the elderly are proud to have taken over and the elderly to eat sitting at the table next to us. No outsiders, small business owners to stop the old man sat in swimming, table and said, vinegar, mustard, want to use casually.

Thank you for your old man muttered to himself, the burden of enamel from the player you want to pull some water at dusk, twilight surprised us, mottled red cylinder can also be made to determine the most dedicated on the line — the beautiful people!

My buddy came out, out the door, when he was given 55-year-grandfather, Major General.

See such a miracle, we are friends did not hesitate to ask the elderly to a bowl this old beggar from the hands of the evening?

Murmured the old man said: “I, I, and was sent to me.”
Moncler Jackets
We think this is incredible, a friend said: man, you come to sit, you sit down, three watts in God. The old man said no, no.

I stood up to help elderly people to our table, so this kind of conversation … …

“Dad, you have participated in the military?”
UGG 5854
“Yes, yes, when the Seven Mile soldiers!”

“You always come?”

“Anhui Jinzhai’s.”

“What year enlistment?”

“46, is the second year of the Japanese surrender.”

“Your participation in qualifying only force ah?”

“Six New Fourth Army Division, and later became Nakano six vertical.”

“Do you remember your column is the commander?”

“Wang was forced to, ah, ah War is the player!”

Ambiguous language on the elderly to read, I and my friends were silent … … a farmer from the countryside, swimming apparently have come to realize that posts be forgotten in history, which is to support our heroic military history – is the strength of Zhang Lingfu Menglianggu, the First World War fame to the column.

Ugg Classic Mini Boots Black

We took food to the elderly, casting, to continue our conversation … … “later also participated in the Korean War?”
Moncler Jackets
“Yes, yes, the powerful U.S. aircraft ah, I was injured in Korea, demobilization, ah!”

“So, you join the army tents, seven years, demobilization and how is it?”

“No culture, ah, when unable to tent.”

We look forward to seeing old people acting suspiciously eager to play with: “?! Baby, you believe that I have written two swimming pools, there are some books in the”

Huang Huang-old’s work very carefully wrapped in his arms open to a small cloth, plastic, two small red skin, certificate of demobilized soldiers, and the other is the second Invalides certificate. Slowly rolled up the left side of the elderly in shorts, I saw a wooden leg.
Moncler Jackets
Friends in the bag, pick up a stack of white paper very carefully open view, it is to read the silence.
It is the letter of introduction to the effect that those holding the letter by e-mail application to write my disability village, a village demobilized soldiers, and can not afford children, loss of job, financial difficulties or the village can not take care, special permission to go out to eat to see local government assistance.

The red glare of the village seal. We are all shocked by this fact, the hotel owner was stunned, for a long time before he stumbled against the old man said: “Daddy, when to eat, that you come to me, if I only had one day this restaurant , you will … … ”

Ugg Classic Mini Boots Black

Old man interrupted him to swim, he said he can go he was going, the old man said Northeast line, when he learned in Dandong, northeast.
Moncler Jackets
I do not know why old people who in the course of begging When asked why not make money? Old man staring at me suddenly said: “I have been seven soldiers, I am a, how can I miles of the Communist Party … …”

At that moment, I burst into tears … …

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