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This is a friend of my article, I feel great! Therefore, it made some changes, added some “friends” of the words. I hope you seem very happy, happy not to worry about! Thank you for the friend’s wonderful theory, thanks again to him.
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Have good interpersonal skills, you will be more good people. And positive person, you will become more optimistic person, self-confidence of people to contact, will become a more confident person. Use humor to deal with people, you will become more interesting.

A: accept (accepted)
“We are the world there is no perfect person,” Do not forget you love him, he must accept everything, even his fault!
Shan-shan said: “One of the advantages and more to enjoy his shortcomings”

B: I believe (faith)  Moncler Jackets
Tone do not trust each other, often skeptical questions to each other, this mutual love guessing, often only the final break.
Shan-shan said, “trust assets, the return will be relatively Oh”

UGG Nightfall Black Boots 5359

Air Conditioning: Nursing (Nursing)
Nursing degree, but that the degree of attention to her you, sometimes also called a greeting, her interest: “?. Hard work,” or send a text message to her cold weather, remember to wear extra clothes, “These concerns may not have practical use, But at least let the other side in the warm heart, if there is a love letter, of course, too much line!
Shan-shan said: “The proper care must be related to excessive concern with” Please draw the line!
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ð: Summary (understanding)
We are not saints, emotional ups and downs of the total time, if the other is “convex” when, and why do “concave” patience and a little comfort?
Shan-shan said, “That will have to go, let him / her in a quiet private space!” Time will help the parties to the goal. Oh, do not shine too long, oh man! Will be frozen.

E-mail: enjoy (enjoy)
You have to appreciate each other all the appreciation, love brings you so happy, happy! Love it more enjoyable, not only know how to complain to the hair splitting.
Shan-shan said: “Say the right fragrance to improve, not eating, then, patience and tolerance, awareness, forgot to mention Oh!”

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Women: Free (free)
Even if the marriage should also be given to other party shall have the right to freedom and to keep a secret, the other half of your life is not your slave, do not let her marry you is equivalent to that trapped in a cage!
Shan-shan said: “Freedom is certain, however, require mutual respect, freedom and other rights, rather than recklessly Oh”

G: a (paid)
This is not necessarily love what you do “one” payment will be canceled, “one”, but will not pay, they will not harvest, and for your love, without reservation, you must pay the same for them, it can be considered truly love!
Shan-shan said: “As to pay, because the process of paying a blessing,” and enjoy the process, is an account of human life. I do not regret it for life!

High: heart (heart)  Moncler Jackets
The most important props of love is the heart, you really need to deal with love, can not be regarded as the true heart of love heart?
Shan-shan said: “Only a heart, think clearly, this decision, because this man is the same as,” Do not force.

I: Independent (Independent)
Sweet people will say: “I was born in you, in fact, everyone has his own existence, should not be overly dependent on each other and become each other’s burden, or even a trailer!
Shan-shan said, “and some independent dependence, at the same time related, it should remain independent oh,” because in this world who did not say who did not work. All day thinking that if he died, the world is still the same Oh, in action.

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Reporter: jealousy (jealousy)
Fit of jealousy, envy, you can attached to each other! But remember, this is a reasonable jealousy, and vice versa, without unreasonable provoke angry offensive will be jealous!
Shan-shan said: “For the same reason with the cooking, add some salt, add a little vinegar, this delicious dish! Into the sauce a lot, do not eat this dish” Crash ”

K: Kiss (Kiss)
A kiss is worth a thousand years, a gentle kiss, has been able to represent you cherish her, love her, so please do not say your lips!
Shan-shan said: “Oh, remember to maintain oral health,” Do not let your spouse disgusting! This will be a bad thing!

Lee: Love (Love)  Moncler Jackets
That this is love, how can it be love without love? And the different sounds: when you love someone, you should be willing to do anything! This is the maximum idle time for each other realm might say “I love you” gift of security than any sweet happiness!
Shan-shan said: “We are not each other stomach bug,” love “you say!” I also ask you to express the action.

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M: Mature (mature)
Why do you want most people-oriented, always silent colorless defeat, because more and more young people are more puppy love Furthermore, no one will like each other, jumping over the years rush, mature people, who are willing to bloom a little earlier!
Shan-shan said, love, “a mature handling of” Let the love light, immortal! ”
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N: natural (natural)
Many people first marriage, he will hide flaws and all, into another person! Over time, weaknesses in baskets, and make each other a lot, in fact, not artificial, the natural flow of love, is stable!
Shan-shan said: “I like it! Because he is, he does not want to change this”

Ø: View (Watch)
Carefully observe the preferences of regular fans, not only to better understand each other, he was surprised that part of the mind, should be better than precious gift!
Shan-shan said: “The most important observation is not noticed, or will cause suspicion.” Ha ha! When observing the observation that it is we should not know, it is not aware of the existence of the necessary! Word nerd.

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Patient: protection (protection)
Boyfriend, of course, to protect his girlfriend, but also to protect his girlfriend do each other’s dignity, and should not be allowed to insult other people slander your other half.
Shan-shan said: “To protect life, love is to know first, repair”

Q: Quarter (Large)
Great is the basic skills, some errors and generous attitude to forgive him, because you like it!
Shan-shan said: “one eye open, one eye closed without incident, the spirit of charity is a virtue”

Reporter: Receive (get)
To love what you do, please do not show indifference, he was discouraged. This is the payment, then you should enjoy it, will enable more affection!
Shan-shan said: “I am happy to get something, please thank the front Oh!”

Student: Shared (shared)
If you love him, he will share his joy and his sorrow, which is as a partner, simple responsibility.
Shan-shan said: “I want to share the” appropriate time “share” the joy. “: Not” “things” wrong time “to do” to share know how to make the time and place Oh!

Tel: tender (tender)
Google has to sing “Love me tender” 啦! Of course, the tender love of love, because men and women, the lack of soft, not cute.
Shan-shan said: “sometimes tender, sometimes charming, sometimes funny, sometimes quiet!” Static “door Love” soon “collapse” of the. Oh, this is very interesting. .
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×: comprehension (understanding)
I do not understand each other’s ideas, the other to talk to you, you will always be in a daze, it is the communication of love, which is in each other’s position has been very limited, we can understand your other half!
Shan-shan said: “We are surprised to know each other, one that he / she would like something, we can do is wear his / her” writing “has been completed.” One time, he / she will be grateful to you, listen to talk to you. Oh … …

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V: truth (honesty)
Love must be honest and hundreds of times, you do not want your other half is a “lying spirit” it! Feelings often deceive each other, forever, how?
Shan-shan said: “It should be a sincere friend. However, some words do not say, is not dishonest, but to protect each other’s heart.” Do not say, but a good thing. Why should pay attention to?
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Woman: Wait (wait)
This relationship is to maintain the basic elements, the most important is that you want is increased, the prevailing way of life simultaneously. Do not walk first, leaving the other half in this position.
Shan-shan said: “There is no such a word” restraint “Oh, the tool center.” Until then, you have to envy people a pair of children’s right!

Xie :”×”( multiplication sign)
Your love for him, taken twice daily, a infinity of love, love to go, had to leave.
Shan-shan said: “I love, appreciation and understanding, will pay double the consolidation of love.”

Ÿ: desire (Miss)
Work together or not, may not want to miss each other, and sometimes telephone or paging him, said: “I miss you”, will make the work more powerful other sweet heart!
Shan-shan said, “Send e-mail or text messages as well.” If he / she is to meet these, you will wake him / her. Oh, do not remember a phone fatigue. . Will bring a lot of inconvenience on the other side.

Photo: zero (starting point)
Regardless of marital or not, if you think your love is so strong, remember that you should always start with love is an emotion to deal with each other, do not let the love of years, covered with dust, as long as true love is new every day.
Shan-shan said: “Love is a little bit to do to keep their gratitude can really put all the love, they will feel your love.” Because, every day is new!

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Finally, I wish all hope this world can be a smile, but also to join the end of his life!

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