UGG Nightfall Chestnut Boots 5359

UGG Nightfall Chestnut Boots 5359

Tea from entertainment reporters have been, Mr. Zhang is the entertainment director. Zhang is not old, just three to five, and we trust him, love him, tell him, Mr. Zhang.

Photo from the bar, n  Moncler Jackets ot a type of woman men women colleagues. The more so, he, more women are willing to adhere to his colleagues. Some women journalists envy, drunkenness.

Just keep the tea party is aware, Mr. Zhang is her favorite because she was intelligent, a job well done. Zhang more attractive, but they led in the final analysis, when the leaders prefer the ability to work. Tea does live up to Zhang, Chinese New Year like that, it plans to entertainment publication in the New Year were a great star, illustrated, well received.

Zhang divorce. When the Tea Department of Recreation, Mr. Zhang has been divorced for five years. Zhang’s wife is not a newspaper reporter, the development in the South after the divorce, and soon made the position of deputy editor, it should be a strong woman. Zhang Why divorce? He did not mention, not many people have asked, Zhang added attitude, bright smile of peace, and have actually added more to his interest in the mystery.  Moncler Jackets

Mr. Zhang is not handsome, small eyes and Pakistan say, but he looked at a row of beautiful mouth, lips, big, bright white teeth. Do not smoke do not drink all day fresh breath. Zhang everyone a sense of security as a man, when it was enough.

More than 12 years of tea big Zhang, Daqing Zhao boyfriend more than a decade.

UGG Nightfall Chestnut Boots 5359

Maturity and the ability to do powerful chapter into the sea, Daqing Zhao, the day the street begging for someone to run the capital lease is still choking the water phase.

The feelings of the selection of tea, plenty of sleep for six months.

Zhang big move her   Moncler Jackets heart that day, are catching up with Zhao Daqing’s birthday. Daqing your tea in the cinema. Movies few people, a total of Daqing kiss tea, ducked.

At that time, if the tea recognition of his dead love with someone else entirely, like Daqing, Daqing can not accept?

However, tea does not mean nothing. Because tea is a natural person does not continue the pace of their feelings. She picked up her feelings, but not enough places to go, they will need to follow the downstream flow and future destiny.

UGG Nightfall Chestnut

Photo of tea a great help, do write articles … …

One rainy night, just i    Moncler Jackets time shift with the tea. Zhang also. Tea confused, Zhang dedication. Working with them for four hours, no problem. The work of tea, Mr. Zhang said, Mr. Tea from Chang, and closed the glass door of the office, Zhang realized that tea removed. Tea and red glass door was swaying Zhang, Zhang went to start and how the two efforts.

UGG Nightfall Chestnut

Call takes two to tango. Tea and Mr. Zhang took a hand, tea, and what response?

But more so, the more love tea, Mr. Zhang.

Zhang, outstanding performance, was transferred to another city to set up the new group editor of newspa  Moncler Jackets pers and magazines, before leaving, farewell dinner, are using alcohol to faking his illness, Mr. Zhang is ready. After tea, do not expect to immediately exit, turn on the phone Zhao Daqing. Daqing in the film tea, make up kiss, make up the situation, then the commitment of marriage … … Daqing

However, one day, away from Mr. Chang’s phone. He invited the magazine to open the tea bar, although the commercial tone, but again, boxes of tea dumped into the lake ripples. A year later, twelve t  Moncler Jackets welve-year-old magazine, Zhang Xiangming meet again, just sit.

Tea said: I want to get married, you married ah?

Zhang said: Why should I get married?

Tea says: If you do not get married, I do not want to end.

UGG Nightfall Chestnut

Zhang laughed: results are not married, and not mine?

Tea said: no problem how? If you’re married, I lost hope.
Moncler Jackets
Zhang said: “What does this mean, ah, you want to marry me?

Tra said like, I can not climb?

Zhang literally shake hands: I have to regret marrying a woman! You are married, I can rest assured.

Leaving aside the issue of participation in the last great sheets, he sat down and talked about the issue of continued cooperation on the left.

Tea Fengfengguangguang married, Zhang Fengfengguangguang still single. Compared to the heart of fresh tea leaves, she does not believe that shit tension eight, she believes that we should not drag on KZ

Zhang z really is a hidden secret.

Chapter 28, from discovery to the hospital suffering cerebral aneurysms. The location of the tumor is very special, not surgery, can only wait for death. Zhang’s wife can not stand, and a bomb buried in a final body of people living together and agreed to the request of Mr. Zhang’s divorce.

UGG Nightfall Chestnut

Zhang Ziyi in the world, the Last Supper, and shared with the tea. He was pleased, for the first time to drink a small cup of red wine. This makes the tea fun. Since being diagnosed later, Mr. Chang did not drink, and this “quirk”, and there have been some sheets to offend male colleagues. Photo for the first time drinking, but also shocked the first time in the farewell tea in his hand forever. Two hours later, died of tea, Mr. Chang received.

UGG Nightfall Chestnut

Zhang lying on a taxi, very quiet, very quiet, like the years of sleep.

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