Women’s UGG Classic Argyle Knit Charcoal 5879

Women’s UGG Classic Argyle Knit Charcoal 5879

I will always remember that night, I was like, read the news a common movement, his wife said to me, bathed them, and how my legs a feather ”

I have no medical knowledge, I feel like a woman make a fuss, did not bother her.

It should be said that our life is very balanced, very comfortable. From my office in the company after training, she became a woman’s time. I work overtime, every few days, travel frequently, sometimes for three weeks. On a business trip, others are concerned about how the homework for the elderly, children and the body home. I’m always calm confidence, I know it will take car  Moncler Jackets e of my parents care, counseling her son will be homework. In fact, I admire and appreciate more and more people. In the eyes of others, it does not need nine to five to see the boss’s face, we bought a car, was admitted to the Western Sanshiliangting. Although we do not know how romantic how the matter, but the feeling is good.

My wife used to be a pharmacist, a little medical knowledge, she knew, somehow, superficial mole suddenly grow out of control is likely to be a problem. She went to the doctor, the diagnosis of skin cancer down. This result is to scare us silly at the same time. In those days, I went through the most famous hospitals in Shanghai. Diagnosis is the same for everyone, and a very famous doctor told me that this is a number of cancer deaths was 90%! Skin cancer is the most dangerous.

Soon, doctors predicted that her legs, arms, back, and continue to grow new feathers. Her body and spirit has begun to gradually decline.

In my mind, I occasionally fever, stomach pain, my wife almost did not get sick. But now, never fear, she finally lay down on a hospital bed.

Women’s UGG Classic Argyle Knit Charcoal 5879

Home without her to be a grim place. No kitchen, bathroom toilet, hot to keep the dust on the furniture. Prior to the bright, warm, comfortable place to come back, and even hard to know. My house is a very st  Moncler Jackets range thing, melt in the microwave, steam, so now I do not know which file is used, coffee or tea, a bowl of instant noodles cook, heat a bowl of soup red, the taste is different from the treatment . Prior to that, she just needs to make it through everyday life, I rummaged through the drawer was not found.

From her hospital, I started a public holiday, please leave, try to accompany her. Because this time, I know no one home, if home is not a loving wife, he earned more money, the scenery outside is blank.

And mouth disease is often worse when she said that good in Guangzhou, skin cancer hospital and had a similar case has been known for a special type of rehabilitation, but the high cost of the course about three months thousands of dollars, about 30 % cure rate. When his wife told him the news, almost no pain and suffering, she had clearly told me three words: I want to live! (Having said that, Lin was born to cry.) In fact, I’ve never felt than in the lover, that moment, I think we are the world’s most loved, most men and women for couples how we can better live together. She wants to live, I miss her. We will

Women’s UGG Classic Argyle Knit Charcoal

be old, with the other children grew up with listening to his son’s son shouted: “Grandpa, Grandma.” I had my heart and go with him to Canton. I went to the company, please leave, I heard colleagues said softly: “If it is, provincial, 30000000 Hey, if you can not be cured, rather than two things of life and property.”

People do not understand that these words had to leave their loved ones will be sad, do not know such a life-line gives us hope. I think that even 60 million, 100 million, to sell the house sell the car, as long as she can live, I willingly.

In Guangzhou, supermarkets near my home need to buy some groceries. Mid-Autumn Festival on the eve of the supermarket happy face, people talking and laughing. I feel that I pleased with the people isolated group, and from his wife both laughed, because that moment I did not get sick the same relationship.

I am willing to accept me, she bought the necessary daily list too, when I went out to carry the bag felt heavy, so ma  Moncler Jackets ny years, used to eating what she has been taken from the time the family-and-paste, rather than how much I know money bag of rice, a barrel of oil ratio, I never knew these things from the supermarket to the home is actually very tired thing. I think once my family, pillar down, she suddenly, I realized that this is the backbone of the family.

Women’s UGG Classic Argyle Knit Charcoal

Because we have the most intimate days, then three months of the wedding was held in Guangzhou, we pay close attention from morning to night, and often laugh together cry together, do not remember how long we do not have such a cordial conversation. After a month of treatment, it seems to feel better. Occasionally, I help her walk in the garden. People’s Park in front of us remember the first meeting, the film in the cinema first win, is a “last sigh” Italian film, starring Sophia Loren, she recalled. She told me, I really see the film about her, she is seen his classmates, but she could not have asked me, follow me, and then read it again. We vaguely remember the plot on their honeymoon, and now, I just feel sad. Married years, we ne  Moncler Jackets ver said so many things together.

Three months later, I slowly saw her haggard, special treatment does not work for her, she finally had a bowl of porridge, and drink it all. Later, she told me: “I want to go home.” Thus, we came home the mood of despair.

He returned home, her body getting weaker, while the biggest concern in patients with cancer pain began to appear. She could not sleep all night, every night cast, the night is painful groans of suffering, pain relief did not work. I can not stand waiting for their representatives on behalf of her pain. I really have no way to use the power of individuals to bear the pain.

Occasionally she felt a little better when the family began to explain to me. I know that so many work so hard, this is usually how a person is busy at home. She also told me that every time I ate a bad leg is a good restaurant to buy, I usually wear underwear, which to buy a brand supermarkets. Three days before his death, she also taught me how to use the washing machine, it will only use the one I had bought a washing machine a few years, after her operation, she had bought. (Lin Chan said, once again broke down in tears)
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A few days before death, she has been saying the same things I was married, she was very pleased that we have three months in Guangzhou, is the happiest of her life one day. It will collect three months of my life, though, because these three months, I lost my chance of promotion, lost many material things, but spend more than with his wife, all things are done in this world wealth. Fortunately, those three months, or in my life and consciousness.

One day she died, very quiet. I told my son, my mother went to another country is waiting for us in the future, we will be reunited, and then in the mother or the mother, father, or father, he is still our children.

UGG Classic Argly Knit Charcoal

Now, I can not see the happy family of three people, each experienced in People’s Park, passing the original film’s success, we have been through in the supermarket, I could not help crying store. Usi  Moncler Jackets ng the washing machine, microwave oven, when my son to find seasonal clothes, extra time spent home late, hot noodles, wake up in the middle of the night, a man in the big bed to sleep I want to cry. This is, I did not feel any particular happiness, she felt good, I married his wife of many years, the child’s mother. When she is not like heaven.

After seeing it, cry love, I think it is sensational performance, and now I cry with him dead on TV. Days to see the car on the road of voluntary blood donation. I think of it. I remember one time, organized a blood donation unit. Only in my case, listened carefully she asked: “Can I go to a place in any case, I do not work, you can rest at home ..” I laugh at her:. “Sick, so people do not know laugh to death on For me, finally my blood, I gave her Zhugan Tang spinach and red lotus bean paste. I think people are often said to his son:. ” The most difficult to do at home, father’s money, so my father the most important “in fact, more important, not her father, we have lost the most important thing in the world — happiness II.

Sheshan bought his grave at one point. I painted the red pen: “wife” when the word sad. I am not a very good expression of feelings, love, I did not say in her speech: “Love.”
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Qiong Yao’s novels, and sometimes turned to look at her, tears of love television, but also laugh at her. Now, the “love” I can actually write on her tombstone. My wife, if she can live again and again, I would say that she worth a thousand words “love”, this all women are willing to love, because his mouth many times have you heard the word, however, the second hope I did not say her health, she said to her several times when ah? !

I want to say that her husband’s health and happy life, and have a good care of your wife, leaving his wife a little time, do not ignore her for everything you do. There are many things, not to lose, and to better understand her.

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His wife, the world love you, understand you, give you more willing to pay all the women, in addition to unmatched Nannvzhiqing between husband and wife truly love.

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