Women’s UGG Classic Argyle Knit Oatmeal

Women’s UGG Classic Argyle Knit Oatmeal

Now, divorce is more likely, may be the cause of marriage is a need to know how to keep, tolerance, reason and wisdom to do.

I have been in those days was low in the sunset of marriage, her husband in the morning, we did not see his career any improvement, our feelings more than three times as tasteless tea, and I ‘back is no longer a gift, embrace, joy, peace … … but as an old couple

When I say that these unsuccessful marriage, the sisters came to help me have a status of my marriage old, and finally come to an end: that marriage should be dissolved.

And friends are pleased to vent a lot and I to go on the way home, a strong, at home, at home and watching at home, simply ignored the small quiet and suddenly felt a sense of revulsion at the deterioration of milk the children would spill recovery on the ground, I quickly went on the sh  Moncler Jackets elf in the house trailer on the first floor was a mess, was busy making dinner, the phone rang, Yang should be returned.

I am desperate to seize his arm, accidentally exposed strip of a sudden a big foam hand is hot. Deal with the Panhandle has been a timber, leaving only the black iron handle, believe it hot, Yang said, no less than fifty times, but he had never empty to get it fixed.

Because the idea of moving the divorce, are more and more divorced families all my determination.

I attack the fire from the kitchen to see in the mirror and have a good pair of spring, but now is full of Italian resentment and pale eyes, sighed and said: Marriage is really terrible, I should give up The dead than alive, to leave the backwater country.

Women’s UGG Classic Argyle Knit Oatmeal

Two hours later, Young returned, not as usual, in the absence of the table, I sat in the dark eyes pull off. “What food?” Then he went to the kitchen.

“Why cook? I have done, and I want to go. I’ve had enough of this life, and divorce him.”
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Then her husband was forced to scrub the kitchen should not be attached to the bottom of the pot. His first reaction was that I did not hear what you say, the second reaction is I got it wrong, you say that again, he finally found my will, my son cried, he had to question my mood in the side, flew to his room to keep milk feeding.

“This is not so good, why divorce?” Around the child’s hand, a surprise to see the sheep weapons.

I saw him smile, my heart spontaneously pleasure of revenge, he has been negligent ignore my feelings, the pain can find him!

“Of course, you feel good, but I feel bad, but I never thought of.”

That night, I insisted on it to sleep, in addition, based on the experience of love, divorce is a very complex thing, and emotions, habits, there are many factors that confuse the property, there must be sustainable.

In order to smooth divorce, I think, the best divorce trilogy, the first and then buy food to cook, from life, two different people, two do not go to sleep again, do not give him a good opportunity, and the third economy the.

Lying on a sofa bed to sleep, but as a person can not sleep, I unscrew the lamp and began to write a white paper  Moncler Jackets , found that the divorce agreement. Put pen to paper that moment, I am a small home inventory, and in the past is almost the first scene: I am a northerner, he Yangtze River, we drift to the cities of Dalian, from the previous, now more than thirty people, but also won the next two home groups, large and small, big is a three bedroom, only early last year, small chips, when we first came to buy, is my name, now leased to others, and six hundred yuan a month, and the other A man and two stores, about million in revenue.

UGG Classic Argyle Knit Oatmeal

I am in the divorce agreement is clear: the house, the children belong to me, it looks, it is fair and reasonable.

The next day, he gave the divorce agreement, and even the instructions on the table: I want to be free!

“Signature ah. Divorce, you understand?” To see his face looked like a miracle, I am a bit unhappy, they seem to   Moncler Jackets realize that their tone is too convincing: “We did some time, though not long, but We also have five to six years together, right? live so long, you do not see it we are actually in the world, although you and I are two special people. ”

A week later, Yang called my office, “I agreed to sign the afternoon, to eat. We see the old place, I’ll give you the deal.” Yang sad low voice, he hung up, I even decadent in Wozhaohuatong sitting in a chair.

He is willing to divorce. In the integrated gas in my chest went in an instant, it felt like Legend of Martial Arts in the air, little interest in long-term open, slowly traveling body. I sat in a chair, feel the ups and downs, his body, his head involuntarily scenes flash past: only one thought in mind: not the people, not himself today –

I like the views of the sea, he abandoned his career to the growth of Dalian, starting with me, I have a dream beach house, he was in any case, I bought a set of curtains and home loans, the sea and wide.

UGG Classic Argyle Knit Oatmeal

After work, I reluctantly packed up in the restaurant-style beach house spirit. After a few days to go, it seems to lean a lot, but the body straight, quiet, melancholy eyes, chin, chin scraping look sexy.

Her husband quietly pushing a manila envelope in front of me. Do not sit down, in my eyes red. I never really leave her man? I suddenly alarmed, did not know you lost it?

“Do not come, hurry, eat what they view.” Perhaps because it’s the last supper, he looked at me and smiled, his eyes clear and soft, slender fingers and then reach out, call attendant: a meal , clam soup, black pepper beef. These two are my favorite.

I sat in silence, until he suddenly said: “The Last Supper, can you give me a good thing, I want to eat it?”

“You like to eat?” Someone once asked me to live, the brain suddenly went blank. After a long search, I was a litt  Moncler Jackets le stuttering, said: “What is your favorite because you are not always the same, I eat it”

UGG Classic Argly Knit Oatmeal

He smiled patiently, and then said slowly. “Currently, we live together so many years, I have been to eat, they do not like to eat you forget, and I in Suzhou, I really like southern food, less sweet and kind.”

I listened to his words, like a storm, a fierce outbreak of Qin main regrets. Yes, over the years, I never really thought to ask what he likes to eat, but also the first time, I know he likes to eat sweet, in fact, will divorce, so that you can not help being somewhat ironic.

“What did you say, okay?” He asked quietly.

My tears started into his eyes.

“I want good, home, shops, family, all for you!” He was silent for a moment, suddenly said: “I just received my book and several sets of clothes.”

“Where are you going?” Very sad farewell to hear this news, I could not help but flow. Two thousand days day and night, for another month, a warm skin and muscle, in the eye on TV, there is a mutual u  Moncler Jackets nderstanding, habits, always love you? Finally, so many years. I never thought of a good life, not this person.

“In fact, in Dalian, over the years, parents, many of my friends asked me to return to the South, said there more room for development there. But you do not like romance, like the sea, so I stay with you, there fishy smell in the breath of the sea breeze does not like to eat seafood, there is little performance, you wronged. ”

“What did you say? I would not say.” My tears suddenly streaming down.

“After the divorce, I will place it in the south, after a person has, but there are children, you will be very difficult.” Frown from his cigarette, stop, “so I told you all to the left. Facade can rent some money annual savings, do not use, to prepare for emergency situations should not be. at school, children also need a lot of money, when I think how to do. “he said, looking out the window no trace of nostalgia, and sustained attention and pain, and that kinds o  Moncler Jackets f tone, rather than as a man ready to divorce, but because of his wife’s parents and children of such grief and anxiety long journey.

Window is blue, the sky bright and clear sea, white bird, the beautiful heaven, all is quiet. Eclipsed all of a sudden, because a commitment is always there for me to leave.

“Then how do you do?” I asked. “I always have his own way, people in this world there are always different ways to the survival of women, who are so gullible, kind, suffered minor injuries.” He looked at me mercy, do not stop my tears fell down.

“Do not cry, dear.” His big hand on my shoulder, faint smell of tobacco, so familiar, how much I like him this power, this feeling of smoke, but two people, but there is no concept of time reason, but only tired?

“I have to go. You know? Reunion every time you and your parents and sisters, my heart is empty. I miss my parents, after all, they are old ah.”

Hearing this, my heart overflowing move, is self-blame, a new love and sympathy of the. So what is go  Moncler Jackets od, man, ah, I have seen tit for tat, property, mutual insults and curses, and many couples divorce hit you, I have never seen such a divorce, so soft, deep, break the tolerance ceremony … … full of grace, grief, fear of the absence, until recently, they learned that the marriage is to a variety of uncomfortable and not suitable, but because I ah.

“These are, why do you say?” I firmly grasp the hand of his two large tears, gave a self-esteem and pride.

“Because, I want, I am willing to put up with it all, I hope you live happy, do not worry about such trifles.” I froze.

Hesitated for a moment and said: “You can not go?”

UGG Classic Argly Knit Oatmeal

Finally, came out holding hands, the cool sea breeze to calm down, I sat on his motorcycle and drive my way home, long hair, and then every now and down the street looking for is bright, the mountains and thought they sea, he set up a warm, suddenly had a very happy feeling very happy.

A week later, another gathering of his girlfriend, they asked me: “never?” I am the last time we talked about the history of the meal, and then said: “It left me a lesson, and now the Grade divorce di   Moncler Jackets vorce easier and easier, you can achieve the desired objectives, it knows how to support marriage is a need for tolerance and reason and wisdom of things. “

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