Women’s UGG Mayfaire Black Boots

Women’s UGG Mayfaire Black Boots

Wen Wei Yun family history of the legendary voice, has caused my colleagues, the version number much discussion, h  Moncler Jackets e also openly said: “I actually came from the toilet brush.”

Candidates do not boom

The first day of recruitment, Wei, general manager of a nightmare Wenjun office: “Hello, my name is Wei Wen turtles, just graduated this year … …” If not completed, the boss does not appear like this: “The remaining not just our school! “Wen Wei Yun feel like my throat like a stone block, but he is still cautious and said:” Although I just graduated, but I Tingyou talented … … “Lo brutal boss interrupted him, and cried: “Our employees are all talented … …”!

Wei Jun Wen received the work on the desktop, staring across the Luo boss, I do not feel mean, have the patience Wenjun Wei said:. “Paperless office, which is we need computer skills,” Wen Wei Yun repeat  Moncler Jackets edly said: “I do, I will be a computer!” Ruanmoyingpao major commitment under the law one day trial. A few days later, Wei Luo Wen bacteria boss came back, give the original owner will actually see, he just points fur.

Women’s UGG Mayfaire Black Boots

So again and again “destruction” in the others to retreat, but why Wei Wen Jun is a little bit stubborn nature, he dete  Moncler Jackets rmined to “rely” on this company is wrong.

Some people, he said: from Shenzhen, self-esteem the most priceless. A person overcome the fear to face the country’s small foothold.

Wenjun Wei said he wanted to learn computers, the company will not pay, as long as room and board, he can control and daily cleaning for the company. Romania opened a demanding boss, the last condition, the company responsible for cleaning the toilet every day, including the toilet brush responsible.

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The grace of God

From a peak of more decoration company. Wen Wei Yun days, about 700 square meters of office in clean. There from morning till noon, in a simple grilled meal, and then to clean the toilet. As a complete cleansing done so, the day most of the time will pass. Wei Wen Yun, sitting in someone else’s computer breaks, watching other people’s behavior. Therefore, most people after work, and then picked up all the garbage Wei Jun Wen to stay, a hurried dinner, taking into account the advantages of the dead of night, saw a series of professional books, and hands.

Later, Wei Wen turtle many people feel inadequate in building their common sense, I think, where the chief engineer “of stolen works of art.” Its purpose is to loopholes in the “public”, which is a cup of hot tea, the total did not look foreman said: “You do not brush your teeth to wash your hands ah the toilet,” Wen Wei turtle is not easy to retreat, he found, always, we began to work alcoholic beverages drinks every night, so Wei Wen are using their savings and bought all of the small wine types, but the number of beverage containers Shao Sha ah, finall  Moncler Jackets y showed a trace of the total workers face a rare smile, and then sat next to him Wenjun Wei silence.

Street is a ruthless but loving

One night, the boss of Romania took the initiative to speak to him, his boss’s heart to heart talk. It turned out he was a Master of Philosophy, first came to Shenzhen’s first job turned out to be clear water, formed a deep bond with the toilet. Because he was found in Shenzhen, the immigration status, gaps in the market, the city, so the rack, put down the student’s work, cleaning the toilet, so she saved the company a “pot of gold.”

Women’s UGG Mayfaire Black Boots 5116

He added: “I actually love a pity, I hope you come to learn a lesson in suffering!” Finally, on the “Matthew Effect” and “Bible”: the poor performance of the so-called strong get stronger, if a person success, will find it any good head. Li wet man really should not complain, one of the biggest enemy is their own ah!

Since then, the Company appointed the official position will not over time, Wenjun Wei designer, the basic monthly salary of 1,000 yuan, pull the old Wenjun Rowe, three-dimensional decorative effect of the study, after a better picture, the success rate is very high, repeated that he found the color temperature and strain feel particularly good health, but is designed to promote health of military Explorer, an increase of 6,000 yuan monthly salary and Wei Wen let the history of David made of several large projects. Wenjun this face to face contact with customers, more opportunities for health, to increase communication at the same   Moncler Jackets time, more and more complex work situation. Many consumers try to buy bad targets Wei Wen turtles, from the company through the CD – ROM and drawings of cash bribes, not the most appropriate balance to pay. Wei Wenjun from complete, one by one rejected.

UGG Mayfaire Black

Ability to withstand

July 1999, the company has received a great plan — “East Hall” villas, designed to be 200 billion, from Wenjun Wei, a person to complete the cost. Wei Wen Jun is very sophisticated, this time, the school landscape gouache his skills at this time to greatly facilitate. Optical three-dimensional effect just two months to figure out 37. After reading the praise of customers Wenjun Wei drawings, all the remaining programs much love will be in the company account.

After Wen Wei Jun was promoted to art director for the art 3D graphics effects for inspection. His monthly salary increased to twenty million people, the other end of the year committee. Remember a year ago, the company is still brush your horse figurines, Wei Wen are emotions.
Moncler Jackets
Two years later, Wei Wen turtles and save $ 50,000,000, the company opened their decoration. With the previous “custom” is different is friends with the former boss of workers was a child, Wei Luo a turtle and the deep affection for the boss became friends.

UGG Mayfaire Black

During the last major event again, Wei Wen chap toilet brush says it is the experience of God, “the negative of grace”,  Moncler Jackets he will keep a thankful heart, to see the story. He told us that a successful “secret” — the so-called capacity, is able to be patient!

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