Women’s Ugg Upside Chocolate Boots 5163

Women’s Ugg Upside Chocolate Boots 5163

More and more women, more can not understand, no matter the stage of love, or at first marriage, his language is developed with the cells: an hour ago to tell you his first Acacia eloquent, an hour later I see you are still expressing love forever … … leaves falling on your head, he would like a poem is very rich in emotions, you a friendly “good family” and complained that he quips with Your hours of talk … … Now, this is how? A Ganggang married for several years, he suddenly became a “boring pot.” Some people say that man is an action of the animal.
So, the man behind the silence mean?
British sociologist Mark after an investigation found: men talk daily amount of half of a woman.
However, men mainly for friends, work circle, to talk to the exchange may be less than 15 minutes a day, no more than 10%.
In fact, it is very silent way, each heart can be a conversation started. Premise is that you know they really want, then take the appropriate countermeasures.
To use silence to protest against the buffeting

Women’s Ugg Upside Chocolate Boots 5163

Women to build a strong relationship between conversation is like a stroll in the family to demonstrate their leadership and to express man’s attention. Men do not think so, no matter how he expressed before marriage, vomiting, Lotus, married men are more willing to talk directly with their specific wishes, such as “Are you going out to dinner” “I hope other people” “I met . ”
However, women can not stand, more people, more women have something to say. In many cases, because women roaming outside the hustle and bustle of home and the sky is no different. This time it seems people are more likely than women to roam reason a woman’s face, he did not directly refute – that is undoubtedly a bomb fell at home, he will not be able to use force to break – which is certainly effective in reducing the crushed worm will turn.


Ugg Upside Chocolate Boots

Many people are used to choose silence, one is to use silence to express the time, ideas and opinions, their feelings, on the other side, is a deliberate silence to maintain the distance between each other, women will feel especially hurt. In this respect, women often say “they do not have feelings, is simply cold-blooded,” which is actually a misunderstanding. Married men are more accustomed to hard to communicate their feelings and love. Roaming the most influential women, a man will leave you far, but he remained silent, but the mind is to “protect the wall.”
To use the silence of body and mind

Ugg Upside Chocolate Boots

To accept a little boy conquer the “backbone” responsibility to educate the world, the sky: when they become – people, no matter how helpless fatigue, depression, how hard, how cruel blow, how heavy the burden of what a lot of pressure. … .. they can not cry like a woman to vent, coupled with the tears washed Alzheimer conversation.
Only thing they can do is silence. Reflect quietly, quietly, the air, almost in silence, I quietly and soak wounds.
Therefore, when a man trudged home, when he sat on the sofa without a word, when he became deaf ear to your words, you are not mighty noise, a lot of things, imagination, and even give directions. Maybe he just ended and consumers are tired, or face lifelong career Cengdeng fatigue are greatly hurt the frustration talking. At this time, he was silent, in order to recuperate, his new life in silence. Then you may want to give him an hour to enable them to complete the day’s work and said “goodbye”, then what problems he may have shown significant interest.
Here’s remember that when a person physically and mentally exhausted, and if he is still interested in watching TV, then not to see it turn off the TV news networks, concern, saying: “tired, rest as soon as possible, but also to watch TV then . “rights, resulting in most of the people are more interested in politics, the kind of care you type” careful attention “may be counterproductive. But you can show in the ad insertion point gap between the amount of comfort.
Silence in the strategic design
Often you will find yourself familiar with the man smiled, and suddenly silence their noisy home heating, said he sat on the sofa in a daze, you warm to him thrown in the past, in a pile, he is not conscious.
In fact, this time, only silence, appear to seem strange, perhaps he will adjust it a strange idea, or some strange problems thinking, or what led to his inspiration. In his state of mind of silence, which is similar to a “closed practice” level.
They do not want anyone to think that he withdraw from the country, but do not want people to interrupt or disrupt the silence, “Practice.” If at this time, you can not help but suspect that the impulse or interest dictates, he mentioned one way or another, for example, you think, tell the staff to help your employees? Nothing says ah? You hear my problems? Is equal to the door.
That men, which is all the time, such as flies buzzing, breach of the peace carefully, curious and questioning, are the same type of flying. At this time, you may wish to as a silent follower of. To you in a relaxed atmosphere, not only will shorten the time of his silence, you will be successful thanks.


Ugg Upside Chocolate Boots

To use the private collections of silence
Sometimes, people prepared to lie in an emergency situation, sometimes it will try every means to hide, like to drink a few beers the night before, there is a adventure travel, I’m just an extra bonus. One vision, they do not say that women do not find, will be very simple. Sometimes, silence is another man to hide. He may think that women are very special – the system of freedom and rights of his intervention, she also designed – to make arrangements for his daily life. Therefore, in order to prevent the survey asked a woman in the end, to prevent his control and transparency of supervision, he chose silence. No data retrieval, he can quiet many of the world.
Communication in two, if they have any bloopers, and more in each other’s emotional crises that may occur. For example, when you repeatedly to discuss his problems, apathy issues, loyalty issues, bonus issues, and he as a mirror, it has moved the hearts of the powerful strength of the feelings of the final, but he did not know that this tired , and it seems to do more programs, so we use silence to take preventive measures.
Always very careful to avoid exposing their weaknesses, in crisis situations, people, especially extreme self-enclosed. If a woman nagging at this time, people will be very angry. In the past, love, sex and other sensitive topics, often with good intentions and a silent man, because men also need a sense of security and hope to provide protection in front of their performances, with the most perfect woman’s dream.
Men need to cover up
At the same time, the male psychological researchers pointed out: a man’s world is full of competition, which requires distance, masks and full calculations. The challenge of human existence can not imagine the cruelty of a woman, loneliness is inevitable.
Women will feel a secret hidden in the heart, and should therefore continue to promote in-depth digging and a lot of people curious.
But let a man silently open, first of all, give him a sense of security, you at any time, it will use its weaknesses. You can use the type of women soothe his passion. You can hear his story, objective assessment of quiet, and IT solutions.
In fact, people may tend to arrogance, as long as he has enough people, it will show a very charming, talkative, and full of interest. So, if you want to reduce the atmosphere of a

Ugg Upside Chocolate Boots

further freeze, you may consider it in the bar or tea house. Because of where he can find his public excited. Or do something else, such as some watching TV, shopping, people, when he discovered the threat to their position, will take the initiative to come to you to break the deadlock.

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