Womwn’s UGG Mayfaire Chestnut Boots

Womwn’s UGG Mayfaire Chestnut Boots

1, the situation is different

Pigs, sheep and cattle are kept in the same corral. Once captured pig herders, he mused out loud, violent resistance. Sheep and cows hate it cries, he said: “He always attracted us, we do not yell.” Piglet replied: “I find and capture is completely different, it captures you, just want your hair and milk, but to catch up with me, but it is my life! ”

Different positions, different people and the environment, it is difficult to understand each other’s feelings, so other people upset, disappointment, grief, should not gloat, but certainly understand the humor. Have a heart to forgive!

Womwn’s UGG Mayfaire Chestnut Boots

2, on his own

Snail asked my mother: why we are born, we must maintain this hard shell and heavy?

Mother: Because we do not su   Moncler Jackets
pport the bones of the body, and only grow and grow slowly. Therefore, the protective shell!

Snail: sister no bones caterpillars, also climbing fast, although this is not to such a hard shell and heavy?

Mother: Because her sister can become a butterfly caterpillars, God will protect her ah.

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Snail: But do not insist on earthworms are not satisfied with his younger brother, and will not turn into a butterfly, he did not support such a hard shell and heavy?
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Mother: Because earthworms brother will drill soil, the earth will protect it ah.

Snail cry: We are so bad, does not protect the sky, the earth is not protected.

Comfort snail Mom: So we have a shell ah! We do not rely on, nor rely on, we rely on them.

3, sharks and fish

After completion of the experiment, the sharks in the wild and tropical fish ponds in the group, and then separated by the glass, first of all, sharks do not see every day, the collision of fragments of glass, it is just useless, it can not continue, otherwise, who and laboratory staff every day, put some carp in the pool, so there are prey, sharks less, but still want to spend money, want to try the taste of the beautiful day, it is still broken glass constantly collide, each of her trial a corner, all efforts have been exhausted, but always, always injured, when the whole body were a little bleeding.

Womwn’s UGG Mayfaire Chestnut Boots 5116

For several days, when the cracks in the glass, with thick glass test immediately. Later, the sharks do not conflict   Moncler Jackets
with broken glass, and colorful tropical fish for these is not disturbed, as if they just move the wall murals, it began to carp waiting a day, then used his quick instinct to hunt, just as back to the sea with a powerful evil dictatorship, but it’s all just because the final stage of the experiment only false, the experimenter lifted the glass, but the shark did not answer in a day trip to a district assigned to it, not only turned a blind eye to those of tropical fish, carp, even when they go to the side, he would immediately give up the chase, said the past does not want the end of the experiment, the laboratory personnel at sea chuckle This is the most cowardly of fish.

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However, the romance, people know why he is afraid of the pain.

4, a miracle

A remote town in France, reportedly there is a special miracle of effective resources, problems often arise, to treat various diseases. One day, one on crutches, one leg missing veterans limping in the streets around the city, next to the sympathy and support to kiss, the city said: “This poor guy, he does not want to pray to God the other leg? Heard this has been ex-servicemen, he came back and told them: “I pray to God, there is a new leg, had asked him to help me, then told not to one leg, but I know how to live. ”

Just imagine: the loss of learning Thanksgiving, but the fact of loss, although the gain and loss of life, so that their life is always full of bright and brilliant, no tears in the past, and strive to live   Moncler Jackets
up to their lives.
5, bars

An old man fishing in the river, a child came to see him go fishing, the ability of old technology, so it does not take long to catch on the basket full of fish, the old man saw the children are beautiful, we must give him a basket of fish, the children shook his head, amazing old man asked: “Why do not you?”

The child replied: “I like fishing rod in your hands.”

The old man asked: “What do you crochet?”

UGG Mayfaire Chestnut

Children said: “This basket of fish does not need too much time to complete, if I have the
I guess you could say such a clever boy. Wrong, as long as he rod, a fish can not eat. Because he did not understand the techniques of fishing, the light stick is useless there, because grep is not important,    Moncler Jackets but there are many people in the fishing techniques, fishing rod traces of their own lives, without fear on the way back, the wind and rain Therefore, inevitably fall into the muddy ground. As a child, the elderly, that as long as the fish hook, like the staff to see the boss, sitting in the office as long as the long, rolling to the financial resources

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