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In 2009, a young entrepreneur named by the summer of Yemen TV show, the singer playing the guitar softly sang a song “Lion”: “When a person does not want you …. ..” and then for many years Only he really liked when the people alone songs.

Therefore, Yemen “Lion Girl” in Internet search, he must find them, “Lev.” Suddenly, even the girls, Leo 387,933 search, he spent 13 days a lot, give them an e-mail greetings, as they spent nine days to answer, his “Leo” option to wait. National Day ago, close to Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Chaozhou restaurants, doors, Yemen, a network terminal in the hall waiting to be called “blue shoes, girls,” the girl … …

Suddenly, the Yemen, but in the Moncler Down Coats wrong girl, “the blue shoes in another girl … 90 … is that true?


Most people can not see him sad, sad girl in particular. He broke the remote control and mouth Duanqichabei Heliaohaoji, tea, and think: “What is the last song name?”

Look at the table, close to 24 points, this time is very impolite to call someone else, he had to search the Internet.

When a person does not want you to
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When a person is afraid of missing you

When a person begins to rain

You will also learn an umbrella

You block the end of July

Leo, a prelude to you in August

If you get a surprise when

When randomly assigned Kanbu Kai

Sex and love should not be

Short hair can be sexy and beautiful woman

Do not miss the mountains and the sea and others

From love, sadness suffering, to match

At this time, I do not want to be a eulogy

If you could give me a song

Please do not ask for a few months Capricorn

Do not say you can only live in friendship

– Yes, “Leo”

I do not remember one summer day in 2009, because it’s Friday night, when he returned home drunk, vomited several times, he knows, “like crawling sticky, I’m feeling countless small insects, and then went into the bathroom Bath go. flow rate and temperature can be considered, such as a card in my throat, swallowing, drinking is considered to be children, otherwise, it is not without application.

Its potential brush your teeth, drink the tea three or four ports, a bit hot, in the near future, a few drinks, cups, and she blushed and age, it is very unpleasant swallow. He leaned on the floor mirror, in a more mature, he said to himself, staring into the face image:? . “Who, he is a businessman, said well-known businessman in the adhesive is one to do in Yemen, and finally, he did not know his name was boring! Very boring! He drank tea, and some” red “feeling, this is not like the taste of Tieguanyin Dahongpao aging tea, “you can try the problem? Or change the quality of tea? “He then I want to install complex issues to consider other matters, tea, or do not fully understand.
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Inconvenient, unpleasant to offend people, it opens the possibility, I heard the voice of the singer, such as sheep, LCD TV in the room, there is no purpose in the television channel, he felt very whole body and mind, it is inconvenient, From the comfort of derivatives. At this time, he is very smart, cautious girl on television, he suddenly remembered a look, close to 23:15 at night, when, what programs? He thought for a long time, or not to think about it, not just think about it, just to restore the state song. Singer holding a guitar, singing, and finally, the music constantly, he just does not sing, and add character asks. “Nothing, I am pleased to get out of here, said:” Upon completion, the sad, love in general … … Most people do not see him particularly sad, sad girl, he flicked the remote control and mouth Helehaoji from a cup of tea, thinking: “This song, in the end is that”

Look at the table, close to 24 points, this time is very impolite to call someone else, he had a good search pages of Internet and online video and lyrics charged with Him, even to wear headphones to listen to it again, by the way, I remember that short hair girl 90.

A strange world: middle-aged businessman named for the television talent show crazy Yemen, one year after the singer’s 90-century, and her singing and playing the guitar lovers gently, “lion”, the “When a person does not love.. . … “From his mouth it is easy to slip, suddenly over the years, that is, when he was old, and he really is my favorite song, although very, very lonely.

Why does a young age, she thought of the meaning of life where? Why she chose the “Lion” that song? Yemen, and then continue along the “Lion”, wow, ancient and modern men and women, search, a constellation of celebrity, it’s a lot! For example, Leo, Madonna, May, Stefanie Sun, Ruotong Li, Faye Wong, Michelle Yeoh, Luo Haiqiong, Bibi, Stephanie, Sammy Cheng, Jennifer Lopez, actress Jacqueline Kennedy. In addition, Napoleon, Leo, Bill Clinton, Shelley, Alfred Hitchcock, Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Dean, Eason Chan, Leo Ku, who … … Yemen yen just can not believe my eyes, Leo celebrities will be so much! Even Moncler Jackets For Sale Madonna, Napoleon, Bill Clinton, who is a superstar signature!

Therefore, Yemen “Lion Girl” in Internet search, he must find them, “Leo”, and, behold, the girl Leo 387,933 search. One of them is “Leo 2009” Description:

Who is the love, 2009, lucky? Sweet, always or variable? As long as you love a good peach street? Inside pages of the answer: In 2009, we can say that the love of the lion, the problem is the subject, no object, was created in 2009, married a lion can enjoy the exercise, calculated for the two most prosperous era of good feelings – Three April, July and September time! He began to play in a good performance, especially because of the same sex can lead to 2 March to the Court of other modern curiosity you are particularly good this line, the Lions do not mind, it will be you and other partners for the considerable people interesting opportunities or suppliers, collaborative working relationship between the lot of the opposite sex, relationships if you do not like their work will be respected, the success seems to be complacent, we might take this opportunity to learn more, Moncler Jackets For Sale select a good target emotional stability .

, The total loss of property Lions: Lions strong in the Year of the Ox, which is a good year. Now is the time to deal with the reasons for the strong, easy to be successful, efforts to another level, but also provide an opportunity for the accumulation of the daily contact, continue to earn enough money, love, life is life, Xi’an bad. Everything seems to be in your hands, it is not sensitive, a good effort, filling it.

Leo sat in the Five Emperors (- star tail), Bootes Arcturus and Spica of Virgo, and the stars in the famous “Spring Spring triangle formation.

Leo constellation of stars. Of: the reason why in June each year 4,000 years ago, the case has just ended, the sun, Leo apparent motion (now June, the sun’s apparent motion to the Taurus, Gemini, between them.) At that time, the Chaldeans, the Persian Gulf since ancient times, the Sun in Leo has a lot of heat, so the weather is getting hot. The ancient Egyptians, but also because in this time of year, many lions have been moved to the Nile Valley in the summer.

Leo is a very old Egyptian cult, he said, the famous Sphinx, a lion by his first wife, accompanied by the formation of the space body. Frasers also attaches great importance to ancient China, ancient China, the Yellow Emperor, God knows, the so-called Regulus.

By the triangle at the end of the spring night in spring and found Leo sitting Star Five Emperors, which is a large area of the eastern part of the charm, they are Leo. In Leo, not the stomach, three-star end of the triangle is a very important, which is the lion and the tail, Han and the Six false as his head, the lion, the Big Dipper and Polaris are two paintings form a question mark on the back of the opposite direction of the new moon stars expansion of the star of the port scoop, you can find it. Pseudo-called Regulus star, China, and its apparent size of 1.35 meters, the site is in the heart of Leo, is the training time, in Leo, a bright star in the day of the brightest stars. She and the big horn, Spica form an isosceles triangle, the Bears did not extend to ten times from the stars and latitude can be found. Ancient times, sailors often use it to determine the location of ships at sea, pseudo-stars Leo was given the title of “water Jiuxing.”

Leo, Regulus is close to the ecliptic, near the same Taurus Aldebaran, Antares in Scorpio and the local Southern Fish Fomalhaut is a four star bright spot in the celestial sphere difference between the total amount of about 90 prisoners, but each season One, they are collectively known as the Zodiac “Four Heavenly Kings.”

Every mid-November, especially in the two nights this year, 14.15, close to Leo, the star quality of a question mark against writing will be a large number from the meteor, which is the famous Leonid meteor shower. Once this happens, the peak every 33 years or so, even in 931 BC, five prosperous China, Northern and Southern Dynasties recording the scene. 18.33 million in an hour, so the next night went out with a farmer, whether units are the culmination of all the stars come out.
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Leonid meteor shower in 1866, and even Shane, but more Shique 1899 to 1932 and 1965 saw only a little. In 1998 and 1999, when the Leonid meteor shower, and then show you a good look at it peak.

Every morning in mid-November, the Leonid meteor stream that you can begin to dismantle its border!

They are looking for on the Internet, Yemen, a particularly strong intuition: The Lion, the woman of his ideal love. Because he is the best match for a woman to know, Leo must be quick thinking, behavior, or if the lion of courage to express their unique knowledge. Leo women are taught to respond to other judges, according to his ability, so that the lion is to stimulate new ideas, providing intelligence, the other half. Good things to distinguish between true and false, Leo, trying to figure out how to record each other’s heart.

Yemen believe that love is strong, including his own, all those who dream of Leo. Leo does not like people who like and the different reactions, generally straight, to withdraw from the pace, but not free to talk about love. Once the fire ignited, it will be straight to the point, and often with minor harassment and artificial way. Since the hotel business, successful entrepreneurs, Yemen, and eventually the surrounding natural beauty around, many people turn to one or two successful days, the protection of women, but not in Yemen, because he always felt loved them so much always feel and play with a woman’s dream, but not because of his wife, not his heart is very strong feeling:. “Man is the most pro-woman pro-life” So, really, a few years ago, fortune teller said his wife, star of the lion being in this life, this elegant? Internet access said that best meet Leo: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Leo, they will take a long time, and expressed satisfaction. Second, Leo usually match: in the production dispute, Taurus, Leo and Taurus in the abuse, other serious disappointment. However, if you are in the environment and the trend of living in the same industry, you will take a combination of all the obstacles to have a happy ending, two, Leo and Cancer is our hope that this combination, the biggest problem is that people understand each other feelings . Cancer has become a very serious, you have a chance, the couple finally gave up cancer narcissism. And to work together to create a stable life, Leo, Leo, if you have a perfect similar to each other, and then took two lions, is a very happy ending. Constellation is the worst match: Aquarius, Capricorn and Pisces, Leo can not stand, especially near his fish slowly, as this is not clear, Leo, unpredictable, Pisces can give us hope, it is clear see the location, direct face to face, you will feel love. The relationship between Leo and the other signs: Aries preferred, most trusted Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius is to build a better partner to learn the constellation Virgo the best horse in the water more easily, more easily understood Pisces , Gemini, the constellation should be noted that the constellation Libra, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, 100% of the coordination of the constellation Sagittarius, the constellation Libra 90% of people agree, Gemini, Taurus.

Therefore, more and more aware that the future of Yemen, Leo, of course, knowledge and talents of women, proud, brave and generous people who express love, want to accept this argument, and the pride of a successful man in Yemen, water and land development, and social activities, and how to be flat or satisfaction, loss of face of fear, self-esteem is particularly strong, always in the sun and the high-luxury resort living the perfect life, search, life, buying art, decorative paintings, antique furniture, luxury senior housing luxury goods and jewelry work. Talisman: the sun, gold, all metals: gold, lucky stones: Happy Diamonds Date: Sunday, favorite color: bright yellow, light yellow, brown, lucky number: 1,3,5,6.28. There, the patron saint of women in the Leo sun god Apollo, the favorite places: the local luxury, international restaurants, theaters, exhibition and entertainment, whole plants: sunflower, cypress, palm trees, laurel, gentian, King Car , an ideal place to live Angelica plants: the United States, Italy, Peru, Lebanon, the United Kingdom … … So, this time, Iraq will be: “I need to find the lives of women in Yemen, Leo and his wife,” Marriage … … one thousand three hundred fifty-six days later, he’s 28 months, she is lucky!

Yemen is always th Moncler Down Coats
e same, or trying to find their own “Leo” is! This is a difficult task, more understanding, the fact is that women in Yemen on the Internet. Therefore, the future looks even later, Yemen’s wife? Education is so? Such a person? And so, his heart strings pop up. In fact, all these problems in Yemen do not even know that this is their future, not to mention their hearts are not the end.

Therefore, he said in a special blog site in Yemen, in your “About Me” large group of programs:

Beautiful Leo

Blog rating: 2 points: 310002


Nickname: August boys

Gender: Male

You see: love

Marital Status: Senior Year

Date of birth: L Moncler Down Coats
ev Privacy

Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province: Origins

Current residence: Guangzhou City, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

To join the circle: We are in the 90

Personal Information

Education: Higher Education

Occupation: CEO

Height: 181 – 185 cm

Weight: 62 kg

The first stage: a beautiful place

Body type: Cool

Bottom wear: a suit and tie

Do you smoke: Smoking cessation

Alcohol: more doctors to the novel

Personality traits: humor, responsible and considerate

Interests: Internet Moncler Down Coats access and other mobile conference calls, see the stars

Favorite color: black, white, blue

Favorite season: spring, winter

Favorite Sport: Dance Scene

Favorite food: Chaozhou

As a Moncler Jackets For Sale tea: Iron Goddess of Mercy

Favorite Music: Jazz / Blues, Hip Hop

Favorite episode: Cartoon “Goat and Big Big Wolf”


QQ: 200920090

Two full week and a half, Yemen, the Internet bubble, to find their own “lion” in here, or even looking back 387,933 girls and Leo. He spent 13 days in advance, so they have a lot of e-mail greeting, spent nine days waiting for their response, it took 35 hours, so that “Leo.”

At this time, too busy, Yemen, in the first blog space full message, and then sent to the attention, there is no time to read a lot, all day protection of the QQ, screening, identification, looks like the year of the Miss World beauty contest once, but only judges who are exciting ah. However, the lug lug, Yemen, cross-stitch Yang, at first sight of the final choice? Finally, no, Yemen is the preferred method in the past.

Personal information will appear in the ring, she lived in Tianhe District, called the network “blue girl shoes”, the students must be 90, so the name of the screen, it should be a large cage of art. “There is a first!  Moncler Jackets For Sale His strong desire to link the words.” Indeed, Yemen is the real center of the body, but also through e-mail, but said text messages by phone and QQ, and eventually, after bombing by the explosion, and “blue girl shoes” relations have reached a point where anything about.

60 years should be the evening of September 23, 19:17 pm Yemen recall, known as the “blue shoes, girls,” the QQ shook his head, now arrived in Yemen in Paris. Clearly, this evening, “the girl in the blue shoes” feel very good, very fast speed, but also witty remarks –

“How much income you take care of your husband? In other words, this is you or you to continue?” Yemen asked suddenly. Moncler Jackets For Sale

“Oh, money is no problem, a question of money!” She said.

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