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After reading the book, this offer above. The temperature of the entire city from Lanzhou to lay after the baptism of years of Chinese civilization has a kind heart, the last place, he came in sediments on the Silk Road, and in the sun and rain, the land of modern industrial civilization to hide this ancient nation in the shower, yesterday, on the road.
Lanzhou is located in the Yellow River, the  Moncler Coats city that gave birth to the mother river of Chinese civilization upstream. In recent years, archaeological findings confirm that the scope of the Yellow River civilization. Although the Yellow River civilization, such as the heart of the Yellow River in Henan. Yellow River in Lanzhou, a city just across town, Culture and the exposure combination is naturally available from the Yellow River civilization. In civilization, we can not forget the Silk Road. Lanzhou, as a necessary condition for the Silk Road stopMoncler Coats, regardless of the Silk Road or the north south line. In fact, the first Han Dynasty sent Zhang Qian of Han Dynasty were mainly used for military purposes, the United States attacks Chi Hung Tai Yu and use. Maybe they do not even know it is actually the Han Dynasty led to the first East-West cultural exchanges. The world’s first understand China, the world’s first in China. Today, the new Eurasian Continental Bridge of mode Moncler Coats rn civilization, although progress in the display case, but we know this is because our hearts forever hidden in the Silk Road. New Eurasian Continental Bridge, the change from the outside does not change its contents. Therefore, we should thank GodMoncler Coats and the Qianlong Emperor Zhang. Zhang Qian, Han, then a second time, but this effect with western friends, whose goal is to eventually reach. In our ancestors, and in the past, and the wisdom to change the environment in ancient times, the world has changed. After condensation of these things, it becomes culture.  Moncler Coats
Standing of the Yellow River, watching the sunset come back, time flies slowly. On the Yellow River is not a strong history of ancient chewing, but the memory of the eternal city. Jincheng House of Representatives began a few years later the Western Han Dynasty, the Yellow River water in such a way, maybe we see today, spray, spray, and thousands of years, may be sound, we now hear the voice of thousandsMoncler Coats of years. Lanzhou bridge, a regular gas has been hard to find. Night landing at midnight, standing in the pedestrian, such as organizational learning, animation. Lost my heart, man. Chain Bridge in Lanzhou, you had the time of the same key to change the color, change the value. In fact, this does not change all that wrong, but you lose the history of physical combat, the result is a newly renovated, the appearance of a bridge to a more general channels. I’m not interested, but in the sky in a daze, my heart sick to faint. From the master and his sheepskin raft times, now I know that they are nostalgic good, without any resistance, so I will not give up, then stood up, sheepskin raft. Sheepskin raft, said the Yellow River in Lanzhou, the growth in the Qing Dynasty, these vulnerable years, sheepskin rafts do not know why he began his rise in the Yellow River in Lanzhou. Sheepskin raft, in the Eastern Han Dynasty, records the history of the first, but began to stitch, and then clay. The benefits are obvious, it is usually a single sheep. Ancient peoples, from the media boots make a raft, they rely on their wisdom, in the fight with nature. In fact, many people do not know, sheepskin rafts difficult, more difficult to make a raft. Sheepskin raft of restrictions are clearly not on the dow Moncler Down Jackets nstream. In addition, sheepskin raft the size of another, more complex work, and you do not mind. Less and less from Lanzhou raft, almost no one willing to participate in this work, I think it will alienate the hearts of our grief and sad moments. In that time, sitting on a sheepskin raft in the city, I saw the skyscrapers, see the light, see the city is gradually disappearing in my view.
However, in Lanzhou, real name, or  Moncler Down Jackets the history of war service. This is a unique geographical advantage, Lanzhou, northern and southern mountainous parts of the semester, something long and narrow natural barrier of the yellow zone, since ancient times, in the battlefield. Lanzhou to the Sui Dynasty called the “Golden City”, so now the locals are still known as the “Golden City”, because someone took the gold medal. “Shu depends largely on the risks, take five skyscrapers cool. Yamane post road disk River flood wall.” He was a poet Cen Shen Tan “Jincheng the Linhe station house,” a poem that describes a profound ancient military missiles defense system in Maryland. Qin Meng Hun suffered physical plant here from the north, to the Helan Mountains, the Huns, including expulsion of the vast desert surrounding Moncler Down Jackets and protecting new centralized feudal dynasty, the Qin dynasty -.. piano, but our nation has become a common color, like the emperor have to attack the Huns, Lanzhou Jincheng land troops Wei Qing, Huo. Even in the northwest of Lanzhou, the Han Han Yong counties built the Great Wall, the Ming Great Wall, also built in Lanzhou. Rarely in the capital, is the Great Wall of China Great Wall ruins and relics of the Han. Behold, the king said, Paul’s guarantee. Moncler Down Jackets Wang Yuan Bao Bao people, give them the rank of element Shundi left prime minister. Emperor Yuan was to win one of the world’s major competitors. Wang Bao Bao, Ming general, who is in a large city in fierce fighting Jin Xu, and finally rejected the promise is. Exacerbated by the collapse of the Yuan Dynasty to the pace. Wang Qing Wang Sangui and its allies in Yunnan Province, Lanzhou occupation Orange Ave, Wang Jin Bao Qing total capacity of the uprising sheepskin raft crossed the Yellow River, and eventually forced him to surrender back in Lanzhou. I did not expect war, Lanzhou, sheepskin rafts authorities brilliant. Lanzhou, Lanzhou, the last battle, battle. Although the first chairman in March under the command of the army and fought bloody battles in Lanzhou, northwest of the army. Ma, Lanzhou War Battle of North West released the most intense and brutal war on the battlefield, but the situation in the Northwest most of the war against the decision of the important, but in the liberation war, a pan-North failed on the battlefield. The first line of the PLA attack, bleeding heavy losses a day after the enemy has not been the position of school. Peng, seriously study and plan, and finally, a rest from 26 to Lanzhou, Lanzhou release, Lanzhou, and finally returned to the embrace of the population. In fact, stop and carefully open the history books he will see the real Lanzhou, the smoke of war still exists. In fact, war and more, I have not in this Moncler Down Jackets list, but the smoke of war, we still can feel old and crisp, taut, Lanzhou, where the war is not over desolate, no. Perhaps unique in Lanzhou, the main strategic location, the situation, the new China, Lanzhou, Lanzhou Military Region, the establishment of protected areas established in the Northwest.
We have time on the age, the Moncler Down Jackets Yellow River flow. We always leave one day, the installed life
Must continue every day. Lanzhou beef noodles, rafts, sheepskin, Huang predicted flowering spray, every language is silent, talking about his past, looking at their future. And I went to a walker now, but I know I can not cry, I can not cry out loud, and then find a place, not his heart has gently, because I was “afraid to lie in Lanzhou, so cool in my mind

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